Date: 1st April 2014 at 11:40am
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Liverpool and Anfield is a great place to be right now. One just has to look at our last game on Sunday against Tottenham to see how far we have come as a club and team, and where we are going. When you start to hear the likes of Jamie Carragher also believing that Liverpool can win their first title since 1990, then you know something big is coming.

One thing that stood out for me during the Spurs game and I am so glad that Carragher has picked up on it today in the Daily Star, is how the fans have been singing Brendan Rodgers’ name at the top of their voices.

Carragher said, “I’m talking about the crowd, I’m talking about the Kop. You heard the roar at the end of the game and you know something’s happening.

“They are chanting for Brendan Rodgers throughout the game and I’ve never heard that before as much.

“They are normally singing Kenny Dalglish’s name or for Rafa Benitez a little bit, but it was all for the manager Brendan Rodgers.”

I will be the first to say that I had my doubts about Rodgers when he took over at Liverpool but I knew that he will be given time and I am glad he is the man leading us now down this title road. I have come across many fans who did not believe that Rodgers had the tactical know-how of being a great manager but one just has to look at how well he has used different tactics in different games in order to get us the required results.

Liverpool’s style of play has been dismantled from that used under the likes of Benitez, Hodgson and Dalglish as Rodgers has stamped his own style. It was always going to take a while for this new brand of football to kick in but I am sure many of us did not think we would see the results this soon. Remember, at the start of the season, our aim was to finish in the top four and we have virtually achieved that now and can even go on to lift the main prize and all of this is largely due to Brendan Rodgers and the brilliant work he has done at the club.

Rodgers has managed to get the best out of Steven Gerrard by moving him into a deeper role when many had though that Gerrard’s days are numbered. But with this new role for Gerrard, you can easily see him playing for at least another three or four seasons.
Many wondered how Liverpool would be able to play with both Sturridge and Suarez. But in came Brendan Rodgers, and he has managed to come up with tactics and formations that can accommodate both star strikers.

We may not quite be champions yet but we continue to believe and dream as we are only six games away from success. If we do manage to like the Premier League title, it would have been a great collective effort from everyone at the club including the millions of fans all across the world. And a lot of credit must be given to Rodgers!


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    i luv u all liverpool funs