Date: 30th December 2010 at 9:16am
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There were calls from the Kop last night during our loss to Wolves for King Kenny to take over from Hodgson. Roy Hodgson has said he will ignore the growing chorus of disapproval of his short reign at Anfield and work to improve things.

Hodgson was asked after the game what he thought about the chants for Kenny, he responded by saying, “I am getting used to it, that is the way it is. We’ve had to live with that quite a long time now, as ever since I came here the famous Anfield support has not really been there. There were the problems with the owners, then Kenny being so popular and not getting the job and it being given to me. It is sad and I don’t like hearing those things because I am trying to do the best job I can do. I am working as hard as I can so I can’t say it is something I really appreciate. At the same time I am not in control of those things and it is the Kop’s way of showing they are not happy with what the team is doing. As manager you take responsibility for that so I have to take that criticism on the chin as well. It was as bad a team performance as we have given, especially at Anfield.”

So based on that, Roy is blaming us the fans for not supporting him. How can we support you Roy if we never wanted you in the first place and secondly you are just not delivering the results a club like Liverpool needs. I have said this time and time again, the Liverpool job is too big for Hodgson.

Be that as it may, a large majority of us may want Hodgson to be sacked or for him to step down now but I do not see either of those happening any time soon. I can not see the new owners sacking Hodgson as it could be seen as a knee-jerk reaction and it is ‘not the Liverpool’ way of doing things by sacking a manager after such a short reign. I believe that Hodgson will be given until the end of the season and then the owners will see where we stand. I just hope we do not get dragged into a relegation scrap for the rest of the season if Hodgson remains in control.

We are wasting our breath and time asking for Hodgson to be fired now. As much as that is what we want, let us be realistic, it is not going to happen not least until the summer.


8 responses to “We are stuck with Hodgson until the end of the season”

  1. tony says:

    It looks like most of the players dont wont him too.

    its not just roy to blame it who the ones behind the sense that signed him who signed cole jovanovic koncelsky polsen.

    who beleve the best player in the world youth cup is not good enough all off a sudden.

    Fans are the greatest in the world we stick buy the team we stick buy managers not managers and players that get payed more then there worth or give TO LFC

    everyone should leave who cant Deliver in LFC players manager back room staff and board.
    We the fans all over the world are liverpool we now have been crying to long.

  2. Ronnie says:


  3. ken45 says:

    I think Liverpool fan should boycott the next game at home against Wigan. This is to put the pressure on Roy Hodgson and show the seriousness and implication indirectly to the NESV..

  4. Dogger says:

    I think you miss the point. Why stick with Hodgson and possibly get involved in a relegation fight? Seems counter productive to me. This will really make our “targets” confident in coming to us.

    Get this buffoon out now before he wrecks the club. If NESV cannot see that then they need to go now also.

  5. Aleclindsey says:

    Got to get rid of Hodgson & Sammy Lee too.
    Kenny casts a long shadow over managers & would give him the job for the rest of the season. If it goes well..happy days..if not it gives us more time to find the right appointment & silence the “King Kenny” brigade.

  6. Stevie says:

    Home losses to Blackpool & Wolves are not acceptable.

    Sammy and Roy have had half a season and got 22 points.

    If the next 20 games net anything less that 20 points we may be relegated as were West Ham on 42 points in 2003. A new manager for the transfer window and new year.

    How about Stevie G as player manager with Kenny as assistant till end of season?

  7. joshdro says:

    I don’t think firing Roy would be the smartest move. I agree that in many respects he seems out of his depth, but he’s been thrown into a situation which is not easy. Firstly, he took the job on the predication that he was there to ‘steady the ship’, he wasn’t selected on his ability to win trophies or make big signings but to stop the turmoil that signified Rafa’s tumoultuous end. His signings were signings that in many respects reflected this task – Konchesky is a left-back with experience in the premier league (true it has been with mid-table clubs),he played under Hodgson and most importantly he was actually available. Same with Poulsen (although he wasn’t tested in the Premier league). Hodgson had to make due with limited funds to find an experienced left-back and a defensive mid to solve the Mascherano problem. Konchesky fits the description of the first and Poulsen the second. Of course you can’t compare Mascherano with Poulsen, but Poulsen was available, has international experience, has been vouched for by his Danish team-mate Daniel Agger and most importantly Christian Poulsen was available for purchase. Despite this he still managed to stretch his budget to buy Raoul Meireles, a player which any team in the world would be fortunate to have. Let’s remember that in the beginning of the season, Lucas Leiva was a highly unpopular player for many of the supporters of LFC. And who wouldve thought that Joe Cole would hit such a slump, Hodgson was a hero when news that Cole had signed for the Reds was released, miraculously though Roy and his staff managed to get Torres, Reina and Gerrard to stay on board. These are players who are advised by knowlegeable and shrewd agents. Players who SHOULD be playing Champions League football but still decided to play for the Reds and commit themselves to Roy, but where are the plaudits for that?…the ownership saga then reached its peak, this couldn’t have helped the very normal situation of mediocre results a new manager is greeted with, then steps in John Henry and NESV. I believe that NESV are the right owners, but with the new owners came new goals and new objectives – a long-term chamionship winning team building exercise. So Roy now had to change his focus from a short-term steadying job to a long-term team building exercise. Surely people can see the problem here? Roy was also surprised with the appointment of Damien Comolli as Director of Football, and instead of moaning, he put on a brave face and decided to initiate a positive working relationship with the man who has unearthed some spectacular talent ( Bale and Berbatov to name two). Their is NO excuse to lose to Blackpool and Wolves ( a team which I feel are underacheiving but that’s another story) at Anfield, especially in the manner in which the team did. But to constantly call for Roy’s sacking after everything he has to deal with IS NOT going to help LFC, not now and not in the future, so let’s realise while we as fans have the right to criticise we need to support Roy and most importantly, the team in such trying times, whether its to steady the ship or claim the Premiership in the future. Let’s remember Man United took 4 years to come right in the 80’s and most significantly it took YEARS of dedication.commitment and hard work to the holy trinity of the club, the team and the supporters for Shankly and the bootroom to get the reds from the depth of the old 2nd division to the summit of Europe.