Date: 2nd October 2013 at 10:00pm
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Reports coming out of Spain suggest that Real Madrid are ready to make a €50million offer for Liverpool striker Luis Suarez in January.

It is no secret that Suarez wanted to leave Liverpool in the summer citing the need for Champions League football but those plans were shut down by the club as they refused to sell him to Arsenal who were the only official bidders for Suarez.

Now with Real Madrid coming in, the situation may change for Liverpool. There was no way Liverpool were going to sell their star player to a rival Premier League team, that would have been the dumbest footballing move in a long time, so hats off to Liverpool for refusing to sell to Arsenal. Real Madrid may prove a different scenario for Liverpool: they would not be selling to a direct rival and they would be getting rid off a player who some say is still not 100% certain about his Liverpool future.

John Aldridge recently came out and said that Liverpool should not offer Suarez a new contract as he believes the player will still want to stay at Liverpool if they do not qualify for the Champions League.

€50million is a lot of money and Liverpool may be tempted to cash in on a player that Ian Ayre said ‘tarnished Liverpool’s image’ after his biting incident which resulted in a 10 match ban for the striker. With the proceeds from the sale of Suarez, two or three decent players or even one world class player may be bought in to replace Suarez. But then again, €50million is not a fair valuation for Suarez in my opinion, the player is worth much more than that and Liverpool should hold out for more if they do decide to sell.

Suarez himself has openly admitted to wanting to play for Real Madrid one day as he says that is his ultimate dream in football. The Spanish side have not started the season too well and it is clear that they need more firepower up front as Benzema is not quite doing the business for them. With Bale, Ronaldo and Suarez, they would have a pretty entertaining frontline.

So what does Liverpool do if these reports are correct and Madrid will be putting in a bid in January? Do they cash in on arguably their best player or force Suarez to stay again and help the team challenge for a Top 4 finish? I am sure by the time the January transfer window opens, Liverpool will be in a position to see how well they are going in the league and Suarez too can see for himself if the club really do have a shot at the Top 4 or better yet, winning the whole thing!

Should Liverpool sell Suarez for €50million in January if Real Madrid make a bid?

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14 responses to “Real Madrid plan €50million offer for Liverpool star”

  1. James says:

    Yet another bullshit Suarez feature. Give the guy and everybody a break. It’s history. Which part of he is not for sale don’t these writers understand. Move on.

  2. Sam Wanjere says:

    In total agreement James.

  3. Danno says:

    Sorry but Liverpool need to play hardball like Levy does,they shouldn’t entertain Madrid till the biding got to at least £65 Million POUND not EUROS ;-( And then you can’t sell in January,because he’s are best player ( By a country mile )

  4. redhed17 says:

    Liverpool shouldn’t sell him in January. Why possibly wreck our season.

    The reputation and disciplinary record takes some money off his worth. If Bale is worth £80m+, then Suarez is worth about £5m-£10m less because of the reputation. As a footballer he is as good or if not better than Bale imho.

  5. Jevon says:

    Gonna cost them 65-75M now. Inflation.

  6. Nick says:

    Why oh why do these reports keep surfacing? It’s almost like people have got nothing better to do than promote stories that have no substance to satisfy there own agenda. Liverpool this year in case people have forgotten are making a genuine push to get champions league football and see Suarez in their plans to achieve this. If Real Madrid really wanted to buy Suarez in the summer, they would have bought him but they didn’t, they went for Bale instead and to pay another £50/£60m on Suarez as well as the money paid for Bale seems unlikely to me in January

  7. Sasidharen says:

    There are some reporters obsessed with Suarez over there and Everytime Real loses , he goes nuts. Before Suarez came back. Brendan mentioned that he was worth at least £60 to £70 million. So €50 million is miles off. Also I think they have now “Real-ized ” that they have got the wrong player into the team. The overhyped Bale is not a creative force unlike Suarez and they should not have gambled the sale of their best midfielder to Arsenal. When Suarez shows that he is a better player than Bale by January his price will sky rocket and Liverpool will not sell until the summer. Real should put their money where their mouth is. You don’t need John Henry to question what they are smoking over there . Do you?

  8. Paulo says:

    Not enough wonga.. but if we don’t qualify for Champions league which is looking pretty likely given form of Spurs and Arsenal, even Everton, he should be allowed to leave if an acceptable offer comes in from abroad cos he deserves to play at the highest level.

  9. Reddy says:

    No way will FSG sell Suarez in January & nor should they. He can go to them next summer for £65mill but FSG have made it clear, he’s on a long contract & we’re keeping him for the season. When he does go we want top dollar & top alternatives in the bag.

  10. anemeh ahmed says:

    Suarez should not be sold in january,cos he is arguably the best striker in the premeirship.if bale could be sold for £85m then suarez should definitely be in that bracket,he is a tough nut to crack for defenders-he’ve got skills,intelligent,vision & eye for goals.suarez is worth £105m…cuba.

  11. John R. Mwangeka says:

    Whatever the case may be Liverpool need Suarez until the end of the season. If champions league is available next season and I guarantee CL will be there if we retain Suarez. You never know Suarez may change his mind if CL is available next summer. Real Madrid have realized they made a mistake by paying so much money for Bale who in my considered opinion isn’t a striker at the same level as Suarez! If Bale’s price was £86m; Suarez’s price should be £90m. Suarez means so much to Liverpool and BR commented a few days ago after Suarez completed his 10 match ban; he’s like a new marquee signing we missed during the summer transfer window! Every player has a price including our priceless Suarez! If Real Madrid are prepared to pay not less than £90m then a deal can be arranged and the sale proceeds used immediately to sign a replacement! Liverpool must play hardball like Tottenham did when selling Bale to make Real Madrid understand that the true value of Suarez to the Reds cannot be measured!

  12. Jonathan says:

    Its those manure news writers that r tryin to unsettle Liverpool of the pitch thats what Fergie from day one of Luis arrival at Liverpool he helped in discrediting Luis ,We shall always be LIVERPOOL FC the greatest club on this planet with or without Suarez YNWA

  13. Dave says:

    50 mil .What game do they want him for ?