Why the loss of Lucas is worse than losing Gerrard

Enrique is a biscuit! It’s nice to have a left back who is left footed, faster than Carragher, doesn’t always have a sick note and and whip in a good cross! Well done on that one Comolli.

And it’s been “Out with the new and in with the old” this season. After featuring significantly last season, there’s been little or no sight of Flanno, Robinson and Kelly. Guess that means we have a squad now – thanks again Comolli and the King! We have some real talent in the wings – I’ve already mentioned Jonjo and we also have Conor Coady.

And what’s with this Maxi guy? He’s just doing it! He plays… he scores! If we could blend him with Downing we would have just danger on the left. It’s great to have options coz Downing started off well and as he’s come off in form Maxi has just slid right in there. I guess this is what it’s like to have squad depth. I had forgotten!

21 responses to “Why the loss of Lucas is worse than losing Gerrard”

  1. Ashfah Hussain says:

    No point gloating about one player. Malaysian proverb says, “Patah Tumbuh, Hilang Berganti.” With or without Gerrard Liverpool moves on and nothing is special about Lucas.

  2. galx says:

    gutted to c lucas give in2 of ol injuries – ACL… i just hope spearing can slot in well and cover up ol thru December… hopefully KK brings in a brilliant DM in Jan… coz its nw become an even bigger priority than a striker, which ofcourse is the immediate next !

    • MoKo says:

      I think we have to see how Spearing does in the job. He was effective when he played next to Lucas late last season. Now we’ll see if he can do it when he is the main DM.

      We also have Conner Coady coming up so getting another player in limits his future chances

  3. Double negative says:

    Joke yeah? Written like the rantings of a special school underachiever.Funny as fuck thought, about trying Liverpool Kop?

  4. SusoSterling4FirstTeamFootball says:

    I just don’t get how at the start of the season we went from having world class midfielders from Italy and Portugal, to now being resigned to probably having to play Spearing and Adam as first team players. Downing is getting outclassed every week by Enrique who only cost 6m, but is forcing both Bellamy and Maxi out of the side because he is so good at…….sorry blanking.

    I really hope in the summer we buy some quality player who know how to control the ball and play intelligent football. Or start to play Suso and Sterling at home when we are up.

  5. james says:

    what a joke? you call yourself a fan?? go support man u. If you got nothing constructive to say then say nothing, but do not make the players look bad as we did with Lucas!! GET WELL LUCAS and IGNORE THESE CLOWNS!

    • MoKo says:

      The article is just a bit of banter. I’m actually really impressed by the depth and quality we have on display these days. Gives us fans some hope!

  6. farshad says:

    this site hacked? or this writer become a silly?

  7. jass says:

    Lucas was best DCM in BPL. the why he made City and Chelsee strikers as ordinary ones was his brilliance. I don’t think in liverpool squad anyone can match his quality and class. But we have to play without him whatsoever, we have. I think We must use coates and DCM because due to his height he have the advantage over other to win the aireal battles while his titiling abilities make him strong titler before both Centre Halfs. in my opinion coates must be tested atleast once.

  8. suleiman says:

    u dumb ass gerrard is a LEGEND

    • MoKo says:

      Gerrard is and will always be a Legend. On of the best to ever wear the Liverbird on his breast….

      …but he is defintely cooked!

  9. Nicky says:

    Yes agree, without Lucas is a disaster as current squad don’t has the right player like him to do the dirty job. Adam can’t defense, so does Henderson or Jojo and even Gerrard. Spearing is the next in line but need to take his chances well.
    If the team def is weak then at least able to create and score more then against but we loan and sold out creative AM and the forward can’t score.
    Anyway Gerrard is history,over the hill and call him a legend as much as you can. he is not longer a special player that can change the game. Together with Carra should warm the bench and retired early.

    • MoKo says:

      Gerrard and Carragher have served us well. It’s sad to see our heroes careers ending. I’m most sad for Gerrard coz he’s not had the chance to leave us with some recent reminders of his incredible talent…

      …I would settle for one last Gerrard blast from the edge of the box at the new wembley to win the League Cup for us this new year. Please that at the very least!

  10. redredred says:

    miss lucas more than we miss gerrard , pathetic statement absolutely pathetic

  11. Chessie says:

    Use agger as a central midfieder cause he can tackle as and he got some skills

    • MoKo says:

      That’s actually not a bad suggestion. Agger has got game. But central midfield is probably the hardest place to play simply because of the lack of space for passing and the congestion of players.

  12. MoKo says:

    Picking up from Chessie’s comment…

    …what about Carragher playing in central midfield. He began his career as a defensive midfielder. He was pretty good in there – no nonsense. He even played there for England a couple of times.

    What do you think?

  13. Mud says:

    Absolutely pathetic article. Gerrard is still an important player for us and we lack his drive and creativity in the middle. we do well against the big teams because we counter attack and have a solid defence, against the smaller sides you have more of the ball and need to make better use of it which we can’t do very well atm. And what the hell are you criticising Shelvey for he has not even played for us? Henderson would be more effective in the middle. Our midfield is far inferior to some of the great midfield partnerships we’ve had in the past and needs to be improved. Carroll should never play again at 22 you should be able to at least do the bloody basics

    • MoKo says:

      Gerrard in the form we’d all like to remember him in when he was linking the midfield and Torres in that role behind the striker is a force of nature. I just don’t think physically he can get in the condition to do that any more.

      One think I’ve picked up over the last two seasons is that he has drastically cut down and almost eliminated those trademark piledriver shots from his game. The obvious reason would be that he is protecting his groin from the strain of such shots. That one major element of his game that has gone due to his physical state. There’s no fighting the effects of time on the body.

      p.s. I think Shelvey has the physical abilities to be a Gerrard type player but he will have to learn his craft. Gerrard is a football genius – he just instinctively knows what to do on the field.

  14. Red Scouse says:

    If there is a prize for being clueless, you’ve just won it. YOu are an embarrassment to our club. Are you actually being for real when you write the shit you come out with, or are you just trying to be more of a dick than Jaimie (I am a wanker) Kanwar?