Date: 10th December 2010 at 9:16am
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There has been a lot of transfer speculation this week about the possibility of Ronaldinho and Luis Suarez joining Liverpool either in January or the summer. But Roy Hodgson has come out and squashed the speculation surrounding these two players.

Hodgson has said,”I’ve got to say, Ronaldinho and Suarez are players we’ve never even thought about.”

So I guess that puts those stories to bed now and we can focus on other potential Liverpool signings. But do not be surprised if Hodgson is just saying this so that the focus of Liverpool signing these two players is off them whilst he goes ‘under cover’ to sign them. They could just be shock signings we never expected!


3 responses to ““Ronaldinho and Suarez are players we’ve never even thought about””

  1. sam says:

    I do want roy out, i know he s not going to tell the world which players he and the club are tracking, but he did say the same thing about van der vaart? he just seems to be way one thinking, at around 10 -12 millionn pounds, and at 23 with a huge future and with pretty much the game that we would need, SUAREZ IS A SNIP AND IF THE CLUB ARE NOT LOOKING AT THIS GUY what the fuck not.

    same old same old form once a great club that just can not get it right when looking for players.

    can we please bring a manager in who wants to bring in young, top, proven talent that does add quality unlike, poulsen, kkonchesky and the latest rumour is,,,, get this,,, bloody clint dempsey…. get this man out nowm and get on with it HENRY…..

  2. Dave says:

    How could you not be looking at Suarez is it because your busy looking at the likes of Carlton Cole or Clint Dempsey every time Roy turns a corner he goes and makes a stupid statement.

  3. sam says:

    if we buy carlton cole i will give back all my x mas presents, i have got the famous box shirt signed by the king!!!! my wife has told me thats what a get this year, so happy, but if we carry on just ticking over with these shite run of the mill signings… i will not carry on,, it has to stop it really does, the only way you become half decent is to get quality players in.

    I am not playing championship manager here or asking for messi, eto and xavu, im asking for 3 good quality young proven pros to go into the first team.

    love to see coentrao’ in, he gives you the keft back slot filled and can also play higher up like a wing back, so two for the price of one, plus he is young, plus he has his mate raul here?

    YOUNG- english, not world class but is villas best player and it would be a great statement to pinch this winger of another club, he knows gerrard and glen, he is young he is fast and never gets injuried either, this guy is more like it, although he is not messi he is and will get even better, and he knows this league.

    LLORENET- AS FIRST CHOICE FORNTMAN, but my i do know that he wants a move to itay or real madrid, would be just amazing with nando up top, but there we go, could happen, you never know, if not id then go for SUAREZ AND TAKE A OUNT ON THIS GUY he can go for aorund 12- 15 mill, tell you what thats better value then that fucking shite player carlton cole????