Date:19th April 2011 at 11:46am
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I think this current Liverpool side is actually one of the worst in a while. We actually only have only one world class player left at the club in Reina. And the likelihood is he will soon depart. Gerrard has fallen off and will have to discover a new way of playing to remain relevant. Based on that we actually should be easy pickings for Manchester City and Arsenal. The fact that we aren’t is a testament to King Kenny but also largely to the fighting spirit our players have shown in big games.

Arsenal have declined but our decline has been more severe relatively.

In terms of mindset I think we are right to be a defensive team against big teams, both home and away. There is NO WAY, I repeat, NO WAY we are should dominate a game against Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City or Tottenham. They have superior players across the board, benches included. We should defend for our lives and hope for some luck in front of goal. That is the reality of our predicament. The fact that we dominated Man U and Man C is an outlier. It’s nearly impossible to sustain that level of performance. You cannot expect the squad to play at 90%+ efficiency on a regular basis. Teams that win games consistently do so because they are better than the majority of teams even when they play at 65%.

I am one of the most optimistic Liverpool Fans in the world. So for me to say this is not easy. But this is my optimistic view of our current state. The gulf in quality is not insurmountable but we need a near miracle to do it in one season. Realistically we are on a 3 season rebuild at the very least. Cups are our only real hope of success.

What makes this task so difficult is that we are aiming for a constantly shifting target. Teams around us change. Our team changes.