Date: 21st June 2011 at 1:33pm
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It is anxious time right now being a Liverpool fan. We got off to a perfect start in the summer transfer window be signing Jordan Henderson from Sunderland. After that signing, many of us thought that more big name signings were quickly going to follow, but alas we are still waiting.

I am sure those in-charge of transfers are doing all they can behind the scenes to get more quality additions for us this summer. Time is of the essence in the transfer market as you have to act quickly inorder to get the players you want. Steven Gerrard also shares the same view.

“It’s important not to waste time,” said Gerrard. “If it gets towards the end of the window you’re panicking and you’re having to pay over the odds. It’s a big statement by the club getting a big signing in early and now we’re watching anxiously for a few more to follow. It’s exciting times.”


11 responses to “Liverpool must not waste time in the transfer market”

  1. Paul says:

    The signings will come, we need players for certain areas and we know fact we’ll be getting them, most players have gone on holidays straight after the season ended and will be returning very soon to sort these issues out. I forsee a few signings back to back just around the corner. I just find the whole thing exciting rather than frustrating.

  2. HM187 says:

    I was getting excited when we signed young Hendo so soon after the season ending but now the transfers have gone quiet!! All I read is we are linked with every player possible and nothing has gone any further! It is obvious to us all and those at LFC that the left side of the team is the first priority. Both Enrique and Clichy have been mentioned for possible transfers and Downing for the left wing. But they are just rumours. Nothing has been done in terms of offers etc!! We surely need to get these players in now, gel them into the squad for the friendlies and then we are ready for the new season! Bring in Adams, Dunn, and the youngsters that we have been linked with and possible a player from abroad with good attacking/skills abilty Mata or Gago and we could have a strong squad for next season!! Ship out the following
    El zahr

  3. Rozay says:

    I admit im not that happy with the way this transfer window is going on, I expected us to do the job faster and better than this, we just signed henderson which was totally useless u can see whats hes doing at england team absolutely nothing, and players that we want and thought would join lfc they are going to other clubs and still we dont react at all, I expect us to sign adam and downing in the next couple of weeks not the best options for us, never tried for hazard or sanchez or mata thats pretty disappointing to be honest,I just hope things change soon as possible and we start getting some real class talents enough with these average players.

  4. JONESEY says:

    Shanks bought players for peanuts from the third and fourth division – Kenny and Connoli have had plenty of time to watch these past couple of years – lets see how good they are without the big cheque book – are they in Holloways class ???

  5. patrick says:

    The transfer market hasn’t opened yet in all European countries except England, so I’m hoping the 1st of next month when it opens, we will get proper class and not Downing.I also hope we replace Kuyt on the right wing because he’s not good enough there, too slow, can’t beat the first defender or put a ball in the box I wanna see Kuyt as back up for Carroll & Suárez as a striker where he’s much better..The wing is the most important position I think and we need pace and ability if we want to seriously challenge the top teams.

  6. jimmy says:

    Typical liverpool slow,slow,and even slower
    and i cant believe the quality of players that we are looking at n zogbia downing adam christ thats gonna put the shits up united and chelsea !wheres the real class players like hazard,mata,etc I think that these American owners are just the same type of wide boys as itchy n scratchy were put your hand in your pockets or do one!

  7. Ben says:

    @ Rozay – HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING IN THE TRANSFER MARKET??? Just because you haven’t read it in the Daily Star??!! We are trying to do things behind closed doors and the fact nothing is happening is a good sign to me as it may mean we are waiting for the international/European window to open on 1st July! Some people need to get a grip and remember how we felt at this time last year!!!!!

  8. Weezy says:

    Pls i want liverpool to sign jose eri and mata with adam as fast as posible never walk alone

  9. Graham says:

    Exactly Ben well said, nobody knows who we’re going to buy yet, and if they say they do they’re lying!

  10. darren conroy says:

    I think we need to enter the transfer market soon jordan henderson wasa a start but only a start we sold two player at 56 million pounds and got carroll and Luis Suarez total 50 million pound so the new owner have only made 20 million pound investment in the club come on we don’t need deep pockets but we need some transfer funds