Date: 8th December 2010 at 12:41pm
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Liverpool are today being linked with a move for Luis Suarez. When I heard this rumour / speculation, memories of the FIFA World Cup can racing back to me and my blood started to boil. I will never forget Luis Suarez for as long as I live simply due to his deliberate hand ball in the quarter final game between Ghana and Uruguay in the FIFA World Cup 2010. Suarez’s handball prevented a goal for Ghana which could have seen Ghana go into the World Cup semi final. I was at that game at Soccer City in Johannesburg and as South Africa had already been knocked out of the tournament, myself and millions of other South African’s were now backing Ghana as they were the only African team left. Suarez did get punished for his hand ball and got red carded but then Ghana went on to miss the resulting penalty! I have debated this topic many times about this Suarez hand ball, and I have simply concluded to hate Suarez because of that.

July 02, 2010 - Johannesburg, South Africa - 2 July 2010: Uruguay forward Luis Suarez (9) handles the ball online to concede a penalty in the last minute of extra time during the quarter final game between Ghana and Uruguay at Soccer City in the FIFA World Cup 2010.

So now when I hear that Suarez could be coming to my beloved Liverpool, I wonder how I would feel about that. There is no doubt that Suarez is a great striker and he proved that at the World Cup. He is only 23 years old which bodes well for us. A Suarez – Torres partnership sounds very lethal on paper and I am sure they would be able to hit it off on the field.

The speculation surrounding Suarez leaving Ajax is centered around the fact that he is disappointed with the departure of Martin Jol, who left his post as the manager of Ajax on Monday following a poor run of results.

How much would Suarez cost? That is a good question. The hype around Suarez has died down after the World Cup so hopefully this would lower his asking price. If Liverpool are able to sign Suarez for a reasonable fee then I say we must go for it, but I will still not forgive you Suarez!


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  1. Danske says:

    Then don’t forgive him. So what. It doesn’t make him any less of a player… he simply made a mistake.

    Jamie Carragher did something very similar against Fulham. Doesn’t make it right, but it happens when your full loyalties are with your club/country.

  2. trader says:

    Who cares? He will be a hero with us scousers, which is the most important thing.

  3. TheDazzler says:

    Put in Suarez’s position, playing in a World Cup Quarter Final and the posibility of getting YOUR country through to the World Cup Semi Final, would YOU have made that hand ball?

    Thought so.

  4. KopRuss says:

    A delibrate handball.. no worse than the delibrate pulling of a shirt on a corner to prevent a striker having a goal scoring opportunity (Carra / Skrtel), taking one for the team by delibrating fouling a player in the process of a counter attack (Lucas / Mascherano), delibrately diving to win a penalty (Ngog / Owen)… delibrate cheating happens every single minute in football… at least Ghana had the chance to punish him… unfortunately Gyan bottled it and thats why they went out!

  5. ScouseUK says:

    you will never forgive a player because of a moment lapse in judgement in a qtr final game,so lets say we are in the qtr final of the champions league,against the manks,2-2 away and the manks lead on away goals,luis pops up in the 91st minute and wins us a place int he semis,are you seriously telling me that you would look down your nose at him cause of what he did in the world cup…..

    ctfo carra has done it a few times,so did stefan henchoz back in the day in a cup game.gerrard has dived but do you think any less of them….

    and to think you call yourself a liverpool supporter

    • Jay Wright says:

      That wasn’t a lapse in judgement, it was the right thing to do!

      I’m sure if you offered him, or pretty much any other professional player, the same opportunity to save their country’s world cup campaign, they’d take it and live with the consequences.

      I couldn’t believe all the furore about it back then and I can’t believe that people are still going on about it now. He was given the red card and the penalty – all Gyan had to do was bury it and Ghana were through.

  6. Juan says:

    Stephane Henchoz handled against Arsenal in the FA cup final in 2001’s trebble winning season. You can argue that its deliberate or not but he stopped Arsenal scoring a certain goal.

    I dont like what suarez did and what makes it worse was him been hoisted above the players heads after the final whistle being deemed a hero.

    It happens in football and if he signed for Liverpool I certainly wouldn’t hold it against him.

  7. Gavin says:

    Grow up mate, u wouldn’t be complaining if he did it in the Champions League Semi Final for Liverpool.

