Date: 20th July 2011 at 9:00pm
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What with all the hulla-ballou in the transfer market since January , in which 6 players were added , 3 British & 3 not so British somehow managing to be deemed in the press as a British revolution by our King , Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish , coupled with the fact we have a whole generation of fans who have never seen a Title winning LFC side , the question in real terms that needs to be asked is:

“What can we realistically expect from The Man , The Myth , The Legend that is Kenny , our boss , this season ?”

The short answer to that question is:


But for those of you who are new to the joys of supporting LFC under Kenny I’ll go to the trouble of giving you the long answer:

Surly now even the blind can see that Kenny causes his rivals so much nervousness with even the most bitter anti-LFC manager in the World , Alex Ferguson , admitting that “long term you know they are going to be there” .

Was Fergie talking about long term over a season ?
Was Fergie talking about long term over Kennys contract ?

The answer to that one is Fergie’s wee mind games aren’t a patch on Dalglish’s unquestionable quality or legendary ability to command the focus of his squad through the toughest of the tough nerve shredding campaigns .

Just ask Man City , Chelsea , Arsenal or Utd how we played against them last season , don’t even mention Kenny’s outstanding tactics or formations , just ask them about the commanding spirit within our side , not even a politician or a notorious liar like Arse-end Wegner could deny we were outstanding as a collective & there was no sign of fade or quit in us .

So what can we expect from Kennys first proper LFC squad since 1991 ?

If we pair Gerrard with Adam in the centre of Midfield we are looking at a power house pairing not dissimilar to the Legendary pairing of Whelan & McMahon , Both could stamp their authority on a game & both had world class creativity & both could score goals .

Adam & Gerrard screams at me :
* Controlled Aggression
* Creative Quality
* Defensive Discipline
* Lung busting commited displays
* 30 goals in all Competitions isnt a big ask from these two

Stewart Downing on our Left wing says to me :
* Intelligent Distribution & Movement
* Leadership
* Top Class Creativity
* Tactical Excellence
* 10 – 15 goals in all competitions isnt too much to expect from a player of his quality .

Luis Saurez as our deep striker :
* Outstanding 1’st touch
* Fantastic Energy
* Intelligent Distribution & Movement
* Breath Taking “WOW ! ” moments that unlock a defense & punish em with a goal .
* Aprox 20 goals in all competitions next season .

Andy Carroll as our main Striker .

Some younger & newer fans question what Andy brings to the party so hopefully I’m going to point out a few things they can appreciate from him next season .

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22 responses to “A King without his Crown ?”

  1. Rafa says:

    Three British and three not so British? Downing, Henderson, Carroll, Adam are all British. Suarez and Doni are not. Maybe Scottish isn’t British any more.

  2. mitch says:


  3. 80 says:

    Poorly written and poorly researched.

    Use a spell checker and learn how to write.

  4. Jevon says:

    everyones a critic.
    What I get from this is you sound as excited as I do! lol

    Bring this season on already!@!

  5. Damo says:


    This article is so poor, I don’t even know where to start. Look up the word ‘punctuation’ for a start, ‘spelling’ second and maybe finish off with ‘bias’.

    And I’m a Liverpool fan?!

  6. Damo says:

    And who the hell is ‘Saurez’?

  7. Feranmi says:

    Well written

  8. don wynne says:

    Whats all the negativity about, sorry, meant what’s all the negativity about! (didn’t want any comments about my missing Apostrophe)
    to waste time commenting on punctuation and spelling is like commenting on the size of a painting, its the essence and heart of a subject that counts not the presentation….
    the feelings presented in the article sing of hope, passion and faith that the writer feels, don’t criticise for that, its churlish and small minded.
    KK’s magic is that he understands what is at the essence of a great club, he carries himself with dignity and a little sardonic humour, so lets do the same.
    I too am full of hope for next season, but will accept what ever comes and keep the faith maybe the english majors on this site need to concentrate on the more important things in life, I hear Jamie Oliver is looking for a ‘proof reader’ and leave the football to those of us who feel its passion.

  9. Gerrardious says:

    ‘we have no apparent weakness’
    seriously?? how about leftback? or RW?
    we have a squad full of 30yrs old wingers(excluding Downing) who lack gas n bite.
    Also, a 3rd good striker (except u really believe u can challenge with Ngog as Backup).

  10. 'Will says:

    Nice you’re so positive mate,
    but if Gerrard and Adam as a central partnership screams defensive discipline at you ???
    I don’t know what’s goin on?
    2 players who are often caught out for discipline both positionally and in the tackle.
    If they play as a 2 man CM pairing, without a DM to mop up, we’ll leak goals and yellow/red cards for sport.

  11. sai says:

    u forgot aquilani ,pal… guy is a good chance creator whn played behind striker.. he has a keen vision and a good exact passing.. but he is physically not strong which he should take care himself..

  12. pothead11 says:

    that has to be the worst load of drivel i have ever had the misfortune to read. comparing downing to john barnes is just mad and to say pepe will have nothing to do only smoke cigars because of our great defense is stuff of the beano,did you have a dream and write it down in haste. if we believe you, we will score 200 goals next season and wont let in any.the truth is we are not in we can give it our best shot and i think we are going to have a big fight on our hands to get champion league football this should be our first priority and hopefully we can buy some world class players like mata hazard aguero etc etc next season. the reason we missed out on this kind of player this time around is simply the fact that we dont have europe to flash in front of them. the players we have brought in while exciting are not world class we have to be realistic here.

  13. Jeff says:

    I think this guy getting a little giddy! I totally agree with you will, we can’t have gerrard and Adam as a defensive pairiy, they don’t have the disapline! We need lucas to sit, in a midfield three, gerrard one side, adam the other!

  14. Exasperated ! says:

    Bring back Igor Biscan , he is much better than Gerrard or Adam , thats the type of player we need to win a League !

  15. Exasperated ! says:

    Yea lets be realistic , Roy Hodgson was the most realistic Manager we have ever had .

  16. Exasperated ! says:

    Aquilani wasnt bought by Kenny .

  17. Exasperated ! says:

    Someone should tell Gerrardious that the season hasnt even kicked of yet , let alone had one of its transfer windows close so there is plenty of time for him to throw the towell in publicly & say “I told you so” later .
    Fuckin Hairdressers !

  18. Exasperated ! says:

    Don Wynne ,
    Theres a shortage of good secretary’s in the world so leave the girls alone , if they want to spell check Football articles they can !

  19. Frank Lowry says:

    You mention “ is recruiting columnists”. Please, please, please speed it up. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read it. All we were short of was the story of how we singed “Roy Race”, and won the league in the last minute of the last game. (might as well dream crazy dreams here as in bed)

  20. Exasperated ! says:

    Are you sure yer commenting on the correct thread Frank me’boy ?
    Sure ya werent on tha Jamesons & Guinness way into tha wee small hours & typed a loada aul’bleather on the wrong thread like tha buck edjit that y’eh are ?
    If not give some details you depressed alco idiot , not all of us live in your miserable head ya kno ?!!!
    If not & ya knew ya were typing on this thread ?
    Fuck off you sad prick & go & back to sucking on Fergies warty old knob or Arse-ends garlic stinking cocksicle coz this is a Liverpool FC forum & Liverpool FC fearlessly dare to dream in the face of all who would have us mid table managed by Hodgson.
    Do one soft lad .

  21. pothead11 says:

    spot on frank,this site will put any shit up lately how could any1 with half a brain find this story entertaining.if our kop was to be believed we would have a squad of about 250 its really gone too far. i wonder what 3 players we will be linked with today

  22. Exasperated ! says:

    Well its clear you only have half a brain so you have answered yer own question .
    If you dont like reading about speculation in football I suggest you check back in May which is when we will be celebrating a Title Victory along with a Cup Victory , God Willing , between now & then I suggest ya read no newspapers , watch no TV or listen to no Radio , brows no news or Football sites or speak to no football fans because until tha last game of the season is over its going to be nothing but Speculation .
    Idiot .