Date:2nd December 2011 at 10:28am
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Lucas has been ruled out of action for the rest of the season: I think we are going to miss him more than we miss Gerrard. He has been the best DM in the Premier League over the last season and a bit.

I am favour Spearing to come in to replace Lucas. There is no midfield combination of Gerrard, Henderson and Adam that would provide stability to our team. They are all WEAK as a combination! And can someone tell me the difference between Jonjo and Henderson? They make the same amount of mistakes and are just silly!!!! For me Jonjo actually has more potential and will eventually be a better player than Henderson.

Charlie Adam is actually Molby in Scottish disguise! Adam has one gear and the turning circle of a bus. At least when he’s good he is good, it’s just that when he forgets to defend it’s a disaster!

Guys, do you remember when I first said that Gerrard was cooked. I recall being the target of hatred on for that. I think it’s safe to say I was right – Boy is COOKED like a stew! What kind of an injury is an ankle infection? He didn’t even have surgery or anything! We must just win him a title and send him on his way!

Carragher! Well what can I say? It is late like nineteen-fifty-eight for him! At least he can still do a job but clearly he is not a starter anymore. It’s time for him to start his coaching courses now that he’ll have more weekends off.

I have a theory… King Kenny is keeping the donkey off the pitch so that he doesn’t eat the grass. The donkey is off course our man Carroll. If it wasn’t for Torres being an even worse kind of ruminating animal – AN ASS – Carroll would be the headliner! I think there is hope for him but it might be in a different team. I can’t see how he fits in to the style of play we are displaying. Square peg – Round hole!

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