Date: 22nd April 2015 at 6:18pm
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Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers has reportedly been given the go-ahead to unload his squad this summer in an attempt to sign better players.

According to a report from the Mirror, Rodgers has been assured, by Liverpool’s American owners, that he will be with the team next year despite a disappointing  2015 season, and a FA Cup semi-final loss to Aston Villa last weekend.

According to the report, Liverpool have already begun talking with PSV winger, Memphis Depay. The 21-year old is an explosive option to add to Rodgers’ squad, but it will take somewhere between £16m-£18m to pry him away from PSV.

Rodgers has been preparing an Anfield clear-out for some time now, with the likes of Mario Ballotelli, Fabio Borini, and Rickie Lambert not living up to expectations.

Transferring five or six players in the summer would allow Rodgers some freedom to go after not only Depay, but also a high quality midfielder to replace Steven Gerrard, and a top striker to provide some attacking force to the top of the lineup.

There is growing pressure on Rodgers to produce a quality starting XI next season after such a disappointing 2015 campaign, just a year after almost winning the Champions League title last May.

Being that Liverpool will not secure a top four Champions League qualification spot this year, it is clear Rodgers must make significant improvements to the team this summer. If he doesn’t, it could be him doing the clearing out of Anfield come next summer.


4 responses to “Anfield Clear-Out Looming?”

  1. Truth says:

    Rodgers has had 3 years and spent over £220 million pounds on mainly MEDIOCRITY,he keeps playing his infective LOVECHILD Allen who offers absolutely nothing defending or attacking ( AND IF Allen doesn’t GO,HE SHOULD )

  2. stev says:

    Rodgers, Pascoe and Marsh OUT!!!.

  3. Geoff Price says:

    So Liverpool FC is going to have a major clear out, let’s hope they start with this beyond useless manager. My god this guy is just clueless in his team selections and most of all in the transfer signings. Sunday’s semi final was the last straw he really is one deluded so called manager, a complete novice….why do we have to put up with him any longer. Has he no shame, at least do one positive thing in your life, and resign this will show us that you do have something between your ears.

    So John Henry take notice of what’s going on and make the change, you did with Dagleish so why not with the Imposter. We require the best at this club….No more apprentices please.

  4. Geoff Price says:

    Let us hope that by next season, we will talking JKLOPP on OURKOP.COM.