Date: 7th April 2009 at 9:26am
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Here we go again, Liverpool vs Chelsea in the Champions League. I am actually getting sick and tired of always playing these guys. It would have been nice to play someone else but I guess we just have to deal with what we have infront of us. After Man Utd’s win against Villa on Sunday, I feel that it could just be a bit tougher for us to win the league now and the Champions League may prove to be our best shot at getting silverware this season. But with that said, I know a large majority of us would rather with the Premier League than the Champions League. But knowing Rafa the way I think I do, he still wants to win the Champions League and he will set the troops out tomorrow night to beat Chelsea.

I do not see why we can not get a good result in the first league. The important thing is that we have to make sure Chelsea do not get an away goal. And we are more than capable of preventing them from scoring. We may be missing Mascherano in midfield through suspension but Lucas will step in and hopefully he will step up his game. I must admit that Lucas has improved quite a lot since he cut his hair! The rest of the team should pick itself with Aurelio coming in at leftback for Insua and Riera replacing Dossena at left wing.

What I know we are capable of doing is going to Stanford Bridge and scoring so even a 0-0 draw for us would be okayish. I hope the lads are pumped up for this game. We need to go as far as we can in the Champions League and forget about the league for 90 minutes. I have heard a few fans in the last few days saying that we should forget about the Champions League and rather focus on the league. If we were top of the league and were in a situation where if we won all our remaining games we would win the league no matter what the other teams do then I would agree with them. But right now the league is out of our hands and we have to rely on United slipping up which I hope they do!

I see this game against Chelsea going our way. A perfect score would be 2-0 to us but I see us only getting a 1-0 win which would be good enough to get the job done at the bridge.

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One response to “Liverpool vs Chelsea – 8 April 2009 Champions League Preview”

  1. angel says:

    sorry Ron. your predictions were not anywhere near the reality of the game. Chelsea stunned you (the ‘Reds’).