Date: 2nd October 2008 at 9:13am
Written by: would like to congratulate our captain, Steven Gerrard, one getting his 100th goal for Liverpool with a peach of a freekick last night against PSV. It was only fitting that he got his 100 in front of The Kop. After having the goal against Stoke disallowed to take him to 100, the stage was set to get number 100 in the Merseyside Derby but that was not meant to be. I guess it was written that it had to come at Anfield just like his first goal in 1999 against Sheffield Wednesday at Anfield.

I remember that game as if it were yesterday and it’s funny how time has flown and Gerrard already has 100 goals. Out of those 100, there have been some pretty memorable ones. Stevie seems not to get many simple tap ins, but rather likes to score spectacular goals. Just to run through my all time favourites out of the Stevie G 100: The 30 yard screamer against Man Utd at Anfield when Barthez was in goal and the poor Frenchman had no chance of stopping it. Then the header in Istanbul that got us back into the game. How about that equaliser in the FA Cup final against West Ham? Even more recently, his goal against Marseille a few weeks back. The list is endless. What is your best Gerrard goal out of the 100?


9 responses to “Congratulations Stevie on your 100”

  1. SK9 says:

    It has to be Olympiakos for me! Congrats Stevie, next stop 200!

  2. Paul says:

    I wont forget that cracker he scored against Everton at Goodison park and then he celebrated by holding his hand by his ear!!

  3. Dave says:

    100 to pick from and what are the best a very good question. My favourite top 3 are –

    1. The 2006 FA Cup Final strike to take it to extra-time. This gets is just ahead of my number two just because of the raw emotion that it injected into me when it hit the net. This is a true story – I was surrounded in my local bar by ManU and Arsenal supporters singing I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles when he hit that goal – me and about 15-20 Liverpool supporters then freakin went beserk. What a day.

    2. The third of the three required right at the end of the match against Olympiacos in 2004. This goal kept us alive in the competition and propelled us to our 5th Star. I thought watching it on the telly that the Kop was going to spill onto the pitch. Andy Gray’s commentary for once is great for this snipit of Anfield history “AAAAAAAHHHHH WHAT A BEAUTY”

    3. My number 3 is Gerrards header against Milan just because it gave the team belief and the never die belief to bring them back from the death that night in Istanbul. i can still see him running back to the halfway line pushin the air up and the volume response from the fans that were there that night was immediate and was electric and fed through the rest of the team.

    See article below ref this –

  4. Jason Jackson says:

    Liverpool Vs. West Ham
    FA Cup Final,
    Not only was it one of his most important goals for the red’s it was absolutley beautifully pulled of. What skill and power.

    Liverpool Vs. Olympiakos
    European Match,
    This was amazing, right on cue. This was such a good hit and so Gerrard-esq. Goals like that give you world class status. Thats what he is.

    Liverpool Vs. AC Milan
    Champs Leauge Final,
    Mainly for it’s timing, will and motivation it brought. ‘Hello, Hello, Hear we go’ Such a special night that i don’t think would of happend with out that goal.

  5. Ron says:

    It looks like so far it is really a toss up between the FA Cup Final goal and the one against Olympiakos. For me, I would say the Olympiakos one due to the sheer importance of it.

  6. Dhruv says:

    I know this may be a bit too recent but what about that stunner against Boro in the 94th minute this season. I know the West Ham/Milan goals were huge but I was just as excited and jumping around just as much after that beauty!!

  7. Luke says:

    My top 5 most important Gerrard goals would be:
    1) Stunner against Man Utd (7-8 years ago). It was important because he was a novice and confidently put it behind one of the best teams in the world to open his account as a Liverpool Legend.
    2) Game winner against Olympiakos. Excellent and thrilling.
    3) Game winner in FA Cup. Don’t need to say anymore.
    4) First PL game against Aston Villa (2007) with that wonderful curler.
    5) First PL game against Boro (2008) which has brought us into one of our best starting seasons this year, and of course bringing him to his important 100 goals. And not to mention what an incredible comeback that game was, and how heroic Stevie proved to be.

    Best looking goals:
    We all have to agree with the goal against Middlesboro when he curled a vollier into the top left corner from 35 yards out.

    Lets not forget about the goal against Inter in the Champions league last year which was also a beauty.

    And last but not least, what about yesterday against PSV?! Not only was it his 100th tally but it was a beautiful goal as well.

    • Ryan says:

      I think if you look at the technical aspect of his goals, my favorite is the one in the 04/05 season againt middlesbrough