Date:8th December 2011 at 1:13pm
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I am beginning to feel like a conspiracy theorist, but I cannot help but question, why Liverpool? I watched the sports news this morning and heard the FA are charging Liverpool with misconduct for being unable to control their players. This is regarding the Jay Spearing unjust sending off after which the Liverpool players surrounded the referee Kevin Friend to protest the daft decision.

However, I view this as another blatant example of the FA’s double standard. Where are the charges against Manchester United when their player surround the referee protesting everything from a throw in to a foul, to last night’s X Factor voting results? They descend on the match officials with the viciousness of a weight watchers group at an open buffet, and not a whimper from the FA. Personally, I am not a fan of players surrounding the referee at all, and neither was the great Bill Shankly. I recall reading in his biography a few years back how he at first discouraged his players from putting pressure on the referee, until he saw that teams that did tended to get the more favourable decisions. From then on he actively promoted his players to do so. And it had worked as it was this period in which Liverpool began their rise to the top of European football.

However, during the time when that team from Manchester began dominating, Liverpool teams appeared to be soft in my opinion. To simply roll over quietly while decision after decision went against us. That seems to have change upon the second coming of the King. Now we are vocal in our beliefs. We speak up when we believe we have been wronged and I personally want to see more of it. Not because I believe players should be putting pressure on the referee, but because if other teams are doing it, getting away with it, and getting success from it, then why shouldn’t we? But to be cited for what occurs at Old Trafford every fortnight is ridiculous.

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