Date:30th December 2010 at 10:17am
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I can not see Roy Hodgson staying on as Liverpool manager past the end of this season if things continue going the way they are. Unless Roy wins every single game remaining this season which could mean we finish in the top 4, we win the FA Cup and the Europa League, Hodgson will be out of a job come the summer. As mentioned in a earlier post, Roy is most likely to remain in charge until the summer. This will give our American owners the opportunity to find a new suitable manager. Remember, Hodgson is not their appointment thus they do not need to stick to him especially if he is not bringing the required results. I am sure Mr. Henry just wants to win at all costs and he would be well advised that Hodgson is not the right man to lead his Liverpool to dominate Europe again.

With that said, would it be wise to give Hodgson 30 million pounds to spend in January? Knowing Hodgson he would go out and buy some more crap players like Poulsen and Konchesky and that would be a waste of money. Even if he goes out and buys half decent players, the new manager in the summer may come in and decide those are not the right players he wants to play his style and brand of football.

So to be safe, let us not give Roy cash to spend in January as we may live to regret it. If anything we can allow him to spend cash which he generates from player sales. Roy’s aim now should just be to guide us away from relegation for the rest of the season and see how far we can get in the cup competitions. Then we can press the reboot button in the summer and get rid of Roy and bring in someone else and give them the right cash to spend than waste the cash now. With the current squad we have now, we should avoid relegation and finish in mid table. I never thought I would live to see the day I state Liverpool’s expectations to be avoiding the drop! Just goes to show how Roy has pulled this great club down.