Date: 24th November 2010 at 9:57am
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The Liverpool Reserves took on their Everton counterparts last night in a game that ended 1-1. Liverpool’s goal scorer was Dani Pacheco and what a goal it was! On this evidence, I still wonder why Pacheco is not getting more opportunities in the first team. We could definitely do with a couple of goals like this.


10 responses to “Pacheco scores a wonder goal against Everton [Video]”

  1. isa says:

    he scored with el ninos style

  2. gym blog says:

    The worst thing is he isn’t even making the bench! It’s really getting annoying now.

  3. matt says:

    Great Goal ! He should getting more senior chances ? !

  4. rassell says:

    can anyone tell me why the other kids that are atleast making the bench are better then this boy, why doesn’t this idiot realise unless we let this kid have a chance we will lose him very soon and to get a player of his caliber in we would be forking out in the region of 25mil he is that good and classy.

    I would definetly rather lose the manager then be depirved of watching this kid give us the pleasure of playing for our beloved team.

    • Jay Wright says:

      What is the link between the untried youngsters (Ngog played frequently last season and Kelly has had a bit of first team experience before being used as a last resort under Hodgson) that have featured in the league for Hodgson – Shelvey, Spearing, Ecclestone – none of whom had a bigger reputation than Pacheco at the beginning of the season

      Admittedly they haven’t really had much chance to shine either (dumping a central midfielder or striker out as a wide midfielder with 2 minutes to go in a game doesn’t really prove anything), but the only reason that they have jumped ahead of Pacheco in the pecking order has to be the British passports.

      Our manager has no long term vision for the club AND is in fact damaging us with his xenophobic approach

  5. Kava says:

    This is why he should be starting!

  6. Matthew says:

    It really is a tough choice: who is more important to the long term future of LFC, a young player who is a candidate for the UEFA Golden Boy Award or a manager who has never won anything and is close to retirement anyway?