Date: 22nd June 2010 at 10:24am
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Besides, “Who will be the next Liverpool mananger?” the questions regarding the future of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard have been making the rounds over the last couple of weeks. many of us are caught in two minds, whether to allow Steven Gerrard to leave Liverpool this summer or should we hang onto him for the sake of the future of the club.

I will look at this in two part: Firstly let’s see what will happen if we decide to sell Gerrard. We will be loosing one of the greatest players to ever wear the red shirt. We will be loosing our captain fantastic. Yes, Gerrard had a terrible season by his high standards last season. There are too many variables to consider when we look at why Gerrard had such a poor campaign last term. One can blame it on the behind the scenes problems at Anfield regarding the owners, the alleged fall out between Gerrard and Rafa, the injuries to key players, the list goes on and on.

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Has Steven Gerrard lost the heart and desire to wear the red jersey and play for Liverpool? I do not think so. Gerrard is a Red through and through and that will never change for as long as he is alive. I think he is just frustrated that his beloved club is not living up to his ambitions. He like all of us wants nothing better for Liverpool and he wants to win the Premier League with them. But age is not on his side. He is 30 now and probably has about five more seasons of good footy left in him. And for a player of his class, he deserves to have a league winners medal in his cabinet before he retires. He would love nothing more than to have one that he won with Liverpool but the horizon is not looking too good for us right now and honestly, it will not be easy for us to win the league within the next five seasons unless we get some serious cash injection.

If we do decide to sell Gerrard, I hope he goes to Spain and joins Real Madrid or Barcelona. I just want him far away from the Premiership so he does not come back to haunt us. I can not see Gerrard joining another Premier League team at this stage. Madrid looks like the most likely destination for him although reports suggest that Liverpool want £30m for Gerrard whilst Real are only offering £20m.

Now if we were to keep Gerrard what would this mean? Well, we would still have our captain and hopefully he will have a better season than the last. I think a lot of it will depend on who the next manager is and what kind of relationship he has with Gerrard. Thus I still feel we need Kenny Dalglish to be the next manager as I can see Gerrard giving 110% for King Kenny.

We really need another 20+ goals next season from Gerrard if he does stay. Coupled with Gerrard staying, it would be great if Torres also decides to stay. If these two stay and can be fit enough to play 90% of the games, we will definitely make it back into the Top 4 next season.

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One response to “Should Liverpool sell Steven Gerrard?”

  1. Tonka says:

    Gerrard has to stay as I can def see the possibility of Masher going b4 the start of the season. Losing them 2 at once would be immense and leave a gaping hole in midfield. A great season would be ahead with Lucas and some Italian crock we bought to replace Alonso (sorry can’t remember his he fit yet)
    Ok Gerrard had a bad season but remember when Alonso had a bad one and Rafa touted him to Juve – he bounced back with the best season in a red shirt and then wanted to leave partly due to Rafa’s attempt to ship him off the previous season. Everybody deserves another chance. I do think that the behind the scenes trouble at Anfield affected a lot of players so maybe with a new manager and more stability and less friction results will be better. At least the manager si attempting to build a strike force and not seen to be relying on the fitness of Torres for the whole of the season when he has only been able to complete 50% of the last 2.