Date: 15th August 2011 at 4:15pm
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Just when we thought that the incoming transfer activity at Liverpool was done for the summer following the arrivals of Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing, Alexander Doni and Jose Enrique, Kenny Dalglish has told us that he is still under pressure to make more signings and he does not have to sell first before he brings anyone in.

“I’m not under pressure to sell,” he told the Liverpool Daily Post.

“We are under more pressure to get somebody in.

“The owners have been fantastic and there is no pressure in any way, shape or form.”

Dalglish added: “We had to be fair to everybody we have on the books and we gave them all a reasonable opportunity to get themselves fit and to prove they were worthy of a game.

“I don’t see any reason why that is not the correct way to go about things.”

You can be sure that this news will start to trigger the transfer rumour mill at Liverpool again. I am sure Dalglish would still like to make one or two more signings this summer, mainly another striker and a centre-back. Another winger would also be welcome as we are being linked with Celtic’s Paddy McCourt.


36 responses to “Dalglish under pressure to make more signings”

  1. pothead11 says:

    paddy mc court in all fairness, he cant get a game with celtic, no disrespect to celtic but hes no juan matta or hazard or world class signing i think your safe enough paddy the bench in scotland 4 you pal

  2. nuj deeljore says:

    i see 3 more signings for title challenge.a centerback,a backup striker and another winger for sure, otherwise same history will repeat…..

  3. Bill Shankly says:

    Mc Court was kicked out of West Brom as a kid wasnt he ?
    Pothead is right , he isnt good enough to hold down a starting place at Celtic in a weaker League then theres no way he is good enough to play in our reserve side .
    He’s the same age as Arjen Robben & plays the same position , the big difference between them is Robben has played for two of the biggest clubs in the world in Bayern Munich & Real Madrid & he has two Premier league Winners Medals ,an FA cup winners medal & a League Cup Winners Medal & has proven himself capable of lighting up the Champions League picking up a runners up medal along the way .
    What has Juan Sheet Matta or Eden Hazzard won again or why should opponents be afraid of them ?
    Lucas Podolski is another with more than enough pedigree & big game experience to keep Suarez , Carroll & Kuyt on top of their game , that is if we are going shopping abroad ?

  4. Mike says:

    Pls sign gary cahill, lewis holtby and ola toivonen; sell kygriakos, poulsen, joe cole, ngog, el zhar, insua.

  5. Harvey says:

    You’re right. I think another winger, striker and central defender. Let’s get it over with come on…..

  6. keith johnson says:

    as a squad player mccourt not a bad option, can cross it an has an eye for goal. rodellaga from wigan would be great down wing an can cover for an injured carrol or suarez,

  7. Harvey says:

    sign Kerrison, Ninis and Cahill

    • Sean says:

      Chan finally shuts it. I’m no LFC fan but I feel horrible when X-Boxers think they know much about the real game. They think winning the league is as easy as quick simming matches against relatively small teams like Sunderland, but it’s not. They ain’t learned jack from last season, eighty something points won the league. The PL is the toughest in the world. Plus there’s still 37 matches to go. I’m a Chelsea fan by the way!

  8. njanja says:

    As long as our game strategy is tailored around Carrol, we will hardly do better than 6th in the EPL. You agree with me that all our summer buys with the exception of Doni are all in a bid to make Carrol function well. So where is our traditional pass and move style which won us lots of points when Kenny took over last season? What happens when Carrol is marked out like that hopeless manure did to him? Obviously we would have lost against Sunderland if not for Suarez. We must re-strategize now or…!

    • Chan says:

      You are spot on. I wonder why our so called King is so obsessed with building a squad with half a season of Prem experience behind him.

      • Bill Shankly says:

        LoL @ “So called King”
        Kenny Dalglish was at more fans funerals that you have been to LFC games ya dirty scumbag cunt .

        • Jamie says:

          Agree wi bill shankley, so called king? How can u question kennys status among the kop? Ever get behind the man whos done soo much for the club on and off the pitch r jog on!

  9. Hubert says:

    Caroll is slowin our game play down, we need someone who can match suarez play like kuyt. We andy on d pitch their wil always be the temptation of less passin more crossing and this wil land us in 6th place

  10. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    SIGN IN:
    Eden Hazard (right winger)
    Shawcross (center defender)
    Cahill (center defender)
    Moussa Sisokko (defensive midfielder)
    Neymar (Striker)

    Brad Jones
    Joe Cole
    Nabil El Zhar

    • RedRobs says:

      lol, I love your confidence. It would be great to sign those players, but as good as FSG have been, I doubt Henry & co are Oil Sheiks and Arab Princes! Neymar alone would cost £40m+

  11. Chan says:

    Kenny might be the Kenny to many LCG fans but i prefer to wait before giving him his crowning glory. I am not totally convinced with his buy British policy, he overpaid and get very little quality in return and it shows in the Sunderland game, in particular one Henderson chap.

    Look our best player is Luis Suarez, cost us 22.5 mill and the last time i checked he is non British, compared to Andy Carroll which cost 35 mill with half a season in the prem. Need i say more.

    Like the owner said if we are not in the top 4 at the very least in May, our King should abdicate.

