Date: 19th August 2015 at 1:00am
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Liverpool ground out a 1-0 victory on Monday against Bournemouth. The game was full of controversy as Christian Benteke’s winner should not have stood due to Coutinho being offside in the build up to the goal. But at this stage of the season, we will take the win and start looking forward to the match against Arsenal on Monday.

It is still early days in the season and Liverpool are not playing well yet, but it is to be expected with the number of new players in the team who are still settling in. One must not also forget that there is a new backroom team at Liverpool this season and they also need some time to get used to their new roles. So give Liverpool some time before we really get to see the best from them.

Having watched the game on Monday night, there are five key areas that stood out for me that we will look at:

1) Benteke could be the 20 goal striker Liverpool need

Christian Benteke got off the mark on Monday. It may not have been the best goal he has scored in his career but it is always important for a new striker to get the first goal under his belt no matter what form it comes in. When Benteke was signed, many thought that Liverpool would now have to switch to playing the long ball in order to get the best out of the Belgian striker but we saw on Monday that Benteke can also run behind defenders and he is not just a target man.

Yes, Liverpool did play a couple of long balls to him but the beauty is he won most of them, if not all of them. The Reds can now mix it up and play balls behind the opposition defence or hit it long if need be. Benteke clearly knows where the back of the net is with his goal scoring record in the Premier League and if he stays fit he surely will get Liverpool 20 plus goals in the season.

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  1. Truth says:

    We are still GARBAGE and always will be if this knobhead is in charge,once the magnificent BACK PASS Allen is back from his injury we are screwed !!!! GET Rodgers OUT !!!