Date: 1st July 2011 at 2:20pm
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One of the longest running transfer sagas of the summer is set to continue. Liverpool do not seem to be any closer to agreeing a deal with Blackpool to bring Charlie Adam to the club. It had been rumoured today that Blackpool are insisting on Liverpool paying £9million for the midfielder which may be outside our valuation of the player.

Now the Blackpool Gazette is reporting that Charlie Adam has said that he will return to Blackpool on Monday just like any other of their players for pre-season training.

Adam said: “I go back to Blackpool on Monday and that’s the way it is.

“Everybody knows the situation – the club have met with Liverpool but that’s as far as it has gone.

“I had a conversation with the chairman (Karl Oyston) but that will remain private.

“It’s important that we keep everything in-house – whatever happens will happen.”

So for now we will not be seeing Charlie Adam at Melwood but I still believe a deal will be done to bring him to Liverpool this summer. There is no way I can see Adam playing in the Championship next season after his excellent campaign for Blackpool.


16 responses to “Where will Charlie Adam be training on Monday?”

  1. Toma says:

    Fuk liver..jst pay 9 mili to tha idiots n stop flauntin al over each posible transfer.

  2. M. says:

    Too much noise is made for an average player, having an excellent season. I don’t think LFC ‘ll spend a single extra penny over his valuation & not many teams are also seems much interested. Adams might come to LFC as a squad member, but at our price, otherwise he ‘ll go to another mid table club, which suits him better.

  3. Tony says:

    I think Adam had better be superb after this nonsense, If he comes at all. He will be under pressure to deliver, I hope he knows that,…..everyone is bored of this so Comolli, ‘make a decision you dithering bastard’!!!!!!

  4. Billy says:

    With Aqua man back, offer then £5M and Joe Cole take it or leave it.

  5. magnumopus says:

    Don’t pay a penny more than Tottenham or Villa are willing to pay! Man U. won’t bite, they just want us to pay more for him so we cannot by other players.

  6. Pierre Buttigieg says:

    I am of the same opinion that Charlie Adam will not play in the Championship , but I hope that we don’t see him playing for another team in the Premier League. In January Adam stayed with Blackpool but in this transfer market we are going to end up losing Adam to another team .Come on Liverpool F.C.

  7. Gerrardious says:

    @Tony:thats not a nice thing to say.
    To all of you, am not a fan of Adam but still, am tired of hearin all the ‘average player’ / ‘big fish in a small pond’ crap. If he could play brilliantly (especially in big matches) in a small team, who’s to say he won’t perform beta with beta players around him. he can control d midfield, he gets stuck-in (unlike Meireles n Aquilani), has good passing range n good set pieces. Most of u guys are slagging him off even b4 he puts on the jersey simply because he’s from a relegated team and this doesnt make sense. look at Masche 4 example. we signed him from Westham n he’s 1 of d best DMs in the world rite now.
    I know Adam isn’t d best CM in Europe but he’s still a good player.
    I might step on some toes when I say he’s beta than Carrick and many other Midfielders in England.
    Maybe not the best, but not a bad buy(if it happens).

  8. Tony says:

    What did i say that wasn’t nice???????

  9. Will says:

    Joe Cole is not going to play in the Championship
    He earns as much per week as the whole Blackpool first eleven, ffs

  10. paul says:

    adam is a 9ice player i will want him to be wit us next season

  11. Zahid says:

    Why should a club like LFC be backed in a corner and have to pay the odds, it’s Blackpool who should accept what’s a good price for him. Adam want’s to come and if he is so desperate he should hand in a transfer request, he has less then 12 months on his contract left and isn’t worth 9-10 mill, they should accept the 7 mill n the loan players offered. To most of the fans it iant no big loss if he doesn’t come, i know KK is a big fan and i respect his judgement, but there are still better players out there if this falls through but i doubt it will it’s gone on for too long……YNWA

  12. AC says:

    THIS TRANSFER WINDOW IS A DISASTER!!!! It is nuts to have the current transfer policy to only buy young players from England. Liverpool is a international team if FSG believes they can transfer what they have done IN B A S E B A L L and think they can use that in international football then they are completely nuts.

    Of all the players they wanted all they got is a over rated player from F****G Sunderland.

    I think the 2011/12 season will be the same as the first half of the last was.

  13. Will says:

    Blackpool had the option to extend the contract by a year so ifs a good as 2 years left, pushing the price back up.

    From your ill thought, ignorant comments, you obviously don’t understand anything about 17/25 homegrown rules, which are likely to become much more stringent if FIFA get their way with 9+9.
    This will effect the value of players enormously and that matters more than ever as FFPR comes into play.
    Maybe you’d be better learning why FSG saw the opportunity to make LFC competitive again (FFPR), before deciding you know better how to run a club.
    To make matters worse, after showing your lack of business acumen, you show you can’t rate a footballer either with your comment about Jordan Henderson.
    Best calm down an educate yourself a little before running down those with more skills than you.

  14. Gerrardious says:

    @Tony: callin Commolli a B**t**D

  15. mayank says:

    oh come on!! You pay over the odds for an under 21 wc flop like henderson and bargain for 1-2 million for adam. You have already missed out on many of your targets young,jones,wickham,payet,greviho.,to name some..tottenham are ready to snap him any may again prove to be too late again..!!

  16. 'Will says:

    How do you know any of those have been LFC targets? Newspaper rumours?