Date:9th April 2009 at 5:50am
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I never find it easy to write a post following a loss, but here it goes! The simple matter of last nights defeat at home to Chelsea was that we lost to the better team on the night in my opinion. After Torres gave us the early lead. Chelsea attacked us and we made mistakes and thus they scored. A 3-1 loss is heavy and it is going to take something special to pull this one out of the bag but if there is any team in Europe (Besides Barcelona) who is capable of coming back from this, it is us!

We have to go to the Bridge next week and score three goals without conceding any. It sounds simple enough but it is not easy BUT we can do it.

For me, the biggest difference between the two teams last night was Chelsea’s tactics. We have praised Rafa in the past for his super tactics in Europe but we have to admit that Guus got it spot on last night for Chelsea. And it was simple for them; put Essien on Gerrard for 90 minutes. We laughed against Man Utd when we said Aurelio had Ronaldo in his pocket the whole game, this time round, Essien had Gerrard. Essien man marked Gerrard the whole game, where Gerrard went, Essien was there. The funny thing is that most teams may now think that if you put a man marker on Gerrard you have shut Liverpool out, but that is not the case. I do not think there are more than three players in the world who are capable of man marking Gerrard out of the game and Essien is one of them. Blackburn can not now think they should put a man marker on Gerrard come Saturday because who ever they put will be run ragged by Gerrard and create gaps for the other players. Gerrard simply could not shake off Essien last night.

Looking in hind sight now, once we had seen Essien man marking Gerrard, I probably would have pulled Gerrard out to the right in Kuyt’s role and put Kuyt upfront with Torres and then see if Essien will follow Gerrard out onto the right. It would have been worth a try.

Lucas Lucas Lucas!! I was thinking the guy is finally winning over the fans but he struggled big time last night. He was caught in possession too many time and gave the ball away on countless occasions. We really needed Mascherano in that midfield last night.

What is done is done now. We lost and we know what we need to do now next week at the Bridge. Many may say this tie is over but I still have faith. There is still 90 minutes of footie to go and anything can happen especially since John Terry will not be playing in the second leg. I know some Liverpool fans may actually think it is good if we get knocked out then we can focus on the league. I don’t buy that! But then on the other hand who ever goes through between us and Chelsea is going to face Barcelona! After what they did to Bayern Munich last night (winning 4-0), I don’t think any team in Europe stands a chance against them.