Date: 2nd December 2011 at 11:19am
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With Lucas out injured for the rest of the season, Kenny Dalglish is going to have to find someone to fill in as the defensive midfielder of the team. So what are the option? We have recalled Jonjo from Blackpool but he is not a DM so thus can not see him coming in for Lucas.

We have Jordan Henderson as a possible option but he is not really a DM at all. I don’t think Henderson has the discipline to be a DM. I think we underestimate what Lucas has done since he arrived. He was a box to box midfielder. He’s become a stay at home DM. He is extremely disciplined about his positioning. He doesn’t ever get carried away and charge out of position.

I don’t think Hendo can play with that discipline. There is also question marks about his tackling. He’s picked up cards for some really poor tackles this year. I think he’d take as long as Lucas has taken to get to this point – provided of course that he embraces the change in role.

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6 responses to “Someone new, Henderson or Spearing?”

  1. byrnesey says:

    Big blow losing Lucas for the season though I think Spearing has already shown us he’s more than capable of filling that role.
    Lucas has been outstanding and is a remarkable character to come from all the criticism to one of our most important players shows that.
    Respect and get well soon my son.

  2. Tony says:

    Spearing was good last season and was good at Chelsea, he is a natural defensive player and for me it has to be Spearing!!!!

  3. graham says:

    Henderson plays deep for England u21

  4. Abdul says:

    For me I’ll prefer Spearing…but I’ll also be tempting to train Johnson 4 a midfield position especially attacking. He has more attacking mind dan defensive.

  5. lfcforlife says:

    id give connor coady ago but also martin kelly used to be a midfielder and think he would do an excellent job in the holding role failing them two id play spearing who i thinks work rate and comitment cannot be questioned but his quality can be and you have a sense that he is out of his depth at times

  6. Howard says:

    Get the other lucas moura from sao paulo, and switch leiva for adam and adam for moura.

    Or… just get kelly/spearing. Prefers kelly though, he looks on form and has even more potential to unearth