Date: 13th January 2014 at 9:50am
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What a game, what a result, what an experience! Sunday’s game against Stoke was what the English Premier League is all about. From a Liverpool fan’s perspective that was an emotional roller coaster ride and hopefully the Reds do not put our hearts through that again this season .

At 2 nil up, you would have thought the game was sealed for Liverpool but yet again, our defensive weaknesses came through and we allowed Stoke back into the game to make it 2-2 at half-time. Some may say the penalty awarded to Raheem Sterling in the second half was not a spot kick but we will take them all day as we have had many bad decisions go against us this season.

The introduction of Daniel Sturridge for Coutinho seemed to seal the game for Liverpool as the SAS partnership was back to life again and if those two can remain fit and in form for the rest of the season then Liverpool should finish in the top four and even push for the title.

Picking a man of the match for the Stoke may seem to be easy for many as Luis Suarez, was at his fine best again by grabbing two goals. Raheem Sterling put in another great shift and seems to be growing with each game. Steven Gerrard was asked to play a deeper role by Brendan Rodgers on Sunday and the Liverpool captain looked good there. Maybe that could be his new long term position as he does not have the legs anymore to run from box-to-box and play the high pressing game the Liverpool manager wants the team to play.

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3 responses to “Liverpool’s Man of the Match versus Stoke”

  1. mb says:

    Thought Gerrard was playing badly yesterday. He lost many balls. Glen was the worse. He is a liability now

  2. Patrick says:

    Suarez for me but Sterling a close second and his winning of the penalty was a big moment in the match. Johnson is very intelligent but as a footballer he’s an idiot that doesn’t do anything right or can’t control the ball. Every time Liverpool are bursting forward on the counter attack and I get excited til I see the ball go to Johnson and I know there goes our chance of scoring he really is that bad, he’s like Kuyt without the hard work and great tackling and marking Kuyt had and without the goals Kuyt scored but Johnson has more pace to do nothing quicker! Aly too yesterday looked very poor. I’m excited about the Liverpool attack tho SAS plus Coutinho and Sterling look electric. I think a good dynamic ball winning midfielder would really help our defense out, most our mistakes came from midfield yesterday.

  3. BillG says:

    I too thought Gerrard had a bit of a stinker by his high standards – too many long balls to nowhere – but he can hardly be anywhere near match-fit so can be forgiven.

    No – the burning need, which has been obvious for some time and which seems to me to make nonsense of all the talk of signing wingers or midfielders, or even another striker for heaven’s sake, is for at least two top-class defenders, a left back and a central defender. Or three if Johnson (who has never been a great defender) goes. If not, we are going to keep on shipping goals. Three goals scored by the likes of Stoke is not the sort of form which is going to keep us in the top four.