Date: 15th June 2008 at 12:04pm
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Can you imagine if we signed David Villa this summer? I think we would be 90% there in completely our team that could challenge for the Premiership next season. We need to make a bold move this summer so that we can challenge next season. We have had too many years of mediocrity and it is time we build a team with world class players and no better a way to do it than to sign David Villa so he can partner Torres up front. I have been watching a lot of Euro 2008 and the game last night between Spain and Sweden just went to show how great a partnership Villa and Torres can be. Now imagine if they were to play upfront together week in and week out!

There are suggestions that Villa would be keen to move to Liverpool because he is close friends with Torres, just like the way Barry is keen to come to Liverpool because of Gerrard. It is funny that our two star players; Gerrard and Torres could be the key off the field to help capture the signatures of Barry and Villa. The million pound question would be, how much would Villa cost? I think Valencia would be willing to part with Villa for about £25m. Now I do not think we have that kind of cash to spend on a single player, but if we are prepared to pay £20m for Barry then surely we should rather spend that money on Villa instead of Barry?

Villa’s valuation will continue to rise the more goals he scores in Euro 2008. All the big teams across Europe will be after Villa’s signature and it may boil down to Villa making a personal decision with regards to which team he wants to join and this is where I think we have the upper hand. Torres could convince Villa to join, so to Rafa. It would be so easy for Villa to settle in at Liverpool with all the Spanish players around him.

The question would then be; how do we change our formation if Villa joins Liverpool? Clearly we would have to play with two strikers upfront as opposed to the formation last season with Gerrard just behind Torres. I think we would have to switch to the more conventional 4-4-2, but that would mean we need quality wingers, therefore someone like Quaresma would also have to be signed. Or what about this; You have Torres and Villa upfront then you have Gerrard and Babel playing in free roles behind the two upfront. Gerrard and Babel could supply the width. Then in midfield you have Mascherano and Barry or Alonso. The back four would be Dossena down the left, Carragher and Agger in the middle and Deggen at right back with Reina in goal. Premiership winning team? I think so!


15 responses to “David Villa and Torres at Liverpool”

  1. Carl says:

    Villa would be a dream signing but i honestly cant see him coming to Liverpool. We will not have enough money for him.

  2. Patrick says:

    I think Villa will be headed to Chelsea

    • Dayne says:

      You are talking rubbish you freak!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s headed for Liverpool(the best team)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tass8 says:

    Has anyone thought about ‘swapping’ Villa for Torres? If Torres leaves by some miracle to Chelsea would Villa be a good replacement for Torres?

    • Ron says:

      Let’s try not think about Torres leaving Tass8. But since you raised a valid question, i think it will be hard to compare Villa to Torres. Villa has never played in the Premiership so we dont know how well he would do. Torres have shown that he can play in the Premiership. Who knows, Villa may be like Morientes and fail to shine in the Premiership. I would rather have Torres because we know how good he is. Villa is good but is he good enough for the Premiership? I think he is and i hope he can prove it at Liverpool.

      Kewell is leaving so the number 7 jursey is available for Villa! How great it would be to see Villa 7 next season at Anfield!

  4. Penta says:


  5. Masood says:

    Yeah it would be gr8! infact every Liverpool fan would be dreaming and thinking VIlla to Liverpool. I can certainly say, we can afford to buy him. GO: Crouch, Pennat, RIsse and add more funds from our Owners ( i hope tht can add some) and Villa could be ours!!!

  6. Kava says:

    I read yesterday that Villa himself said he would love to link up with Benitez and his other Spanish mates. However I saw another article today saying he denied saying that. I say there’s no smoke without fire.

    I really hope and wish that something is going on behind the scenes to sign him because he would be an excellent player for us. I dont think he would be another Morientes. Let’s buy this guy Mr Parry and co.

  7. Canuck93 says:

    First of all, I think Skrtel has to be in centre defence with Agger, maybe even sell Hyypia

    David Villa…. Would be a great buy but the big question is what formation to play…
    4-4-2 is an option, but im thinking our best bet would be to have a formation with Gerrard playing just behind Torres-Villa.
    Any thoughts?

    • Ron says:

      So do you suggest Carragher be dropped for Agger and Skrtel? I believe we should continue with Carragher and Agger and have Skrtel as cover.

      With regards to David Villa, we would have to play 4-4-2 if we buy him but then Gerrard would not have that freedom he has just playing behind Torres. It would be interesting to see how Rafa deals with it.

  8. Canuck93 says:

    No, Carra has been very loyal for LFC and has been outstanding, I think he sould play right back and have Degen for cover… What do u think?

    It’ll be very interesting how Rafa deals wih this, but if we could figure out a formation with torres-villa with gerrard just behind them, u must agree it’ll be deadly

    • Ron says:

      I am not too sure about Carra at right back, i think he is getting old now and may not have the pace to get down the right flank as a right back should. I would prefer to see Carra in central defence. I hope Degen is quality as we need a good right back.

      I was reading today that Rafa may not be too keen to sign Villa because he feels the Torres – Gerrard partnership is better than a Torres – Villa partnership. You can read more about that on this link

  9. rob says:

    liverpool need to sell carra and hypia and den buy 2 more denfencders because their to old i would like to see them keep up wiv ronaldo …………… na dwe need to sell alonso and den use those funds to buy villa and buy quaresma to the right and silva for the left gerrard and mash centre