Date: 30th August 2014 at 6:32pm
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Class is rare in football these days, loyalty rarer still. Daniel Agger possesses both of these characteristics in abundance.

As news came today that the Great Dane will move back to his boyhood team, Brondby, the stylish centre back should, in my opinion, be acknowledged as one of the great Liverpool players in recent history.

Many players have come to LFC as relative unknowns and gone on to become world beaters. Agger has been one of those but unlike so many others, when the Barcelonas and Manchester City’s of this world came knocking; the answer was a defiant “no”. At the time he was arguably one of the best central defenders in the Premier League, if not the world, and it was no surprise to see the world’s best team make an attempt to sign him. He made it very clear he would only leave Liverpool to one day go back ‘home’, now he has done just that. Since those offers Agger has often struggled with injury and for one reason or another been in and out of Brendan Rodgers’ side but that has never impacted his commitment or love for our club. Rodgers saw enough of this to name him vice captain when Jamie Carragher retired.

If you think of any of the the current crop of players and their attachment to Liverpool FC, Daniel Agger is always at the forefront of one’s thoughts. He has YNWA tattooed on his knuckles for Pete’s sake! Defences have been built around him during his time and he’s made an impact at the other end too, a fantastic long range effort against West Ham for his first goal and a memorable finish versus Chelsea in the Champions League spring to mind.

And so it is his final act as a Liverpool player, choosing to go back to Brondby, that the Dane underlines the his sheer class. He could walk into many top sides too by the way but money and fame obviously aren’t what fuels Daniel Agger. It’s passion and loyalty. As Agger leaves I’m sure everybody connected to Liverpool football club will miss him and wish him all the very best.

As your knuckles read, You’ll never walk alone, Dan.


3 responses to “Daniel Agger: Loyal Red”

  1. Ongu Saidi Hussen says:

    you will always remain at our heart, we love you Agger, we wish you the very best at all time of your life, all what you have done will remain behind. YNWA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We will all miss you…..the great dane of denmark……you showed us loyalty when things were bad,when barca and city came knocking you shot all doors……..what a loyal servant you are and you wil forever remain in our heart…AGGER DAN….YNWA!!!!!(KNUCKLE)……..

  3. Emma says:

    U will forever reaming in our hrt we love u Dane