Date: 25th November 2010 at 10:12am
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We have been talking a lot over the last couple of days of how we think Daniel Pacheco is the future of Liverpool and that he should be given a chance in the first team so we can see what he can do. Pacheco has had very few chances in the first team this season and it has led to some people thinking that the Spanish player is going to leave Liverpool in search for regular first team football.

Many fans believe that Pacheco is good enough to be given a chance right now but Roy Hodgson does not seem to think so. Hodgson believes that Pacheco still has a lot of work to do if he wants to be part of the first team.

Hodgson said, “He’s had moments when he’s looked good, others when not quite so. He’s working on his game. He featured in the unfortunate Northampton game. It was a great opportunity for those outside the first 13 or 14 to really show me, ‘You should be thinking of me.’ When will he get his chance again? Probably in one of these games in Europe, who knows, maybe he will burst back onto the scene, but it is very difficult to do that in a reserve game.”

Now judging from those comments by Hodgson, it does not sound like he has much faith in Pacheco at this moment in time. Hodgson sees the player day in and day out in training so he must know better than us. I do not think it is fair to judge Pacheco based on that one Northampton game. Give the lad another opportunity. We saw his amazing goal this week in the reserves, if that did not get Hodgson to stand up and take notice then I do not know what else Pacheco has to do to get a run in the first team.

Do you think Pacheco is good enough for the first team now?


19 responses to “Is Dani Pacheco that good? No according to Hodgson”

  1. Ste says:


  2. Paul-LFC says:

    Hodgson out before all damage done is beyond repair

  3. Dub says:

    “He’s had moments when he’s looked good, others when not quite so”, RIGHT! And n’gog has been prolific!!!! Give the lad a chance woy,

  4. Kava says:

    Further evidence that Woy has no friggin clue!!!!!!

  5. WoytheWanker says:

    Hodgson really hasnt a clue.

    Gets rid of Aquilani, the promising Dalle Valle and brings in the muck merchants like Poulsen, Konchesky, lucky miss in not signing Carlton cole

    This guy is smalltime, get him out NOW!

  6. Anfield Myanmar says:

    (.. if that did not get Hodgson to stand up and take notice then I do not know what else Pacheco has to do to get a run in the first team.) <, Pacheco need to lie his age that he is over 30 yrs old!!

  7. T says:

    Clearly Roy seen him in training and therefore has a better idea of what Dani can do.

    The thing is, from what I’ve seen, Dani really hasnt put a foot wrong, in fact hes excelled, both at LFC and at the Euro.

    Its puzzling Jonjo and Nathan get the nod of confidence and Dani doesnt, got me thinking its got to be personal, why else????

  8. Darynn says:

    F^&* off Woy…please. For the sake of the fans. You have destroyed enough. I think if we did a collection amongst the fans to pay you off to leave, we could easily raise 2 – 3 millions pounds, hows that for a deal?????? that for be about a pound a fan, should be easy

  9. Bill says:

    Maybe he would perform better, if he wasn’t always played out of position ROY!

  10. L says:

    roy is on fergie’s orders to destroy liverpool’s future.

  11. Matthew says:

    Time to give the xenophobic old man his walking papers. He’s seriously damanging our future. He obviously knows so much more than the idiots who put Dani up for the best young player in Europe award. Like Hitler said, Roy’s greatest achievement was losing a final. Do we really want a manager who’s good at losing shit? Time to go.

  12. JackD says:

    Hodgson is the antithisis of a Liverpool manager. NESV have just installed a new Chairman at LFC. For God’s sake get rid Hodgson, he is simply a wrecking machine!

  13. DFT says:

    I think Roy refusal to play Pacheco is down to him having a personal problem with the kid. All the reasons he listed as to why Pacheco is not given playing sound more like lame excuses. Roy said “He’s had moments when he’s looked good, others when not quite so,” if other managers think the way he does then the likes of Ronaldo will never be given a chance to shine. I remember Ronaldo performing badly in the 1st year in Premier League. Furthermore I don’t Shelvey perfoming well everytime he’s given the opportunity but he’s still given the nod. Like I said Roy has a personal problem with Pacheco.

  14. Piet Uytebrouck says:

    35 years of international football management and not being able to spot class. Pathetic, Roy? Please do a lot of people a favour and leave our club, while there’s still something left of it.

  15. Martin-Kenya says:

    It is purely personal. I can smell a conspiracy from. We cant afford to lose talent like Dani’s. Roy is a thorn in the Kop flesh.

  16. anthony says:

    dont understand roys thinking on this no brainer.danni ticks all the right boxes with most of us supporters out there.and for roy to try and change the lads natural abbility from forward to wing just demmonstrates his reckless management…go go go you clown….YNWA

  17. ildi says:

    each n every comment says hodgson out n pacheco in!!
    i wish nesv ppl knew football…if they dont know the game, how would they know what hodgson is actually doing!! they should bring on some official advisors who understand football…maybe like kenny daglish ian rush or even kevin keegan…