Date:20th July 2011 at 9:00pm
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What with all the hulla-ballou in the transfer market since January , in which 6 players were added , 3 British & 3 not so British somehow managing to be deemed in the press as a British revolution by our King , Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish , coupled with the fact we have a whole generation of fans who have never seen a Title winning LFC side , the question in real terms that needs to be asked is:

“What can we realistically expect from The Man , The Myth , The Legend that is Kenny , our boss , this season ?”

The short answer to that question is:


But for those of you who are new to the joys of supporting LFC under Kenny I’ll go to the trouble of giving you the long answer:

Surly now even the blind can see that Kenny causes his rivals so much nervousness with even the most bitter anti-LFC manager in the World , Alex Ferguson , admitting that “long term you know they are going to be there” .

Was Fergie talking about long term over a season ?
Was Fergie talking about long term over Kennys contract ?

The answer to that one is Fergie’s wee mind games aren’t a patch on Dalglish’s unquestionable quality or legendary ability to command the focus of his squad through the toughest of the tough nerve shredding campaigns .

Just ask Man City , Chelsea , Arsenal or Utd how we played against them last season , don’t even mention Kenny’s outstanding tactics or formations , just ask them about the commanding spirit within our side , not even a politician or a notorious liar like Arse-end Wegner could deny we were outstanding as a collective & there was no sign of fade or quit in us .

So what can we expect from Kennys first proper LFC squad since 1991 ?

If we pair Gerrard with Adam in the centre of Midfield we are looking at a power house pairing not dissimilar to the Legendary pairing of Whelan & McMahon , Both could stamp their authority on a game & both had world class creativity & both could score goals .

Adam & Gerrard screams at me :
* Controlled Aggression
* Creative Quality
* Defensive Discipline
* Lung busting commited displays
* 30 goals in all Competitions isnt a big ask from these two

Stewart Downing on our Left wing says to me :
* Intelligent Distribution & Movement
* Leadership
* Top Class Creativity
* Tactical Excellence
* 10 – 15 goals in all competitions isnt too much to expect from a player of his quality .

Luis Saurez as our deep striker :
* Outstanding 1’st touch
* Fantastic Energy
* Intelligent Distribution & Movement
* Breath Taking “WOW ! ” moments that unlock a defense & punish em with a goal .
* Aprox 20 goals in all competitions next season .

Andy Carroll as our main Striker .

Some younger & newer fans question what Andy brings to the party so hopefully I’m going to point out a few things they can appreciate from him next season .

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