Date: 21st June 2011 at 1:45pm
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Charlie Adam continues to be heavily linked with a move to Liverpool this summer from Blackpool. But Blackpool insist that no bid has been received for the player from Liverpool or any other club. Aston Villa are the latest club to be linked with a £8million bid for Adam.

Now if Aston Villa are being serious, which I am sure they are now that Alex McLeish is their new manager, we have to act quickly if we want to sign Adam.

Blackpool secretary Matt Williams said: “The chairman deals with the sale of players but as far as I’m aware no bids have been made for Charlie.

“We’ve had bits of conversations apparently about one or two players but there has been nothing formal.”

“Basically, he is still our player until anyone tells us different.”

It is understood that McLeish has a good relationship with Adam following their time together at Rangers when McLeish was the manager who gave McLeish his Rangers debut and McLeish also gave Adam his Scotland international debut. So Adam make think, he owes it to McLeish to join him at Aston Villa.


7 responses to “Still no bid made by Liverpool for midfield target”

  1. tony says:

    The way blackpool have been acting they will be left with a unhappy player for next season cause no one will wont him at there price

  2. diamond says:

    Come on Liverpool stop messing around just get him bought then follow up with thr rest of our targets!!!

  3. Cyrus says:

    I not sure what happen after the purchase of Jordan…. Just tons of speculation. So much of promise but nothing coming up?!?! Where is the buy buy buy?!?!

  4. Paul says:

    I’d like to see Charlie Adam at Anfield but i can’t see it happening till the whole Aquilani issue is solved. Lets not forget that a fully fit Aquilani is an awesome player and we won’t just give him away at a massive loss. Add to this the fact that there are more important targets such as defenders and wingers so we won’t be throwing money around till thats resolved too.

  5. Torach says:

    There is no better midfielder for liverpool than Charlie Adam.kenny please let it not be like Banitez and Gareth Barry,Charlie is talented,creative and has a good vision for goal.Go get him King kenny.

  6. Mark says:

    This situation is getting ridiculous, Liverpool are going to leave it too late and allow the buzzards (Man U) to swoop in and leave us with nothing.
    I am getting the feeling more and more that we might end up having another set of yanks blowing hot air, tired of all the speculation, nothing is happening and Liverpool don’t appear to be doing anything, have they all gone on holiday thinking this is something that can wait?
    This long list of targets and only bought one player? What the hell is going on? it really is beginning to look that Liverpool are waiting for others to come in and take these players, perhaps to say, ‘well we tried’ whilst never having the intent.
    No one is foolish to believe that tying up a contract is that straightforward, unless you are Newcastle, but what is this from Liverpool….lots of posturing and no action, they will lost out massively and we will end up getting the third choice targets, costing far less, but giving us no more of an improvement than Benitez or Houllier offered, and of course, like them, Kenny will end up blaming the transfer market.

  7. mr smart says:

    Mark – think most fans are getting a bit jumpy but lets see what happens – some of the ones we want to sell are far better than the ones were reportedly after.