    He’s a winner – he wants to win at any cost – we need a team of people like that.

  8. Ronnie says:

    If he signed for Liverpool i wouldnt give too shits what he did previously so long as he was banging in goals for us in the league. Him and Torres would be the perfect pertnership – for that reason it wont happen.

  9. sam says:

    what a stupid post, all i care about is football related arguement and that is that at 9 million pounds, this guy is good money well spent, so end the history debate.

    suarez is a good player and if he comes to anfield i would welcome him big time,

  10. ReikiRebel says:

    With Respect .. get over yourself 🙂

  11. Cheyenne says:

    the people supporting what Suarez did are muppets, no….well picture this January 8 2011 it’s the 90th minute 0-0 Liverpool have a chance at the Stretford End and it’s handled on the line by a MU player. red card shown penalty given, Gerrard steps up and misses penalty, MU go up the pitch and score 1-0 reds are out of the FA Cup, the same idiots on here praising Suarez, what would they be saying then?

    being a Red is about fair play, justice and having standards, that’s what this club was built on.

    • CB says:

      Oh, grow up. In my book, he only had one honorable thing to do: stop that ball going in by any means necessary. If he saw that ball going in, and did NOTHING, he’d be an embarrassment to his nation. How is it any different to stopping a player through on goal, something we see every week? Phil Neville handballed on the line against us on the 90th minute of the Mersey derby and I wouldn’t expect any different from any Liverpool player. Only difference: Kuyt scored, and Gyan didn’t. It’s not cheating if he’s not pretending otherwise. If you handball and get punished by it, it’s not cheating.

  12. Ronnie says:

    Cheyenne – same senario but the other way round. would you care? after all the little cheat would be playing for us not them!!

  13. Pool4Life says:

    If he’s banging goals into the opposition net on a regular basis, I bet you would be thinking about that handball eh? What a silly post… Same thing happened against everton not too long ago. Lucas’s effort was handballed by Neville, only difference is that we scored the resulting penalty. Suarez handballed and was sent off – Ghana missed the penalty…too bad! (I am South African by the way, and was also rooting for Ghana)

  14. Paul the red says:

    Mate that’s just a stupid standpoint. Base your opinions on his attributes as a footballer not what he done in the heat of the moment in a WORLD CUP QUARTER FINAL!! Yes it was unfortunate on Ghana not to have made it throught but if they truely deserved to go through they would of found a way to win the game. End of the day, the harshest punishment was handed out to the player in being sent off & it was Ghana not Suarez who missed the penalty (which by the way was a shocking effort). I for one don’t think this guy would be any good in the prem, he’s a so so player and has a very suspect temprament as highlighted by recently biting an opposing player on the shoulder… so I agree that we don’t want him at Anfield but because of doing something for his country? well if you wouldn’t do the same the you are totally un-patriotic

    • chris says:

      hey i agree with your comment but the thing is that suarez just made a mistake like almost every football player just had a mistake look at zidane,henry,eto those are all players with great skills and they all messed up at some time zidanes headbutt,etos headbutt, and henrys handball those are just 3 great players but i could go on wit players that had mistakes i think this guy would be a great partner for torres and suarez wants to move to the prem because he wants to improve his game this kid has great potential u wont be dissapointed if he goes to liverpool fc trust me

  15. nawaf says:

    He did the right thing… and it lead to his team winning. Your actually told to prevent a goal at all cost. I loved that move personally haha

  16. Cheyenne says:

    Ronnie my point was if that scenario happened what would the people who are praising Suarez be saying if it did. Suarez did not make a mistatke, it was a deliberate handball the only mistake was in being caught by the Ref. Where do we draw the line in cheating in football or is anything allowed as long as your team wins? Do you think Shankly would’ve sent his players out to cheat their way to a victory. Suarez, Zidane, Henry were not mistakes they were deliberate acts, if Zidane had headbutted the player in the street would a court accept he made a mistake as his defence.

  17. Pianothing says:

    Go and support kaiser chiefs, you plastic bandwagon following baffoon. Suarez would be a great foil for Torres, and would be warmly welcomed by real fans of the club – that actually attend the games, like myself.

  18. Rob says:

    He got sent off for it. It’s not his fault the Ghana couldn’t score from the spot. They were then playing against 10 men!

