Date: 21st June 2011 at 2:53pm
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You have to love the summer transfer window! There is always one new story ever day which seems to get everyone talking. Today a picture is doing the rounds on the Internet which shows Andy Carroll and ‘Stewart Downing’ holding a Liverpool scarf with a lady in the middle at a pub.

Now at first look, one would be asking, “Why is Downing holding a Liverpool scarf?” Does this mean that he is Liverpool bound as he has been linked with a move to Liverpool all summer?

But then there are some questioning the legitimacy of this picture. Is it really Stewart Downing in the picture with Carroll? Secondly and more importantly, look at Downing’s left hand which is meant to be holding the scarf; some people are saying that there are two hands there as there are too many fingers meaning that the picture has been photo-shopped . But one could also say that what people are saying are ‘extra fingers’ could actually be the tassels of the scarf.

I leave you to decide what you make of this picture, we would love to hear what you think.

What do you make of this Carroll and Downing picture?

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22 responses to “Stewart Downing ‘pictured’ holding Liverpool scarf with Carroll”

  1. Nye says:

    Thats never an extra hand, Picture seems legit. More concerned that someone let Carrol behind the bar.

  2. ejaz says:

    Is it me or is Andy Carrol snapped in Bars abit too much? #justasking

  3. Paul says:

    That’s sound, can’t see Downing being stupid enough to allow himself be photographed with an LFC scarf, saying that i do think his arival at Anfield is iminent!

  4. Ron says:

    The official Aston Villa twitter account says that the picture is a fake:

    “Brian Doogan, our head of media, has spoken to Stewart Downing and he can confirm the picture circulating the internet is a FAKE. #avfc”

    Well, maybe it is really fake or it is just Villa’s reaction of not knowing what to do since the picture is really and they are in shock that Downing has been spotted with holding a Liverpool flag.

  5. Jim says:


  6. mik says:

    its blatantly a fake!
    Look at the end of the scarf on Downings side! There are too many fingers holding the scarf! Looks like 2 sets of hands holding it!
    Not true and i really hope its not true!
    Dont want Downing!


  7. lewis Chandley says:

    there are 3 people
    and 4 left hands
    nuff said

  8. JK says:

    Are you people for real there isnt extra hands or fingers look properly its the tassles off the scarf duuhhhh

  9. JK says:

    count the fingers if you really need to come on people

  10. patrick says:

    The transfer market hasn’t opened yet in all European countries except England, so I’m hoping the 1st of next month when it opens, we will get proper class and not Downing.I also hope we replace Kuyt on the right wing because he’s not good enough there, too slow, can’t beat the first defender or put a ball in the box I wanna see Kuyt as back up for Carroll & Suárez as a striker where he’s much better..The wing is the most important position I think and we need pace and ability if we want to seriously challenge the top teams.

  11. Ben says:

    Four fingers and left hand + tassels! At 1st glance it looks like extra fingers, but hold it close to your eye and you can see it isn’t! If its photoshopped it the head of Downing that’s been added to someones body! If that’s the case then someone has done a good job on it. I use Photoshop CS5 a lot and can do this sort of thing and if fake they have blended it very well. It has the same grainy appearance and tones as the rest of the photo and the light hitting the side of the girls face is also on Downing’s, perhaps more vividly as it should be if he is out of the shade more!
    I think its real, but maybe it was just a joke from Carroll about him being wanted by us (like the Spanish players putting a Barca shirt on Fabragas)?! Of course Villa will deny it, the last thing they need at the moment is more disgruntled fans (re: manger issues)!

  12. Ben says:

    Meant to say four fingers ‘on’ the left hand….

  13. paul g says:

    so are people just denying scarf or whole pi? clearly they are holding something in this pose. If downing denied it he didnt say that it was something else – an england scarf maybe? and they are clearly in s sports bar where flags will be a many! it is true, he simply made silly error of doing this before paperwork is completed

  14. Lewis says:

    As I said 4 left hands three people, anyways I know it not to be downing, but another ex middlesbrough player

  15. Red Steve says:

    I am a photoshop retoucher and the pic is legitimate.
    As long as the guy isn’t a looky-liky, it is 100% authentic.

  16. Lewis says:

    As I said 4 left hands three people, anyways I know it not to be downing, but another ex middlesbrough player….

  17. tj says:

    am a photoshop user. this is a fake, only a quality fake. 1st view- you see it as legit, but careful analysis, you see it fake.
    such pictures are seen as 75% legit as very less mistakes are seen.-
    very well worked lights, contrast, brilliance.
    but the owner was soo careless and in haste that he left numerous mistakes namely, fingers on scarf bout 7 fingers instead of 4, from neck to chest, the distance is too disproportionate.
    i see these as an amateur of photography, and i guess a semi pro has done this.
    though would be nice if it was true

  18. Boywilson says:

    I’m not that bothered really but one thing is for certain, there definately isn’t too many hands or fingers in the picture. 4 fingers and the fluffy end of the scarf above them. I’d actually really like to see Downing at Liverpool, he could deliver the crosses to Carroll and Suarez (and even Kuyt potentially). Big blow to Villa if they lose him though.

  19. conor says:

    its the tossels and i have proof since then he has signed for lfc sooooooo hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa