Date: 3rd April 2014 at 3:56pm
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It is very difficult to break into the Liverpool starting lineup right, that just shows how well the current crop of players are doing. One player who has been biding his time on the bench is Brazilian midfielder Lucas.

Lucas has been unlucky with injuries this season but now he is fully fit again but not able to break back into the starting eleven. Liverpool boss, Brendan Rodgers, has said that the shift to playing with only one defensive midfielder in Steven Gerrard as opposed to going with two is the reason Lucas can not get into the side.

“I’ve got to say Lucas has been absolutely incredible in his attitude,” Rodgers told the Liverpool Echo. “It’s been hard for him because he played a high percentage of the games when he was fit and obviously then got his injury.

“The team has done really well in his absence. Steven in that role is a world-class operator. He has taken to it really well.

“The difference now is that rather than playing with two defensive midfield players we are playing with one. There is more emphasis on the attacking element. But I have to pay homage to Lucas because he’s been first-class with his attitude and his work.

“He has made it known to me that he just wants to help whenever he’s called upon – whether it’s for one minute or 90 minutes he will be ready.”

I have come across some fans who believe that Lucas should be brought back into the side so that we can have two defensive midfielders in there. But I totally disagree with this! We have been playing well with just Gerrard sitting back. Yes our defence has not been that great but our game is currently based upon fast attacking football so why must we change a winning formula?

With only six games left in the season, we must just try continue playing the same way we have been even if it means we win all our remaining games 4-3. It is great to hear that Lucas is ready to play when called upon as we may just need him if Gerrard picks up another booking and is suspended for two games.


4 responses to “Brendan Rodgers on why Lucas is not playing”

  1. Dave R says:

    Fair play to BR , but Lucas is not good enough , everyone knows that don’t they ?

    • Lyndon says:

      Lucas has been a decent enough player but the fact is we will need a world class DM for this new Liverpool moving forward, we should try and get 7-10 million for him now whilst we can.

  2. Maxigreat says:

    BR ur decisions are well clear nd understood. Lucas has been fantastic before he got injured, bt since his absence our players has been terrific and it is not right to change the winning formation, nt now we re closing in on EPL title. BR keep on wit d usual team setup.

  3. Kop04 says:

    Though there is no need changing a winning team but U guys should nt look down on lucas Bcos at a point gerrard was a bit a finished player but he was up again…it was lucas nd inform hendo dat was doing d business for d team he had a decent game yday