Date: 4th November 2014 at 6:13pm
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Sometimes I just despair at how fickle football fans are.

I was first made aware of the @RodgersOutClub Twitter account on my way up to Newcastle on Friday, by a mate who happens to be a Chelsea fan.

He said some ‘supporters’ were asking for donations to hire a plane to fly over Anfield for next Saturday’s clash with Chelsea, displaying a banner with presumably the words ‘Rodgers Out’ and probably an obligatory hashtag plastered all over it.

At first I thought it was a joke, and brushed it off as a Chelsea supporting mate trying to get under my skin again.

But yesterday pictures of the banner emerged on the internet, and the story has been since been published by the national press.

Having spent the weekend in Newcastle after watching the Reds fall to a 1-0 defeat – where £1 JagerBombs were on hand to drown my sorrows – I thought the night’s out on the Toon had caught up with me so much, that now I was just hallucinating.

But no, sure enough – some closet Manchester United fan has taken the time to actually design a banner and is looking for donations to fly a plane over Anfield on Saturday.

rodgers banner

No doubt, whoever has come up with this genius idea was singing Brendan’s name when Liverpool came within a whisker of beating Manchester City to the Premier League title last term.

No doubt, this same person would have been amongst the first to take to Twitter to dig at Manchester United fans who flew a ‘Moyes Out’ banner over Old Trafford last season.

Whilst it has been a difficult start to the season, and some of the summer signings look questionable – we are 10 games into the Premier League season.

Rodgers and Steven Gerrard have said before a ball was even kicked – the target for this season is a top four finish and a trophy.

Are we not just three points behind fourth placed Arsenal, six behind third placed Manchester City and a point ahead of Manchester United with 28 matches of the Premier League season left to play?

Are we not just two wins short of qualifying for the last 16 of the Champions League, which whilst challenging is by all means possible?

And are we not a win away at Bournemouth from a Capital One Cup semi final, and the possibility of booking a trip to Wembley over two legs?

All this with new summer signings adapting, and trying to overcome the loss of one of the world’s best players whilst contending with an injury to our top striker.

Brendan Rodgers was the man behind an incredible 2013-14 campaign in which the Reds returned to the Champions League after a five year absence, and missed out on a shock Premier League title by two points.

All of this whilst playing some of the most attractive, attacking and thrilling football of any side in Europe – managing more than 100 goals in the process.

Those who have said last season’s success was all down to Luis Suarez, should note that the Uruguayan fired 16 goals in a season and a half under Kenny Dalglish. He managed 61 goals in two seasons under Rodgers. Coincidence? Or can we give the Northern Irishman credit for building a team designed to help Suarez become one of the deadliest strikers in Europe?

Rodgers transfer business is under the microscope at the moment, but £20million on Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho is stunning work by anyone’s account. Young players the likes of Emre Can, Lazar Markovic, Alberto Moreno, Javi Manquillo and even Adam Lallana need to be given more than 15 games before any judgement can be made.

Rodgers has proven over his time in charge of the club he is more than capable of improving players – Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and Jon Flanagan are just four examples.

It is simply staggering all this has been forgotten by a small minority of supporters.

The Twitter account has just under 3,000 followers, and I very much doubt the plane will go over Anfield this Saturday.

But even the fact the story has now been picked up by the press and reported on is embarrassing enough.

Manchester United fans were slaughtered when they produced the stunt on poor old Moyesie last term, having clearly lost their minds having experienced what it was like to be a normal football team that suffers poor results for a few months, rather than winning the Premier League every 12 months.

Any proper Liverpool fan will tell you they understand what it is like to experience difficult moments, and the first quarter of this season is not nearly as bad as what the trolls on social media would have you believe.

Now is the time to get behind the team and Brendan Rodgers, and remember it was Manchester United fans who actually flew a plane over their own stadium declaring their own manager should be sacked.

Are you behind the ‘Rodgers Out’ campaign? Or does the fickle nature of football fans shock you also? Let me know your thoughts below. 


27 responses to “To those with the RODGERS OUT banner – we are not Man United”

  1. Truth Hurts says:

    Sorry but when you waist £215.000.000 MILLION POUNDS ON ALLEN BORINI ASPAS ALBERTO ILORI YESIL MIGNOLET SAKHO LOVREN LAMBERT LALLANA MARKOVIC BALOTELLI,EVEN THE 2 SUCCESSES STURRIDGE ( Is injured 3 or 4 months every season ) AND COUTINHO ( Who is inconsistent 3 or 4 months a season )

  2. Adam says:

    I totally agree 100%
    All that is required is some more time and the ability to sign reus or Pedro or both in next transfer market

    • Truth Hurts says:

      Those type of players won’t even consider Liverpool,just like Sanchez.Rodgers is a terrible manager who should be SACKED FOR WAISTING OVER £215.000.000 MILLION POUNDS ON DROSS…GET THE IDIOT OUT !!!

  3. Val says:

    BR shud move out,he’s not d man 4d job.Gambles on average players who r bench-warmers in dia clubs nd evn buys dem @ an exorbitant prices…tryn 2build a team of english average players,ignoring experience nd loyalty nd embracing nationality in his choice 4d vice-captain…His decisions are all questionable,such a huge gamble as a manager

  4. azaran says:

    I will be supporting the Rodgers out campaign, he is destroying the club with his squandering of serious money, 220 million????? how long can we tolerate this anymore? if suarez was not there last season we’d have been mid table, he sold him and replaced him with utter muck. Now tonight he’s fielding a weakened team FFS. How long since we were in the Champs League and how long before we are ever in it again, tonight against the champions we field reserves??? rodgers is disgusting. GET HIM OUT OUT OUT

  5. Nelson says:

    ROGERS OUT !!!,LIVERPOOL FC IS NT A MLDDLE TABLE TEAM. Average mananger with average sense, he is nt a big team manager. He needs to be sack

  6. richard mbogholi says:

    I will give the manager the whole season to put things wright

  7. David says:

    It’s funny how you’re all quick to forget how you turned on Hodgson after a few months in charge! You were exactly like the United fans with David Moyes when Hodgson was in charge you idiot!!!

