Date: 13th April 2011 at 12:42pm
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The team got together this morning and we were pondering over the Liverpool starting lineup for next season if we are able to have it our way in the transfer market in the summer and looking at the players we currently have. Manny got the ball rolling by suggesting the following:

Paul Robinson will be in goal as Pepe Reina is most likely to leave in the summer. A back four of Johnson, Carragher, Agger and Jose Enrique signing for us from Newcastle. In the middle of the park we will have Charlie Adam and Steven Gerrard with Raul Meireles just in front of them. With an attacking three of Ashley Young on the right, Carroll in the middle and Suarez on the left. That is playing a 4-3-3 formation.

Kava then responded to Manny’s team by stating this:

Thats a pretty solid line-up if you ask me, but definitely not a league winning one or CL qualifying one. Carragher is a solid CB but is aging, slowing and hoofing the ball too damn much. Agger is too injury prone but I wouldn’t sell him, he’s our best CB by a mile. He plays when he is fit, no question.

Stevie G is aging and with that comes injuries. I doubt he has a full season of football left in him, especially considering his troublesome groin. What he does bring, though is his leadership. He is Mr. Liverpool, while it might be a good idea to bench him sometimes I don’t see it happening as long as he is fit. He’s got tenure. Lucas should be rotated not benched. Trust me in big games we need him.

Interesting stat from Opta re: Lucas: 139 tackles, 69% success rate. Leading tackle maker in the prem (known for its hardtackling English thugs). The next highest is 121, Vaughn, Blackpool.

Maxi, Ngog, Soto and Joe Cole can all leave. Though with Joe Cole and Aquilani they will add depth to the bench. I hope we dont sell Aqua to Juve, he’s a quality player.

On another note the kids are all-right. In 2 seasons time I expect to see the following in the squad regularly:
Adam Morgan, Suso, Raheem Sterling, John Flanagan, Jack Robinson. They have a lot of potential.

I went on to argue that the problem with Manny’s starting lineup is that we do not have a defensive midfielder (DM) in there as Adams and Gerrard are not disciplined enough to play a DM role like Lucas does. I suggest that Liverpool need to buy a quality DM but there are not too many available on the market. My dream signing would be Lass Diarra from Real Madrid but I do not think Real would sell him and if so, he would cost a lot of money.

MoKo then gave us his analysis with two possible starting lineup’s:

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  1. Angelo says:

    some of us are not being realistic with our “signings”. Also, I think Lucas has done enough this season to warrant/ command a place in the side, although he seriously needs to cut those gay blonde locks! ASAP….

    Secondly, and probably more importantly, King Kenny promised “world class players” in the summer. Parker, Robinson and Adam will never fall in that category, not even in their best dreams…I feel we do need to strengthen in the mid though, especially in the wide areas…otherwise I think we should have enough in the tank to get top 4 next season. Obviously, one marquee signing would go down very well with the squad and fans alike… Kaka doesn’t fit this bracket anymore (sad to say though), but unfortunately players are not robots and therefore different players will respond differently after an injury….case in point, Torres…. Guys, I’m putting my neck out by saying that Torres will never be the player he was before….class blah blah blah….you get judged on your performance/impact in the match and not on past performances, and the only thing Torres is doing at Chelski at the moment is picking up a cheque each week…. I have watched Kaka for the last few games he has managed to play and its very disappointing to say the least….he doesn’t seem to have that aura about him anymore (think back CL final Istanbul) where he single-handedly dominated the first half …..Best move for Kaka would be to the Bundesliga, where he would have much more time on the ball, coz the technique is still there….

    Also, why is it a forgone conclusion that we will not have Reina next season? He just needs to have a friendly chat with Torres about life on the “other side”. I feel every effort must be made to keep this fella, coz I see him as the captain in the future….BUT if he does want to go, he must bounce asap…first day of transfer market in the summer…..Keepers work with confidence and I don’t think Robinson has been confident since he was dumped by Spurs….the guy couldn’t even catch a cold at the moment…..

    I believe we need to flog Gerrard though, while we still can salvage a few millions…Gerrard has always been my modern day legend at Anfield, but he has not done anything for a while….not since CL final… I realise no ‘Pool fan wants to hear this, but it’s the truth…

    Just a side order….Holloway is on crack…’s really good sh!t though and I think if he ever decides to step away from football he can package and sell that ish, coz he will make sheets! 35 million for Adam, I mean WTF, right?! Jabu Pule also took corners at Chiefs, does that make him a 35 million pound man? I mean c’mon! Adam is slower than a retarded albino midget bus driver, trying to make a U turn….seriously!

