Date: 15th August 2011 at 2:53pm
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Many Liverpool fans still believe that the club needs another winger to join the squad either to cover for Stewart Downing or to have the new winger start on one flank and Downing on the other. Downing had a very good game for Liverpool on Saturday against Sunderland and it was great finally seeing a winger in a Liverpool shirt taking on defenders again.

If we could have another player with as much pace and quality as Downing we would be in a better position. Reports today are now suggesting that Liverpool may be ready to line up a shock bid for Celtic’s Northern Ireland international winger Paddy McCourt.

Now this may not be the name Liverpool fans may have been expecting to come in as another winger simply due to him not being a ‘big-name’. McCourt is one of those erratic wingers who blows hot and cold but maybe Kenny Dalglish can bring out the best in him. The fact that he is 27-years-old may be a stumbling block for any potential move as he may not be deemed young enough to fit into the new Liverpool policy of buying young players. But if Liverpool are able to get McCourt on the cheap, he may be worth the gamble.


13 responses to “Monday Rumour: Liverpool linked with new winger move”

  1. STEVIE says:

    Do you this guy could dribble past Premier league defenders as easy as that..?

  2. Akash@Superstarfc says:

    Noooooooooooooo Sign Eden Hazard

  3. Tony says:

    I agree if we get him for £2-3m then yes a deal is worth it, the lad can certainly play and coming off the bench can change a game, as a squad player yes!!!

  4. Adenola_Ay says:


  5. Alibabson says:

    We dont need any winger/wenger.let carrol be the match changer if he can.start suares and kurt upfront,we dont need target man.hendersen if he must play,let him play from bench.lucas ,alberto,downing and adam are perfect in d midfield.ngog and carrol,rodrigues will be a perfect sub.we can who from the bench if d first team fails dis way

  6. chambers says:

    Going for 2nd-raters again!!

  7. Riz says:

    I have scored a few goals like them playing Sunday league but it doesn’t mean I could play in the EPL and do that. Every goal shown on that youtube vid had very suspect defending. I don’t follow Scottish football as it has no entertainment appeal and the fact that I have never heard of this 27 year old does not bode well.

    I doubt very much that he is as good as young Sterling espite his lack of expierience.

    Steer clear Kenny.

  8. Bill Shankly says:

    By Liverpool Football e isnt as good as McGeedy Club Standards ?
    Mc Court is Shite .
    He is the same standard as N’Gog .
    By Celtic Standards ?
    Hes a squad player in a weak league .
    How the hell we are being linked to him is beyond me .
    Its mischievous journalism by the ANTI LFC press trying to undermine our assault on the league this season by suggesting Kenny is a muppet who cluelessly looks to Scotland for players when he’s in need .
    Which of course is complete bullshit .

  9. Chan says:

    We are linked to a player who can’t even get a game at Celtic. We are screwed, by our own King.

  10. Chan says:

    We need a very good central defender NOW and we are linked to a winger, are you sure we got the real King back.

  11. benjiyke says:

    4get abt any winger,downing is okay 4 our competition dis season.king shud nt drop kuyt 4 henderson on d bench,suarez and carroll 8 and 9,downing and kuyt left and right flank,adam and aquilani centre midfield.bench lucas leiva.sub shud b meireles,maxi,ngog,krygiakos e.t.c.