  8. Read or Dead says:

    What the comments above prove is that, whilst LFC may be average at the moment, some of their supposed fans are way below average. I doubt that anyone who has posted above this comment has ever been to England, never mind Anfield. Get a grip, or go and support Chelsea.

    • nesta143 says:

      I agree with your comment. Plastic supporters writing pure shyte about Rodgers. Two seasons ago people saying get rid of rodgers, Henderson, and last season probably saying make us dream. A manager should be judged on a full season, not 10 games. Like the article says, one game from quarter final of a cup, and two wins from the next stage in the CL. Let’s not forget. Rodgers tried to sign hazard, William sanchez, but these aren’t football people. These are people only interested in geographical positioning, ie, London. So for all these toss pots saying rodgers out, grow up. Football support is like marriage. Fir better or worse.!!!!!!

      • Jimmer says:

        …and it’s this type of blind faith that has us in the mess we are in… time for you to man up and stop wishing the Kop-Fairy sprinkles the Magic Formula Powder on Rogders over priced below average squad. Pool fans like you are not required. Jog on. @RodgersOutClub

    • Truth Hurts says:

      From West Derby in Liverpool,and was a season ticket holder for 18 years…Rodgers has waisted vast amounts of money on below average players,there all DROSS ( FACT )

      • Read or Dead says:

        And West Derby Comprehensive “Waisted” a lot of money on your education. You’ve never been to a game in your life. As the guy said “We are not United fans”. We stick by our club through the good times, and the not so good. Liverpool does not need “fans” like you, so do us all a favour, and do one.

    • Jimmer says:

      actually you muppet we are perfectly entitle to voice our opinions and if you don’t like them then tough shit. The people who are organising the banner are locals, go to games and simply see the damage rodgers is doing… stick that in yer pipe and smoke it buddy.

      • nesta143 says:

        Real fans, the same fans singing hispraise last season. Fact under daglish. Suarez had the worst shots per goal.ratio. Rodgers turned him to the player he became. People call it blind faith. Look at pardew now. 4 wins All’s good. Sack rodgers, who next??? He’ll come in buy all new players do uck all and then the cycle continues, sack the manager, herd mentality. I’m supporting Liverpool 32 years. So I’ve stayed loyal, even in the Evans era :-). So yes have your opinion, but what effect will this have on a team struggling with confidence at the moment. To hear the fans singing YNWA in Spain tonight. They are real fans

      • Read or Dead says:

        Go and support some other team then. One that deserves you. I think Chelsea just about fits the bill. See ya, muppet!!

        • nesta143 says:

          Lovely from a fella who can’t spell red. Chelsea my hole. I’m a fan who will support no matter what. Get a grip. And calling me a muppet for having an opinion on a forum, If you don’t like my opinion, don’t reply. Go trawl some other sites.

  9. manutd fan says:

    rogers contract should be extended.

  10. souyes says:

    thanks to SUAREZ, Rodgers is still in the job. sacked even by Reading if i’m right. Brendan is in the wrong profession I believe. playing Balotelli as a lone striker is bull-shit coaching even championship grade managers can realise that.
    we must learn from Man U how to take bold decision and not get emotional fools and wait for the team to improve for 24 years now.
    FSG do not have the funds to hire a great manager but as least they could have hired at least an average one not a comic as BR.

  11. Benitez nigeria says:

    Signing a player at over 20m pounds is not the players fault but a clueless manager who after signing 9 players in the window depends on raheem sterling to carry the weight of the team,most of the performing players today are rafa s signings,he sold suarez all we needed was an impact player to assist in carrying the burden of the team,eg lavezzi,so BR has never been and will never be a top manager.below average.signing potential ahead of established player,i pity my darling club lfc we ve been reduced to nothing with average managers.#rodgers out#BENITEZ IN

  12. Benitez nigeria says:

    Pls lfc fans worldwide contact me lets discuss issues about our club 07064817226

  13. Bashir says:

    Always u don’t need things to go beyond worse to Act, Rodgers is not in category of Top managers, imagine Fabregas was there he went for Lallana, Top strikers were there he went for Lambert & Lazzy Baroteri. If not Rodgers to be sucked then who ever? We need him out of our Famous Club

  14. brighton mushawemhuka says:

    yes as much as we can bear with Rodgers I think the fact is very true that Rodgers has abused fsg funds.spending 120 million pounds isnt anything close to a joke.we said this before tht we must avoid the Tottenham way after they sold bale.right now we are in that position.either he be sacked or Nt BT he has grossly abused fsg’s funds.if u are given the financial resources we expect u to compete with other guys on the field of play.Rodgers must apologise to fsg for gross mismanagement of resources. Roma wasn’t built in a day BT this is too much

  15. 25th may 2005 says:

    Truth hurts …you’ve been all over every website I’ve seen today trying to convince everyone your a red many times do you need to tell people your from west derby .a manc or an evertonian at best ..don’t listen to any of the trolls on here ..”Brendan Rodgers is a football genius .” know that banner was written by a manc ..still crying after the football genius banner at old Trafford last season when a Brendan Rodgers team dismantled them ..