  2. Simon says:

    Lassana Diarra would be an absolute nightmare signing, he is a donkey at the best of times

    Fouls way too often, max reliabe passing distance c. 10m

    Have always hoped Man U would blow £15 – £20 million on him, and watch the folly unfold for a whole season

    Kaka would never sign for us, as well as him not fitting overall mould of player we are allegedly looking for as regards age, wages etc.

    Lucas can play a DM role if that role is actually necessary, one thing that has happened under Kenny / Clarke is a much more dynamic way of playing, where players attack when and defend in a cohesive, fluid manner with collective responsibilty

    I do not believe in the necessity of a “holding midfielder”, all decent players should be able to press as part of an overall team strategy and one midfielder can hold back when the others push forward

    We should play a 4-4-2 system, with 2 new wingers, new left back, one new centre half + Charlie Adam

    Can’t really believe that we will sign Ashley Young, I would love it to happen but Man Utd will probably knick him from us

  3. On my own point of view, Reina/Freidel. Defenders: Kelly, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique. Midfielders: Downing, M’Villa, Gerrard or Meireles, A. Young. Strickers: Suarez, Carroll. Bench are spearing, Aurelio Aquilani, marveaux, carragher, G. agbholahan

  4. Propetis says:

    I was thinking of this last night. i see us selling/releasing the likes of poulsen/soto/cole/jova but i dont see us selling pepe. i think/hope he’ll give us another chance nxt season. As for buy ins, after januarys transfer who cost absolutely nothing for lfc after the sale of babel/torres i think we only added money into the account. So i expect a tremendous signing in the creativity area like a left winger. So, with 1-2 more signings to add depth like jose enrique and aquillani returning or buying a good DM instead (which would be better) i see this line up:
    GK:Reina DR: Johnsson Dc: Agger Dc: Skrtel Dl: Jose Dm :Lucas Mc: Raul Mc: Gerrard Rw: Suarez Lw: Hazard St: Carroll Bench: Robinson (?), Carragher, Kelly, Moussa Sissoko, Kuyt, Young. Gerrard NOT in a holding role but a more free one. Suarez in a more attacking role than hazard who should stay more in the creative one. We are crying out for a pacey, creative winger at the moment whoever that is.
    YNWA, greek supporter

  5. Sunyer says:

    I fink alexis sanchez will be a better signing and aquilani coming back or probably a player like marek hamsik. Also a natural left back is urgently and seriously needed not forgeting, kyrgiakos must leave. With this and the young players that we already have, we can get back to where we belong. YNWA!

  6. Rogue says:

    SELL : –
    Jose Reina – £20M
    Brad Jones – £2M
    Christian Poulsen – £3M
    Paul Konchesky – £2M
    Milan Jovanovic – £4M
    Joe Cole – £6M
    Nabil El Zhar – £1.5M
    Philip Degen – £2.5M
    Alberto Aquilani – £12M
    Emiliano Insua – £5M
    Maxi Rodriguez – £5M
    David N’Gog – £6M
    Chris Mavinga – £2M
    Sotirios Kyrgiakos – £2M
    Fabio Aurelio – FREE

    Total : £73M

    BUY : –
    David de Gea – £18M
    Brad Friedel – FREE
    Gary Cahill – £15M
    Fabio Coentrao – £20M
    Taye Taiwo – FREE
    Fernando Gago – £8M
    Marko Marin – £12M
    Ibrahim Afellay – £12M
    Adam Johnson – £9M
    Bojan Krkic – £12M

    Total : £110M

    With £73M from the sales and the £15M balance from Torres’ sale we’ll have £88M add another couple of million from NESV and we’ll have enough funds to get the talent we need.

    Formation : 4 – 4 – 2

    De Gea
    G. Johnson – Cahill – Agger – Coentrao
    Marin – Gerrard – Mereiles – Afellay
    Carroll – Suarez

    Subs : Friedel – Carragher – Taiwo – Gago – A. Johnson – Kuyt – Krkic

  7. Varun says:

    Johnson Kjaer Cahill Baines
    Gerrard Meireles Lucas
    Suarez Carroll Sanchez

    Those who don’t know Sanchez – Think of Cristiano Ronaldo.

    With Suarez and Sanchez dancing their way towards goal, Carroll waiting Supported by Gerrard and Meireles. With Baines and Johnson overlapping on the flanks.. But i have to admit that Sanchez and Suarez are not genuine wingers. Therefore they will cut inside opening space on the flanks for the full backs to attack. Thats something that is very mouthwatering..