  19. kratos says:

    if he really join us, hopes he does the handball thing again when we met against the mancs

  20. LFC4LIFE says:

    looks like jaimie kanwar has more than one site!

  21. gabe says:

    Common man, are you insane? If you were from Uruguay were you saying the same stupidity? He did what he was supposed to do. Not only he is a great goalkeeper, he is an even better player. The real winner was Holland, with Luis Suarez Uruguay should have won that game!

  22. StrangeFamous says:

    Surely whats more wrong then his handball on the line (which many have done before him) is that the rules allow you to abuse them and do such things.

    Surely if deliberate handball on the goal line is seen it should just be an automatic goal with the player sent off.

    Such minor adjustments to major rules would really make the game beautiful again.

  23. bl007 says:

    Great striker. Yet, wouldn’t like to see him in a red shirt.

  24. m kop says:

    If someone doesn’t intend to give Roy 50 mil. for Aguero than you should be happy that he can, if he can, get Suarez.

    He used his hand to stop the ball, we see that in the best Premier League players.
    I have seen Smicer did it agains Basel when he scored with his hand, and started to celibrate, referee spoted it and gave him a yelow card.
    Do you now think Smicer should have been sold ASAP.
    Istanbul final came years later.

    I felt sorry for Ghana as I wanted them to progress, but they have only themselfs to blame. They have had a chance to score from penalty kick and Gyan couldn’t take the pressure, that is it.

  25. Spink says:

    Yes he made a handball to prevent a certain goal but he saw an opportunity and grabbed it and he got sent off and Ghana had the chance to put it right and THEY messed it up you may say im biased because I wanted Uruguay to go through (because I liked Suarez) and I still do he just took one for the team that’s all and if he came to Liverpool and did it I wouldn’t complain so why should I complain about it now?

  26. RedMist says:

    Are you Ghanaian? If you are that’s understandable! otherwise get over it!!!

  27. Dee says:

    you big girls blouse – i hope any one of our players would do the same


  28. Erik says:

    I would love to see Suarez wearing the red shirt. He is a great player and is the best option for Liverpool. I’ve followed Suarez and he is a true competitor with great skills.

  29. Mr. Bollemus says:

    I could understand that you would have a strong disliking for him, but it was absolutely the right thing to do. If Liverpool played Manchester United in the last game of the season for the 19th English league title and we needed a draw to win the league. Then eventually, in the 93rd minute, some United player had an open goal, but I had been in reach to take the ball if I used my hands, I would absolutely gone for the ball with my hands with 100% commitment, taken the red card, and held my head up high if I thought there was a possibility that they would miss the penalty (which it always is).

    Screw fair play in those situations. If you have enough passion in your game, you would take the red card option a million of a million times in a situation like that.

    In the finals of the greatest sports arrangement in the world, it’s all or nothing, if you fail, you have to wait 4 years until you get another chance, so it is just silly to say that you would do the opposite thing in a situation like that.

    I didn’t exactly applaud Suárez’ decision at the time, as I were also hoping an african team could get in reach for a medal. But, in all fairness, Ghana had a huge opportunity (the penalty) to win it, and when you don’t take that opportunity, well, then you don’t deserve/you are not good enough to be in the Semi-Finals of the most prestigeous sports arrangement in the World.

    So I would gladly take Suárez as a striking partner to Torres (for a fee in the region- or under £10 mill.). His passion makes him quite an all-or-nothing-type of player, as we ahve seen in recent games, he hasn’t been on top form for Ajax and shown his frustration openly several times. That is the negative about his game, but it is worth it as we (or at least most of us) who have seen him at his best, he is absolutely a world-class striker, no doubt.

    And I’m pretty sure most of the reason he shows his frustration so openly, is because he believes he has grown out of Ajax’ shoes, so to speak. And that, if not all, most of his attitude problems would more or less disappear when he faces teammates such as Torres, Gerrard, Reina and former Eredivisie top scorer, Kuyt, as he has more respect for them.

  30. karim says:

    what a stupid article to write about, your not even from ghana and who gives two bob about the world cup.

    look mate, suarez goal record in holland is phenomenal and he is the most wanted striker in the world right now, a bit like torres was when he left madrid to come here.

    So sit back, relax and watch them score a shed load of goals.

