Date: 8th December 2010 at 10:29am
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The transfer silly season is upon us and the rumours and speculation will be flying from now until the transfer window closes at the end of January. This week, a new name making the rounds in the Liverpool transfer circles is the name of Ronaldinho. Now back in 2005 when Ronaldinho was head and shoulders above everyone else as the best player in the world, we as Liverpool fans would have marveled being linked with signing Ronaldinho at that time. But now, 5 years later is when we are being linked with the Brazilian player.

Mar. 21, 2010 - Milano, Italy - epa02087823 Ronaldinho reacts during the Serie A match Milan - Napoli, 21 March 2010 in Milan, Italy.

5 years is a long time in the football world and Ronaldinho is clearly not as good a player now as he was then. But as the saying goes, form is temporary but class is permanent. There is no doubt that Ronaldinho still possesses a lot of class in him and it is this class that may just be the x-factor we need at Liverpool.

Many people have said to me that signing Ronaldinho would not be a good move for Liverpool but I beg to differ. Ronaldinho is out of contract at AC Milan at the end of this season so they may look to cash in on him in January or we get him for free next season. There may not be a high transfer fee for Ronaldinho if we move for him in January, but he may demand high wages. Now for a player who is 30, Liverpool may not be willing to break their wage budget for him.

But the benefits of signing Ronaldinho would be immense. As I mentioned earlier, Ronaldinho may be getting old but he still has a lot to offer in the game. He is without a doubt one of the best players of his generation. In him simply wearing the famous Liverpool shirt, he would create a buzz around Anfield. Shirt sales would go through the roof which would bring in much needed revenue for Liverpool. The current players at the club would be lifted by the arrival of such a big name and it could just go a long way for the new owners in showing that we mean business and are able to make such a big name signing. On the field, can you imagine an attacking force comprising of Gerrard, Torres and Ronaldinho? That would be a joy to watch. We have not had some ‘Samba Magic’ at Liverpool and we should not expect Lucas to be giving us ‘no look passes’ anytime soon, so being entertained a bit on the field would be a much needed change for us Liverpool fans.

My concerns though with signing Ronaldinho would lead back to my lack of belief in Roy Hodgson. I do not believe Hodgson would know how to use Ronaldinho. Knowing Roy, we would see him play Ronaldinho as a left back! Secondly, Ronaldinho has some off the field problems and one wonders how those would effect him and the team, not to mention his weight problems. Signing Ronaldinho would be a high risk if we do pay high wages for him as he could easily flop. But with high risk comes high return.

But given the chance, I would say let us bring Ronaldinho to Liverpool for a season or two. Remember what Gary McAllister did when he joined Liverpool? Ronaldinho may just have a similar impact, if not greater.

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11 responses to “Why Liverpool should sign Ronaldinho”

  1. Adam says:

    omg you are absolutely ridiculous every single article i read of yours ALWAYS has something negative about roy. you are an absolute disgrace. it is not the liverpool way you don’t have to support him but you do not have to give him hell in every single article!

  2. Kava says:

    I say why not? Go for it! When we’re up 3 nil in any game he can come on and embarass the opposition with his tricks. I’d love to see that.

  3. bl007 says:

    Would be a ridiculous signing.
    We need to sign young players as stated by the LFC board.
    We do not need players who wants to be put out to pasture.

  4. LArsen says:

    6 mil wage is too high for Liverpool.
    If he can cope with the salary what Gerrard or Torres are being paid, then y not get him?
    Dont be rude to Roy, it takes time to mend a team, but everyone can c a change and why cant u?
    We did buy Cole, then why not Ronaldinho!!!

  5. Lee says:

    So true about Roy, he should be sacked immediately for the sake of our club.

    To allow the unsuccessful, negative, inept Roy to stay and buy in the transfer window is to leave a kid alone to play with fireworks, I.e. It’s dangerous and should never be allowed to happen.

    F@@@ off Roy

  6. Juan says:

    Ronaldihno is a waste of space. He may still possess some of the talent we saw while he was at Barca but the chances of him utilizing that talent again is highly unlikely. Like other Brazilian superstars before and after him he is far too interested in the good life. Unless he came on a free transfer under a pay for play deal hes not worth the effort, do you think Milan wouldnt renew his contract if he was.

  7. Sean Alexander says:

    Na, I like your comment about Gary McAllister and yes it would be great to see that sort of impact but I really wouln’t break bank for the guy and seeming a bit of a prick don’t imagine he’ll take a wage cut.
    Ronaldinho will be at some Russian or Ukrainian club next season getting payed 70,000 a week, get first team football then finish his career in Brazil and who could blame the chap.

  8. Jay Wright says:

    He has talent still but, no pace at all. I’m loathe to talk about work rate (think Liverpool go on about it waaay too much), but Ronaldinho has always been a passenger on the defensive side of the game and that has somehow detiorated even more than his offensive impact!

    Liverpool need to be getting younger and more athletic – Ronaldinho would be a waste of wages

  9. Jam says:

    I must just say, i’m getting a bit fed up with everyone calling for Roys head on every website. Yes we had a bit of a bad run, but after such a terrible last season the whole squad seemded to lose all confidence and also a change of manager.

    It’s more the players fault that we haven’t been playing well than Roys.

    So far I think he’s doing a reasonable job, we’re improving (slowly) but thats the way it is, you can’t expect us to gain the confidence back and start playing amazing football over night.

    Everyone should be backing our manager instead of all these constant digs.

  10. gaz says:

    Of course we should sign him, he will sell a lot of shirts and generate interest. God knows whether he’ll actually be any good but who cares, it’s not like we are blessed with loads of quality players anyway, he’ll fit right in.