Date: 16th November 2013 at 12:55am
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June 2015 is a crucial time for Liverpool Football Club as that is when a lot of of key players contracts come to an end, together with that of Brendan Rodgers. The Liverpool Echo took a look at the six players contracts which elapse at that time and we look at the effects of this to the club and team.

1) Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

The first and probably the most important one is Steven Gerrard’s. Captain Fantastic’s current deal ends in June 2015 and I am sure FSG will offer him a new contract and this will probably be the last contract of his career. It will be very fitting to have Gerrard finish his playing career at the club it all began.

Gerrard still has a lot to offer in the current Liverpool side. He may not be the dynamic box-to-box midfielder we knew but that is to be expected as he ages, but you can still see the quality of passes and vision he possesses. He is having to master a new deeper role in the side and playing there could easily prolong his playing career for another three to four season. He is after all the club captain and his leadership is still highly needed in the squad.

Verdict: FSG should offer him a new contract to end his career at the club

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8 responses to “Why June 2015 is such an important time for Liverpool”

  1. Abraham says:

    If you honestly think Rodgers will turn us into champions again, you have to be excitedly unrealistic. He is our weakest link on the field. I hope FSG sees this early and gets us a tactician instead of this marketer.

    • lfc says:

      If you can’t see improvement since br came in you either had a delusional view of how good we were or your a complete Muppet.
      Most likely it is both.

    • geoffrey matovu says:

      Abraham U should get serious

    • Paul RK says:

      Well I have to say that I have no idea whether Mr Rodgers will turn us into champions again and I’m pretty much guessing that no one can. We you expecting instant gratification, such as is the way of the internet supporting generation, or you expected it within 2-3 years, like an arm-chair supporter, who didn’t have the same type of megaphone to throw their little tantrum that things aren’t perfect.
      Or, were you a supporter who actually sees and understands the years of, not so much neglect (apart from the cowboys obviously) but a decline from 1990. To turn this around in a season or two to be champions again for Brendan is pretty much the delusions of a football manager computer game.
      I for one (and a lot of others) are actually really happy at the moment. We are moving in the right direction, we are playing expansive, exciting football again and we are trying to push forwards as opposed to standing still, which is what we seemed to be doing for too many years.
      Will we win the Premiership, I hope so, I doubt it this season as I think we are too weak as a squad still and that takes a couple of seasons to rectify.
      Mistakes will be made, we will lose stupid matches (we always have done) and we will be in the chaos of a title chase that we are not experienced in.
      Maybe Rodgers isn’t the man to bring back my glory days that I remember since I started supporting them in 77, but he’s slowly and surely taking us in the right direction and we take it one step at a time. I hope he is the right man for it and if that day comes…who will you be supporting then?

  2. charles says:

    sorry abraham but i think something is wrong with yu unless if yu think yu are beta than BR…..

  3. razak says:

    i br is dion wel

  4. If BR can get Liverpool into CL this season , it would be a great achievement. If he does that , I am sure FSG would reward him with a new contract.

  5. charles says:

    everyone who is truly a liverpool fan cn surely see that BR is taking us in the positive direction except ofcos yu mr abraham….wonder wat yu smoking over ther