Date: 1st July 2011 at 10:10am
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It is being reported that Blackpool are insisting that Liverpool play £9million for Charlie Adam.

The reason Blackpool are insisting on so much cash and no players is that they have to pay several parties the fee if Adam is transferred. It had been thought that Liverpool were willing to offer Shelvey or Wilson on a seasons loan to Blackpool or Darby going to Blackpool on a permanent basis.

Now if Blackpool are insisting they want £9million cash then I guess we have little room to negotiate or else we are going to miss out on signing him to another club such as Aston Villa and Tottenham.

In my opinion, judging by the prices in the transfer market today, I think £9million is an acceptable fee to pay for Adam. What do you think?


23 responses to “Friday Rumour: Liverpool told to pay £9million for midfield target”

  1. dan says:

    they will pay for what they think a player is worth. they hold the cash and if they don’t think he is worth that then it’s for them to judge not us. so a stupid question really

  2. jimmy says:

    Tell blackpool to F..k off!

  3. michael says:

    for 9 mil he’s worth it. could be an assist machine. i’d rather we loaned out the kid’s to PL club’s like bolton or wigan.

  4. keith says:

    they should pay it he is well worth this amount as he can create and also score and maybe in a year or two lead the team out every week as gerrard is not getting any younger

  5. SuaRed says:

    Were now acting like a little club!

  6. LFC lad says:

    Stupid question dan? I don’t think so.
    LFC should be basing decisions on what “a” player will bring to the team.
    IS he “really” wanted/needed?
    IF yes, what would his price be if he had four years left and still in the Prem league? would we still want him?
    If “Adam” is deemed as the “answer” then what is he worth to us?
    I would certainly prefer LFC to do a straight cash deal and loan players if we need to elsewhere.

  7. njanja says:

    Adam is worth more than that, but please can somebody explain what passengers like Polsen, Jovanovic, Joe Cole, Konchesky, Ngog, Insua, Degen,etc are still doing at Anfield. Presently We have Stev, Raul, Lucas, Spearing, Aqua, Polsen, Jonjo and Hendo all in CM; I fear Comolli is a big failure

  8. Sizar says:

    Simply we are a failures in the transfer business, starting from buying Henderson with 20 millions & we never know if he gonna deliver & now we r not buying a top player with only an extra 1 million. it’s like we never gonna be something like good in transfers

  9. JB says:

    Anyone else fed up with rumours about Adam. I watched Adam a lot last season and feel that he would bring a heck of a lot to the team, he’s practically Paul Scholes with a better free kick and set piece. Excellent vision and the ability to put in a tackle as well, unlike a few of our other creative midfield options at the moment. It’s just getting tiresome now though, he’s worth more than Carroll and more than Henderson, he wants to come. Get on with it. I won’t be happy until I see some of our more deconstructive players going the other way though, poulsen, jovanovic etc. Oh, and I cannot believe Kyri-crappos has another season, he might as well write letters to opposition players saying he will bring them down in the box for a penalty if they try to get past him.

  10. DIZO says:

    not only about hernderson,right from the day we paid 35m pnds for the like os a player who only want the ball on the air!!!!that was were i doubt the abilities os our business men to be very precised kk n comoli..n now 20mpds for hederson,n this 2players i dnt see them giving us what we really want…i can see the next season is even going to be worst for us!!the only player now i am feeling for is Gerad bcs he has always the hi very best for the team,n now age is telling on him n still dnt ve the premiership medal!!i red his coment about this transfer but i can see that kk n comoli over looked his comment …anyway…

  11. matt says:

    just who the f**k do blackpool think they are…?screw that old fart..lets move on to more talented players…what i dont get is why are we still sucking on to his nuts…

  12. matt says:

    @ njanja
    u cant blame comolli for ngog and poulsen still remaining at anfield…nobody has made a bid for them and so they are still there…

  13. Joseph says:

    9m may be still a good and acceptable price for Charlie Adam,as his left foot is real class. But I think that Blackpool forgot that they have been relegated this year and Adam is now Championship player not Premier League.
    Considering that, the price should be much lower that 9m.
    6-8m I suppose.

  14. Davie says:

    Im so fed up with all the rumour crap, KK & Como get a bloody move on!!!!!!! Charlie Adam will bring extra to our midfield ok hes a bit slow but his creativeness reminds me of Jan Molby n boy he could strike a ball as well. Buy Charlie now we cant afford to loose another target. I`ll donate a tenner towards his fee its in the post!!!!!!!

  15. magnumopus says:

    Don’t pay more than Tots or Villa are willing to pay!

  16. Livmad says:

    Get Adam now before he’s snatched by other clubs.

  17. ArmchairLFCfan says:

    As a rule of thumb a good player is one who makes things happen either by scoring or providing assist to score by creating opportunities all the time. Suarez is one of the few recent signings who meet this criteria. If Adam is in the same mold, then 9 million pounds is cheap compared to other more expensive signings.

  18. REGHAN says:

    Why don’t we offer them Konchesky, Poulsen or Jovanovic since they are surplus to requirements instead or even N’gog.

  19. Simon says:

    We need to sign Charlie Adam asap, 9 million snap him up

    Although there isn’t a real rival for his signature it seems, Man Utd are looking at Nasri etc, Spurs seem to be a bit hard up given that they have no CL

    We need a decent number of CMs, Man Utd rotate between 8-9 midfielers

  20. King Yaweezy says:

    We bought Carrol for 35m when we knew we needed to strengthen other positions? And the bad news is that Carroll is only average! We could have bought a top class striker and a top winger with that money! BenZema and Marin would have been bought with that same figure! Now we’re all praying that Carroll parts ways with his injury proneness and flicking of balls to noniexistent runners! He’s miles below Suarez in intelligence and would have to improve to pair him. We need to wake up or else, Adam Morgan would soon bench Andy I promise. Kenny and Commoli would make matters worse for us! Now they all seem to be waiting for the youngsters we have. Rafa to me wld always be a hero for putting that in place. Buy top players and give time to d youth to grow and develop!

  21. Dk says:

    What a load of retard ppl in here. Just shut up will you. Give constructive comment rather than thinking this player that player is a sure hit.

  22. Tony says:

    Has anyone been surprised that yet again we are pathetic in the market, a load of bollocks, same old story!!!!!