Date: 27th July 2011 at 10:00pm
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First it was a picture of Stewart Downing holding a Liverpool scarf with Andy Carroll before the winger signed for Liverpool and now we are seeing a video of Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Now there is no speculation at all linking Van Persie with a move to Liverpool this summer as was the case with the alleged fake photo of Downing holding a Liverpool scarf.

But this video gives you a good laugh. To top it off, Van Persie should stick to football as his singing is terrible! Why was Van Persie even singing our anthem? Is he a Liverpool fan deep down?


11 responses to “[Video] Is Arsenal’s star striker a Liverpool fan?”

  1. Sam says:

    Never heard about the Feyenoord/Rotterdam version of You’ll never walk alone? And Van Persie is a former Feyenoord player who lived his whole life in Rotterdam.

  2. danarsenal says:

    actually not your anthem celtic were the first club to ever sing it

  3. Janinho says:

    I beg your pardon; but Liverpool was the first club to ever sing it! I qoute: “The song is also sung at association football clubs around the world, where it is performed by a massed chorus of supporters on matchday; this tradition began at Liverpool Football Club in the early 1960s and later spread to several other clubs.”

  4. pub says:

    Listen to the end, “when the saints” thts not a liverpool song, so all this means nothink at all.
    Youll never walk alone is a massive song! Everyone loves it.

  5. bigbadred says:

    The song at the end is ‘when the REDS go marching in’ not the saints. When the reds go marching in is a song I remember singing at anfield a good few times!

  6. Gary 7 says:

    Beautiful! He is a Red deep down! He wil join LFC next summer after arsenal finish in mid table.

  7. Mark Masters says:

    I’m not saying when the saints go marching in is a Liverpool song, but the Kop used to sing it to Ian St John in the 60’s (When the saint goes marching in).
    You’ll Never Walk Alone is Liverpools though.

  8. Rango says:

    Some goons are sooooo goons that they open their mouths before thinking!!…Y.N.W.A…a celtic song???…please dont look dumb here! your homework b4 opening your stinking mouth!

  9. danarsenal says:

    i have done my research look it up for yourselves you will soon be sorry

    • JesusloveSuso says:

      If you did it properly you would find liverpool were the first club to sing you’ll never walk alone, then Manc Utd sang it for a few games before dropping it and THEN it was picked up by Celtic.

  10. m kop says:

    You can play for Arsenal, but you don’t have to love Arsenal.
    I bet it’s what Aguero is thinking when joining City.