The conspiracy against Liverpool

I think Liverpool should deny all charges and fight. Yes, it will be a battle we will probably lose, but it should be a battle that the FA should remember. Liverpool should no longer take the high road. Liverpool should no longer conduct ourselves with the regal dignity that we have in the past. To return to glory, Liverpool needs to remove their gloves, get down in the mud and scrap. Fight, and fight for everything and not accept anything that may be even the slightest bit unfair. A message needs to be sent that for too long, the Red Army from Merseyside has been quite. But no more.

Teams and the FA may have taken our silence and dignity for weakness. That is their mistake. Under the leadership of King Kenny, we need put down our crown of 18 league titles. We need to drop our sceptre of 5 Champions league title and remind those in the FA who we are. Let the war cry of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ echo in their halls as they attempt to unjustly target us. Let them know that we have walked on through the rain and wind and though our dreams were tossed and blown. We are still here, and we do not walk alone.