    • Joe B says:

      You really have no clue do you? The only reason Carroll was so inflated was because Newcastle knew that we were going to spend 15million less than we got for torres. And as far as not being convinced of king Kenny’s status, why don’t you ask the families of the 96 or ask the players he has played with or managed. Maybe you should go ask all the kids who have been helped by his charity work why we call him King. You have no idea of what the history of LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB is about. Do some research. Stop playing football manager. And stop posting!

      • Bill Shankly says:

        Well played Joe B

      • SIDNEY says:

        “The only reason Carroll was so inflated was because Newcastle knew that we were going to spend 15million less than we got for torres”


        he may have attended a lot of funerals in the past, but that does not make him a good manager now.

        • Bill Shankly says:

          Only 2 managers led their teams to more points than him last season , he beat Utd , Chelsea & Man City as well as drawing with Arsenal & he has become a bad manager since then ?

  12. Just get honda as a winger,cahill as a defender and rodalleger as a backup striker

  13. Chan says:

    Kenny said that the team/he needs more time. This sounds familiar, isn’t this what Roy Hodgson said last season.
    Maybe they are right after all, our King might been out of the game for too long.
    Looks like we can’t knock Manure off their F****** perch for a long long time.

    • Bill Shankly says:

      What age are you Charlie Chan ?

      You have passed judgement on our season , new signings & a boss who is the only man alive to have won the Title for 2 different clubs & won it in total 4 times in the space of 9 seasons as a manager all inside the space of 90 minutes .
      You are a fucking dickhead .

      • ScotRed says:

        Chan, do one of two things here;

        1) – buy these books – My Liverpool Home (K Dalglish) & 44 Years with the same Bird (B Reade), read them and learn some of the history of this great club and our extraordinary manager – the same guy who went to 90+ funerals in less than a month back in 1989. Learn about the team of 87/88 that he put together with British players, some of which were relatively unknowns, and how they annihilated everyone put in their way.


        2) – fuck off back to your X-Box and stick to CG football because you know fuck all about the real game.

        • Bill Shankly says:

          Well Played Scotred !

        • danny joycr says:

          class scotred one game doesnt make a season and everyones on the bandwagon those books were a good read come on kenny bring us the premeir leauge

  14. adesuarez says:

    pls get us cahill or shawcross,loan forlan or rodallega hazard or mata then we hav the league.use 4-5-1 formation benchin carrol in some matches and use him as a super sub.pls king play aquilani

  15. Comez says:

    Same old story

  16. adelani says:

    KD l believe the problem we have is andry carrol very slow as a striker a coach can make a big mistake l believe in kenny there is room 4 amendment.KD should stop forcing the player to play for carrol let carrol go an learn the partner lfc style the king should let kuty suarez maxi give us the lead before bring on carrol hendo.l want to see renia carra agger aurelio lucas (aquilani or meireles) adam kuty suarez stewart and stewart should heat the ground when run then carrol hendo maxi enrique come as sub so that enrique can study the style from bench.BUY cahill use ngog for the deal,tevez or forlan osazi odenwinge,ayew or ahmed musa.

  17. Lance says:

    If McCourt could keep himself off the drink the derry pele would be a great option to have in the squad

    • Bill Shankly says:

      If N’Gog could play like Henry did at Arsenal then my unncle would been my Auntie .
      By Premier League standards Mc Court is shite .
      By Scotish standards he has his days , few & far between .
      Even at League of Ireland standard he was up & down like a houres knickers & was tactically inept .
      Jovanovich is a better player than McCourt & it has nothing to do with drink .
      Why arent Swansea or Norwich lookin at him ?
      Its just another media insult by the anti LFC press.

  18. CY says:

    I wish some of these so called fans know what they are talking about. You play one match nd suddenly evrythin changes, common people u are too pessimistic and shuld leave lfc family if u can’t be positive for once in ur lives. Allow d King do his job.

  19. Ody says:

    Pls, carroll shud be a 2nd half player… We nid a centre back in d shape of dann or cahill. A winger in d shape of mata or better still leave out d winger and get diego forlan at least he cud play 4 2seasons and he’s perfect with his brother suarez. Bryan Ruiz is also a good buy. Ngog, krygiakos, poulsen, insua… Nice doing buisness with u. Shelvey, j.cole, spearing… Loan moves. Now with those strikers, suarez can come in from d left, downing on d right, gerrard or meireless or aquilani in d hole behind forlan or ruiz… Hw abt dat folks?

  20. tonynlfc says:

    Cahil for me, a quality winger for the right and I think we will be ok, getting gerrard back asap will be like a new signing. Was at game Saturadyadam and lucas was not the answer for me, henderson looked out of sorts, downing had good game i thought. Still cant get me head round the signing of henderson, maybe for the future, but the amount of money could of got a quality player for now!! One other thing is I thought the KOP was very quiet Saturday, the team neded backing, what ever happened to the noisy first day chanting?? I always stood on the kop and went there coz i loved joining in with the singing, id still go there now but my season ticket in main stand, near away end and i could hardly hear the kop, so come on guys lets get behind the team as if we were playing mancs every week

  21. SIDNEY says:

    far too many dalglish arse kissers here. he spent 80mil so we could all watch football in the clouds.

    we will finish below 6th and all you morans will be asking to give him more time.