Liverpool’s starting lineup for next season

MoKo opted not to name a goalkeeper as he is not sure if Pepe will stay or go. His first lineup is a 4-4-2 formation with Johnson and right-back and Kelly and Agger in the middle with Enrique at left-back. In midfield he went with Ashley Young on the right wing, Charlie Adam and Meireles in the middle and and unknown name on the left, with Suarez and Carroll upfront.

His second option was with a 4-3-3 formation with Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Enriqe at the back. Lucas as the DM with Charlie Adam and Meireles alongside him in the middle. And an front three of Suarez on the right, Carroll in the middle and Ashley Young on the left.

MoKo then went into overdrive with a crazy transfer target that Liverpool should get as you can see that in both his lineup’s he did not include Steven Gerrard. MoKo suggested that Liverpool should sell Steven Gerrard to Real Madrid and as part of the deal we get Kaka. Liverpool may have to offer Gerrard plus cash to get Kaka as I think Kaka’s value is more than that of Gerrard’s right now.

Kava responded by saying: That would be a ridiculously super signing. He is still class and is only out of the Real Madrid team due to Ozil’s super form. But I don’t think LFC want/need him. If it happens it would be a major statement of intent. And nope, once again Real won’t sell him. He cost too much in the first place.

MoKo countered Kava with: The amount he cost and his salary are the reason I see Real selling. They have to cut their losses. He’s not going to get back into that team in it’s current set up. Ozil has cemented the creative mid spot. I think we need him. We really don’t have a game changer in midfield. Raul is good and so is Aquilani but they are not the same level as Gerrard was and hopefully Kaka will be for us. Imagine how deadly we would be with Kaka maurading forward and he looks up and there is Suarez (right edge of box), Young (left edge of box) and Carroll holding off two defenders!

Manny chirped in with: I don’t see us being able to afford him salary wise unless we get rid of Joe Cole, Poulsen, Konchesky, and Aquilani and we use ALL their wages just on Kaka!!!

Kava: Selling all those clowns (except Aqua who is not a clown) is a distinct possibility, but FSG have said they are not looking to buy older players and put them on ridiculous wages. Kaka would be a risk because he seems injury prone lately. I don’t see the owners sanctioning that move.

What do you think of Liverpool’s starting lineup next season? We would love to hear your thoughts below.