  8. billy Nambi says:

    kelly, coentroa, agger,enrique (flanagan)
    gerrard, lass diara, kyut
    suarez, andy carool

  9. nikoLFC says:

    Reina(he wont leave if he believes were going forward)

    Kelly Agger skirtl johnson

    Gerrard Lucas

    Young Michel Bastos

  10. anonymous says:

    4-4-2: Reina(in the air)/ Ochoa + Friedel- Johnson Carra Kelly Taiwo ~ lucas gerrard young/honda miereles

    4-3-3: Johnson Kelly Agger Taiwo ~ Meireles Stevie G Aqua Honda Carroll Suarez

    I like the kaka idea to add another world class player on the squad. Its a quality were missing. Star power is essential for runs in the season, and provides a headache for teams in game-planning. Not just Kaka, perhaps even hamsik, or gourcuff. YNWA- explore all options.

  11. Brad says:

    Johnson, Kelly, agger, Enrique
    Kuyt, gerrard, meireles, young
    Carroll, Suarez

    Subs. Friedel, carra, Lucas, Adam, maxi, cole, owen

  12. Syd Barrett says:


    Gerrard rotating with Meireles (regular on bench).

    one extra CB -Kjaer may be
    one more CM -james mccarthy (to compete with Spearing)
    LB: Inzaguirre (i wud prefer thn to Enrique…
    since he s not so tall so can track forwards well..esp when it comes to quick turns…) ..would like Coentrao but thn we have to spent around 80m….we really need quality better spend money on quality wingers..and buy some good proven full backs..

    Bench regulars:
    gulasci vs hansen,
    Carra vs kelly (rotating rb &cb) ,
    kjaer(rotating cb esp Agger-injury prone),
    kuyt vs pacheco vs wickham,
    james mccarthy vs spearing vs Jonjo,
    insua vs wilson vs aurelio,

    Sell: Soto, maxi, cole, konchesky, poulsen, jones, jovanovic, ngog(if we can get conno wickham or likes), stephen darby, degen, el zahr, aquilani (if we are offered more thn 15m).

    Bring back players on loan Pacheco,Insua,Ayala & Eccleston Promote them to 1st team bench or Cup matches.
    If Insua dsnt perform well should sell him in january.

    1. Suso and Sterling- give’em few PL matches & Cup matches
    2. Thomas Ince, Ayala, Saric, Conor Coady and the likes rotating on bench to gain PL experience.

  13. Pep says:

    I will not leave. I promise this .

  14. Oravisch says:

    From my point of view, we definitelly need to buy players for 3 key positions:
    Winger, DM and Left back (in this order) and possibly world class.. especially winger and DM. Lucas might be playing well this season, but I just dont believe he would play in any of current top 5 teams in PL.
    With these three singings we can easily compete for title, because usually the best sides have 1 or 2 players, who are able to score decisive goals or create chances.. (Drogba, Lampard/Rooney Giggs/ Fabregas Persie)
    We will have Suarez, Carrol, Stevie and possibly one more winger..
    As to formation, Keeny already said, he will rotate 2 or 3 formations.. 4-3-3; 4-4-2 and probably 3-5-1-1

  15. Oravisch says:

    From my point of view, we definitelly need to sign players for 3 key positions: Winger, DM and Left back. I wont say any names, as there is plenty of possibilities at the moment, but at least 2 of them should be world class (winger and DM).
    Lucas might be playing well this season, but he would not play in any of current top 5 teams in PL! And DM is key position in any team.
    With these additions we can easily fight for title next season.. as we would have few players who can decide matches (Carroll, Suarez, Stevie and new winger).
    Usually main difference in top sides is, that they have every year one or two players in top form, who are deciding matches on weekly basis. Previously we had just Stevie and Torres.. when injured no one..

  16. bbs says:

    liverpool will get charlie adams, hopefully laeighton baines over jose enrique, yann mvila, Ashley Young, matt jarvis, and cary cahill or steve dann. This will fill the wholes that liverpool has along with getting rid of players this summer


    or line up 2
    gerrard-lucas-adam or meirles

    or line-up 3
    gerrard-lucas-adam or meirles

  17. nuurbkm says:

    liverpool if get charlie adam! In my suggestion line up is raina.caragher .skartel orelieo and johonsom mfd gerrard adam and roul .suarez kuyt and croll