5 Lessons learnt from Liverpool’s win over Bournemouth

2) Nathaniel Clyne is a top class right-back

A lot of focus this transfer window has been on the signings of Benteke and Firmino but the arrival of Nathaniel Clyne from Southampton is just as important and we saw on Monday how good a player he is.

Liverpool have struggled in the right-back position for a while now and finally there is a good player with Clyne who can firstly defend very well and when he does go forward he offers a great attacking option.

If Clyne stays fit and in form then the right hand side of Liverpool’s defence is going to be very solid this season.

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  1. Truth says:

    We are still GARBAGE and always will be if this knobhead is in charge,once the magnificent BACK PASS Allen is back from his injury we are screwed !!!! GET Rodgers OUT !!!