Date: 23rd March 2009 at 7:34am
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We got to see Gareth Barry at Anfield yetserday when we beat Villa 5-0. He did not have the best of games for Villa yesterday but he has been great for most parts of the season. There is still a lot of speculation that Barry will leave Villa in the summer in search of playing in the Champions League. For some parts of the season it looked as if Villa could pip Arsenal for the 4th place and they themselves could play in the Champions League next season but now Villa are slipping and may not finish 4th. Rafa has not come out and said he still wants Barry but I guess he still thinks Barry would be a good addition to the team. If Rafa does indeed sign Barry in the summer, where would Barry fit in the current setup at Anfield?

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Last summer the plan was to sell Alonso and replace him with Barry. That would have just been a simple straight forward swap in our midfield. But now Alonso has had a blinder of a season for us and has to be up there with Steven Gerrard as our player of the season. I hope Rafa does not decide to sell Alonso this summer. We need him. If Rafa were to get Barry, I hope Alonso also stays. If we could rotate Alonso, Mascherano and Barry as our central midfielders we would now have that extra bit of class in our squad for the central midfield position. And not to forget we would also have Lucas. So for me, signing Barry in the summer should not mean one of Alonso, Mascherano or Lucas should leave but rather, Barry should be an addition to our squad if we are to seriously challenge again next season and go all the way.

Where do you think Barry would fit in if we signed him?


7 responses to “Where would Gareth Barry fit in if he came to Liverpool in the summer?”

  1. TC says:

    Barry would only fit in a replacement for the midfielders that you have already mentioned. What Liverpool really needs is more depth in all departments. If you look at Man U, Rooney could be playing and yet you have Berbatov on the bench…at Liverpool, Torres could be in, and yet you have Ngog on the bench…what a comparison! With the current good run that Liverpool is enjoying, all it takes is for these players to come back from the international break injured, and you can kiss the premiership and the champions league good-bye. All the good results against Real and Man U will count for nothing. Give Rafa a bigger check book.

    • The Master says:

      I agree, our problem is upfront. Ngog is useless and is good enough to play for a relegation threatened team. I read Rafa is getting 30 million pounds this summer to spend and I hope he uses a large chunk of it on a striker. We also need a new right back. Get us 2 strikers, a right back and Barry and we will be okay. Oh..and a right winger.

  2. Tonka says:

    Barry would not fit straight into the team but would be an excellent addition to the squad to help strengthen the squad when rotation is required either through injury or required resting of players. As TC and The Master has said this is required up front and defense as well. One quality defender, midfielder and striker is required so that we can replace quality with quality when required. The only issue is Villa will be asking for a wad of cash again. So don’t expect miracles over night regarding the squad. I expect only about two big signings before the start of next season. A midfielder and also a wide right player.

  3. Tonka says:

    Forgot to say, Alonso and Agger must stay at all costs…he needs to rotate Agger with either of our centre backs more often to keep him happy and on-board. We should have no worries about this as we all know he is good enough. He needs to realise that Skrtel and himself are the future centre backs for the club and that he has a long career ahead of him at Anfield if he is is prepared to wait as I believe Carragher needs rested more often.

  4. JHoff says:

    Wow, i was jsut thinking the same question yesterday. IF we do get him, I think we should place him on the RW and exchange him in and out with Kuyt. I dont think we need another CM. In fact, I think Rafa should look into Tevez, which is impossible because Manure would not allow it. But, I also like Villa, maybe too expensive, or maybe Lennon. I just think we need some pace next to Torres. If he gets double teamed every game, that means someone is always open if we play with 2 forwards. Add pace to that, and we have a deadly front combo

  5. Adam says:

    I agree mostly with the above but also i think that 1.A good striker to put with or as a replacement for torres someone like owen. 2.A RW i meean kuyts good n all but he is too SLOW hes a worker not a winger he CANNOT go round anyone someone like lennon or milner would be good offer 5-10mill for 1 of them nd see wt happens. 3.finally a second goalkeeper we buy nobodys who cant save for ****! someone like foster. TOTAL= 15-20 million!