Date: 3rd June 2010 at 9:13am
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If you are to believe the reports in the papers today, it sounds as if Rafa is on his way out! apparently Rafa has been having talks with the Liverpool chiefs as they try to reach an agreement on how much they will pay Rafa to leave. Note that Rafa recently signed a new long term contract with us which would mean we would have had to pay him in the region of 16m pounds if we sack him but apparently the two parties will agree on a fee of 3m pounds for Rafa to leave.

Sports News - March 11, 2010

Now what has been bugging me all morning after reading these reports is, who will replace Rafa if he does leave? There is no one my heart is calling for to come and take over. Emotionally I would want King Kenny to come back but then again I am not sure he is the right man for this current scenario we find ourselves in. Kenny may be ideal for the short term whilst we wait for someone with a higher pedigree to be available.

I am hearing names such as Martin O’Neill, Roy Hodgson, Laurent Blanc and Alex McLeish. None of those names are jumping out to me! Who seriously is available and would want to come to a team with very little cash for transfers and uncertainty about the clubs ownership? The only bargaining chip we have to lure a great manager right now is simply the name Liverpool.

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4 responses to “Who should replace Rafa Benitez?”

  1. Kava says:

    You should’ve added a none of the above option! But of the names mentioned I think Roy Hodgson would be my most preferred. A lot of people don’t know that he has done some amazing work outside England (including at Inter Milan). He’s done great work at Fulham as well.

    In my opinion though I think none of the names mentioned in the press are are as good or better than Rafa but if Rafa’s lost the dressing room then his super CV won’t help anything.

    I’d love to see Guus Hiddink at Anfield though!

  2. johny says:

    Why not Lippi who will leave Italy after WC?

  3. Sezar says:

    who is George Jesus???