Date: 1st October 2013 at 10:23am
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We all know the turbulent summer we went through with regards the whole Luis Suarez “will he stay, will he go” saga. At the end of the day the Liverpool striker stayed at the club as we refused to sell him to Arsenal, and at least until the January transfer window he is a Liverpool player.

Suarez has completed his 10 match suspension and is now back in the Liverpool side and already on the goal trail following his brace against Sunderland on Sunday. Liverpool’s number seven has mentioned that he wants to put aside the drama of the summer and focus on playing well for Liverpool and then re-look at his position at the club in the summer.

“It was an unusual and difficult summer concerning the chances of Liverpool selling me,” Suarez told ESPN. “Some clubs sounded me out but Liverpool made a decision.

“My future? I’ll speak again at the end of the season. Now I am back and my dream is for us to improve on last season and fight for trophies. We have a good squad and have opened the season well after a difficult summer. I have the confidence of manager Brendan Rodgers, who was happy to let me return at a difficult place like United.”

With regards to the possibilty of Suarez signing a new contract at the end of the season, as many reports have been suggesting, former Liverpool striker, John Aldridge does not think it is a good idea for the club to offer Suarez a new contract.

John Aldridge said, “Suarez was very keen to leave Liverpool in the summer and I have no doubt that he will look to get away from Anfield once again sooner rather than later. So why try and get him to commit to the club now, so soon after he did the dirty on them with his bid to join Arsenal?

“Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre may have told the media he would consider a new contract for Suarez in a bid to dampen down any fresh speculation over the future of the striker. But if Liverpool fail to qualify for the Champions League once again, I’m sure Suarez will want to leave and I would advise my old club to get as much money for him as possible and rebuild the team with the new funds.”

Aldridge raises a valid point that Suarez may turn on Liverpool again this summer if we fail to qualify for the Champions League but after all the support the club and fans have given to Suarez, the striker does owe us his full commitment. I am pretty sure if we qualify for the Champions League then Suarez will certainly stay and more than likely sign a new deal.

But if we do not qualify then all eyes and attention will be on Suarez and the club again and I think this time it will not be a long dragged out saga and Suarez will either sign a new deal and stay with the Reds or he will be sold.

Regardless of where we finish at the end of the season, I still believe that Suarez should be afford a new contract and stay at the club as we need world class players like him if we are to challenge for major honours again. I know many fans are split between this as some believe Suarez is more trouble than he is worth but one can not doubt his sheer footballing brilliance.

Where do you stand on this one? Do you agree with John Aldridge or should the club do all they can to keep Suarez and offer him a new deal?


4 responses to “Aldridge: Why Suarez should not be offered a new contract”

  1. gerry says:

    Aldridge doesnt know what he is saying. I hate these ex players who think they know it all. Suarez is quality and he has made mistakes but he is our best player and must be kept. Aldo should just shut it and not confuse our players.

  2. Towson Tom says:

    How can an ex-professional criticise another for wanting to play at the highest level? however I am glad he’s still with us!

  3. devil's advocate says:

    Just a thought, but is there any guarantee that Suarez would stay at Liverpool even if they qualify for CL next year, which I think a lot people are jumping the gun on….

  4. charles says:

    i strongly think we nid to build our team around our best players so we have to try all we can to kip suarez …..that way we can continue to improve & challenge for honours at the same time attracting other big names