  31. tom says:

    Personally Suarez looks like a very good player, who if signed would mark intent from NESV

    As for not forgiving him, well one of the best footballers i have seen playing ever, is Diego Maradona, but his hand ball i will never forget nor forgive, so i get what you mean, but it does not mean i do not appreciate his talent nor would i have complained if he had ever signed for LFC back in the day. nor will i complain if Suarez signs for LFC shortly

  32. George says:

    Who cares! You can shove your unforgiving attitude up your you-know-what and while you are at it, remember to count your blessings!

  33. Zenga says:

    Sorry is anyone else getting sick of these OPINION-BASED websites…who are just some lone ranger having a whinge and a moan and venting his own feelings?

    It brings nothing new to the table, no insight into the behind the scenes at a club, potential or credible transfer possibilites, or any journalistic ability…

    Just 1 guy, titling his articles with witty questions to get some cheap hits…such as “is so and so the next Liverpool front man?” etc etc…

    Can we all agree to stop clicking b*llocks sites like these??!!!!!

    • Scouser Tommy Wynette says:

      No Zenga – i think your on your own with that opinion. Well that’s my opinion anyway.

      Is Zenga a big whining gogol who doesn’t like discussing matters?

  34. karim says:

    I think thats exactly the reason why we should sign Suarez, he will do whatever it takes to win and take his team forward, even if the consequence is a red card. He took one for the team, and that what really matters.

    This is simply a fighting character for you there, which is something liverpool is well known for. In my opinion he is a perfect fit.

    Always remember, YNWA

  35. L22Red says:

    For F*ck’s sake get over it!!

  36. Kopstick says:

    I was just as gutted when Ghana went out. But anybody would have done the same thing if they were in his Suarez’s position…

    What I can’t handle about him is that he BIT another player. BIT!!! WTF? The guy’s an A-grade douche!

  37. L22Red says:

    For F*ck’s sake get over it!!

    This takes the club versus country debate to a whole new laughable level.

    If you are a Red you support any player who is privileged enough to wear the Red Shirt.

    If he does sign for Liverpool, the fact that he handled the ball against an African national team in the world cup has very little relevance, the fact that it wasn’t even against your national team makes it even less relevant!!

  38. GARY_LFC says:

    get over it, they wouldn’t of won the world cup any way and they went down to 10 men and Ghana had a pen, they had their chance. Plus, i would do it if i played for Liverpool, no doubt about it. let him come here 🙂

  39. Francis says:

    Just get over it! Its not his job to follow the rulebook, its his job to win football games! The referee already punished him its not his fault that baffoon missed the resulting penalty kick.

  40. Kopstick says:

    But he’s guilty of BITING another player!!! If a scum player did that do you think we’d be forgiving him so easily???

  41. Stewart says:

    What about the Ghana player that cheated in the first place to get the freekick that resulted in his handball!

  42. Andy says:

    I remember Phil Neville doing the exact same thing against us in the Merseyside derby and you know what? My opinion of him actually rose a little bit. Yes, it was a clear handball; yes, he got sent off. But you know what? He knew he would get sent off but he also knew that the ball was DEFINITELY going in. Liverpool scored the resulting penalty that day but Ghana didn’t, that’s how it goes and that’s the gamble that both players took. I’m not condoning cheating in any way but it actually took a lot of balls for both those players to do that. And I like balls (couldn’t resist)

  43. FairPlayer says:

    Liverpool doesn’t need this player. If Maradona hand of God is talked about by every English person, Africans has the right to talk about this stupid guy as well.

    Believe me if this guy comes to LFC, you can bet the jokes that we will get from the opposing clubs and the British wish hunting media will make his life miserable and in the end would be waste of space and money.
    Be reminded again if England cannot forgive Maradona, Africans cannot also forgive Suarez. Period.

    • gabe says:

      Will all respect, the way you think is very shallow. I can’t speak for him but he is a professional and he probable doesn’t care about what Africans can say, he saved Uruguay and got punished with a red card. Do you think Maradona cares about being the hand of God? he probably doesn’t, although he had other issues but nothing related to that, the hand of God allowed Argentina to progress in the world cup, same with Uruguay although under different circunstances. Suarez is a professional and excellent player, he is a world cup striker and he proved it in the Word Cup. None of the english player were able to achive that in the World Cup. Same thing with Forlan, he proved in the World cup that he is a class A player.