A King without his Crown ?

Firstly , Andy is not Micheal Owen , he isnt a 5’8 speed merchant , he is a 6’3 Rock & although he is quick & is a nightmare to defend against when he turns & runs at them that isn’t the only reason why he was bought .
Andy is the pivotal piece that all our other attacking players are going to revolve around , he is the rock or foundation of our attacking tactics .

When Andy drops deep to potentially collect a ball , picture Gerrard or Saurez , Downing or Adam breaking an offside trap & running on to a cleverly disguised pass & a sea of red hitting them on the counter .

At set plays picture two defenders picking him up while Agger, Skrtel , Gerrard , or Kuyt poaches something on their blind side .

Here are a few of his attributes :
* Strength & Power
* Intelligent movement
* Tactical excellence
* Ball Retention in the heat of battle
* Excellent 1’st touch & distribution under pressure
* Towering terror in the box
* Shots on target

If any of you can’t remember Christian Vieri at Inter then I suggest you go to Youtube & watch a compilation of him , then watch a compilation of Big Andy & it won’t be long before it dawns on you why some of the very best brains in the Football World didn’t think twice about shelling out £35 million on him only days after he turned 22 .

From free kicks & Corners alone 10 – 15 goals isnt a lot to expect from him & if he is 1’st choice penalty taker expect 15 – 20 goals from set plays every season from Big Andy .

25+ goals in a Kenny Dalglish LFC side isnt beyond him but conservatively I’d say expect either 10 more than Ballotelli or Torres score or 20 in all competitions from him .

From our defence you can expect a certain meanness , you will see an attitude in our defenders that delights in destroying an attackers ambitions , you will see them delight in contributing to our attacking moves too but primarily expect them to be mean , Picture Pepe leaning against a goal post smoking a fat cigar for 90 minutes & then going crazy at his defence if he becomes disturbed enough to take action & you will be near enough expecting what we are going to receive .

In Saurez , Gerrard , Adam & Downing we have 4 very intelligent footballers who should be putting on devastating breath taking displays of pass’n move TEAM football that we will be talking about in 30 years time.

Besides Gerrard I think the only other two midfielders in the country capable of tuning into Saurez’s football brains tempo & frequency were Adam & Downing & golly gosh , look who we have just signed !

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