Date: 15th November 2014 at 2:28pm
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Liverpool owners John W.Henry and Tom Werner have begun ‘assessing’ whether to sack Brendan Rodgers following the Reds poor start to the season, according to the Metro.

The publication says reports emerging from an Italian website says the clubs owners are disappointed with the club’s start to the 2014-15 campaign, which has seen them fall 15 points behind league leaders Chelsea after just 11 matches, despite spending more than £100million on new players in the summer.

The Reds Champions League future also hangs in the balance following three consecutive group game defeats, meaning the Rodgers side needs to win their final two matches against FC Ludogorets and FC Basel to have any chance of progressing to the last 16.

The website claims no decision has been taken yet, however the Northern Irishman’s future ‘hangs in the balance’, with his controversial team selection against Real Madrid the other week also proving an issue.

Rodgers fielded a side for the game in the Bernabeu which saw the likes of Kolo Toure, Lucas Leiva, Emre Can and Fabio Borini replace Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and Mario Balotelli.

The Liverpool boss has come in for criticism since, especially after fielding those players in the latest defeat to Chelsea whilst insisting he had no regrets about a decision which left many supporters upset.

Do you think there are any substance to these rumours? Should Rodgers be under pressure at this stage of the season? Let us know your thoughts below. 


16 responses to “Rumours suggest LFC owners are ‘assessing’ whether to sack Brendan Rodgers”

  1. dab says:

    I just hope that FSG won’t do such a stupid mistake because Barcelona could snap him and LFC would be nowhere

    • ollie dachs says:

      Are you serious?? i will be grateful if they take him
      But no chance they even consider him
      He is not on that league

      • Aaron De Souza says:

        If they sack Rodgers we will have to rebuild all over again. No chance of that happening unless we are involved in relegation scrap.

        They hired BR as a young manager and FSG will back him because they see the longer plan. We have bought young players with potential and if by next year they have improved (takes a while to get comfortable in this league) then we may have a better chance for longer term success as they will be used to BR and his ‘tactics’ and will have worn the ‘heavy’ shirt for over a year.

        All we need is for BR to to make us difficult to beat at the minute by concentrating on improving the defence, not hoping our attack can dig them outta holes. Sort the defence and allow the attacking players freedom to do what they need to do. BR has never ever had a solid defensive record, anywhere he’s been. He needs to address that and I’m sure the rest will take care of itself once we have DS back and further along the line The Belgian fella.

        However, one more season of mediocrity (after this one) and BR will be in danger, that’s for sure.

        Although it would be awesome if there is the even the slightest chance that Pep Guardiola comes available and it just happens BR can’t cut it, that would be ideal.

        • Geoff Price says:

          I pray to god that FSG sack this guy ASAP, he is a complete embarrassment to this wonderful club. Enough is enough so arrogant he will drag us down if he is allowed to carry on. I have supported this club for more than 55 years so I have very strong opinions when I see incompetent people at the helm, so please give me an early Xmas present.

          • aggie57 says:

            Well geoff were do you hail from friend?
            Am an avid red fan too for over 50 0dd yrs.
            But im not in same positition as. You i stick with managers if worthy youve got the wrong arrogant one thats jose at chelsea. Its ok skating around the real ussue

      • aggie57 says:

        A lot of people on here need to get real
        we lfc arnt man city cheksea arsenal mancs with loads of money even if we did rome wasnt build in a day if you so called fans looking for quick fix go join blue pit across the park ok. Brendan us the best man manager in prem give him time he will get it right.stop slating the man ynwa.

      • aggie57 says:

        I take it a lot of dalglsh fans on here.look at it this way fantastic player average manager. So rodgers crap all the team rubbish. I know one man id play less stevie g a great servant. But slows team down nobody knows who to pass it too except to gerrard time to make hendo capt lucas holding role like gerrard allen and can midfield .moreno manquillo left and perm backs. couthino sterling. wingers

    • Geoff Price says:

      Dab even if your entitled to your opinion I do have to question your sanity…..this clueless clown is not only deluded but a shameful character individual as well. This horrible excuse of both man and manager sickens me to the core. I just want rid of the Imposter, as long as he remains we are going nowhere.


  2. IAN says:

    Unfortunately, these days in big money expenditures, it takes a very patient owner to wait after they have just shelled out over 100 pounds in new transfers. Yes, the new players do need a little time to adjust and to acclimatize, but owners do need to see a little promise from the trust they have given the manager. All that they have been offered so far pretty much are poor results and mediocrity. I do not know where FSG leadership falls, but they would have to be extremely understanding, patient and trusting to allow the situation to go on too much longer. After waiting so long to get back into Europe and the extra revenue that brings, failure to get out of the group stage may just end up being the final straw. Time will tell!

  3. IAN says:

    Sorry that should read 100 million pounds!

  4. Vic says:

    I am sure FSG are monitoring the situation, but I doubt they will act now. Hopefully they will see what happens in the January transfer window, give him time to recover and hopefully secure a top 4 position. If he doesn’t he could very well go in the summer. I can only see him being sacked before then if we start floundering near the relegation zone.

  5. Malc says:

    I totally agree with a lot of people on here that Rogers as brought an absolute load of rubbish,he as brought in quantity not quality a lot of other top clubs didn’t sign many players but they were all top quality players that are an instant is not a bad manager he can’t buy players.the team done well last year but you have got to understand he took over a good team from dalglish who he purchased all those players which have now been destroyed by Rogers.they are now just a mediocre side now who have no chance of winning nothing under this regime…..

  6. eric says:

    Rogers is full of shit.

  7. Kev says:

    Rodgers has been slated for taking YNWA to mean You’ll Never Win Again

    LFC back where they belong, in the wilderness – the golden goose buggered off, and the charlatan over-achiever Brendan has finally been found out..

  8. saj says:

    Fsg if u have any balls get rid of this guy who has wasted money on shit plyers.
    He has no aura like benitez.
    The club are in crisis as no good player wants to join him.
    If fsg don’t act quickly then lfc are doomed as too much money has been wasted and we are just hanging on by a thread.
    I cannot see no hope with Rodgers.

    please sack him

  9. Fred says:

    Rodgers was on telly saying the team weren’t good enough yet these are the players he BOUGHT no idea no plan B no plan anything