Date: 8th December 2011 at 1:13pm
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I am beginning to feel like a conspiracy theorist, but I cannot help but question, why Liverpool? I watched the sports news this morning and heard the FA are charging Liverpool with misconduct for being unable to control their players. This is regarding the Jay Spearing unjust sending off after which the Liverpool players surrounded the referee Kevin Friend to protest the daft decision.

However, I view this as another blatant example of the FA’s double standard. Where are the charges against Manchester United when their player surround the referee protesting everything from a throw in to a foul, to last night’s X Factor voting results? They descend on the match officials with the viciousness of a weight watchers group at an open buffet, and not a whimper from the FA. Personally, I am not a fan of players surrounding the referee at all, and neither was the great Bill Shankly. I recall reading in his biography a few years back how he at first discouraged his players from putting pressure on the referee, until he saw that teams that did tended to get the more favourable decisions. From then on he actively promoted his players to do so. And it had worked as it was this period in which Liverpool began their rise to the top of European football.

However, during the time when that team from Manchester began dominating, Liverpool teams appeared to be soft in my opinion. To simply roll over quietly while decision after decision went against us. That seems to have change upon the second coming of the King. Now we are vocal in our beliefs. We speak up when we believe we have been wronged and I personally want to see more of it. Not because I believe players should be putting pressure on the referee, but because if other teams are doing it, getting away with it, and getting success from it, then why shouldn’t we? But to be cited for what occurs at Old Trafford every fortnight is ridiculous.

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10 responses to “The conspiracy against Liverpool”

  1. Tony says:

    1) 9 weeks since the Evra rubbish, yet no date set for the case
    2) The FA back England players who are proven guilty always
    3) Rooney and Neville not charged for giving the finger before
    4) Suarez slaughtered as racist by fans at away games, why??
    5) The FA sit and do nothing, why???

    This is a xenaphobic witch-hunt against Luis Suarez, If he was an England player this would not happen!!!

  2. JT says:

    The FA have 100% been on Liverpool’s back this season. The Ref’s have been diabolical towards us; and the fans of oppositions have been punished before for ill behavior, so why not now? Because Luis isn’t English? or Maybe because accusing Racism and having thousands of chants towards a player saying as such isn’t ill behavior? Disgraceful.

    Liverpool need some protection from someone, because we are being royally screwed. Fantastic read, and a spot on article, YNWA!

  3. Jevon says:

    Agree fully. Its laughable how biased they are against us. There will be big shit regarding this I can tell you. Liverpool should simply make a clip of the other teams way worse reactions to calls and all the hand gestures made by players not charged and then DEMAND the charges be dropped with immediate effect. Then they should ask for an official apology to Luis Suarez and Liverpool or they sue. simple as.

  4. RedHeart says:

    Lets show some banners to FA in next match at Anfield to let them know what we think about them.

  5. Clivethered says:

    Fantastic article,fuck the fa!the fa is a manure fan!

  6. Chan says:

    What the FA is doing to LFC is nothing new. We know they are scared shit of Manure and S.A.F and would do everything in their power to help Manure protect their F****** vulnerable perch.

    While it’s good for KD to be vocal, it’s also good (especially from LFC point of view) that he looks into his own shortcomings from player selection, tactics, man management, poor player buying (Carroll, Henderson, Downing). We are in this mess mainly because of KD. The crap from the F.A is just some secondary cause although it has some bearing on the results.

    Do not let KD fool us and have our attention diverted from the real issue, his own shortcomings.

  7. Punkin says:

    i totally agree! like i’ve always said…if incidences like these happen to manure players, things are swept under the carpet and ignored, and in the unlikely event that their players do get charged, they fight and always win, regardless if they were guilty or not. El Pistelero has been targeted since he moved to Anfield and surely the FA can see that now after all this time? Kenny and Liverpool FC should not sit back and let everyone walk all over us anymore!
    @Chan…lets not forget that it was KD who brought us out of the rut we were in and it is KD who will take us back to the top again! Viva King Kenny, Viva!!!

  8. Word says:

    No conspiracy. Enough of this babble. We just need to score goals!!!! The FA is not making us hit the post or shoot straight at the goalkeeper or make the opposition’s goalkeeper look like pure gold. The onus is on us! We need to start scoring goals. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous watching us play. WE SCORE GOALS AND THEIR IS NO CONSPIRACY!!!! 17 goals in 14 competitions. There is your answer. NO MORE EXCUSES!

  9. the is a good post from Kurt, Jah bless him. The time has come to put on the spirit of you’ll never walk along and fright till win every. Reds 4ever. Jah bless.