Date: 14th November 2013 at 1:00am
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In the world of Twitter that we live in today, the ordinary person has now gained ‘access’ to the rich and famous by simple tweets, mentions and hashtags. Could you ever imagine how you could have gotten a response to a question from a famous person years ago before the Twitter age? I remember growing up and having to write letters and post them to fan clubs and hope one do you get a reply back via the post!

Liverpool fan @MayatYahya took a chance and asked Mrs. Alex Gerrard what she thought about Alex Ferguson’s comments about her husband via Twitter. Now many of us try asking such questions to popular people on Twitter and they hardly reply but this time round @MayatYahya got a reply!

Many people have laughed off Fergie’s comments that he did not think Steven Gerrard was a top top player and thus he did not sign him for Manchester United. We all know that Gerrard is the definition of a top top player. It is great to see Alex Gerrard finding the lighter side of all of this by saying her husband is basic! In her eyes and from the little we have seen into Gerrard’s private life he is your typical BASIC, down to earth family man.

Your rarely see Gerrard making headlines which are not football related. He conducts himself well off the field and is a shining example to many young aspiring footballers across the world.


4 responses to “Mrs. Gerrard responds to Fergie’s ‘top top player’ comments”

  1. Harry Green says:

    Very humbling from the Gerrard family #ynwa

  2. drew says:

    Well said by the FIRST LADY of LFC

  3. oliver.isaac says:

    Gerrard , what a true professional.
    England should be proud to have a player of this calibre, class, and just a great human if being compared to other team mates in a non footballing sense.

    I not an Englishman but has he represented LVP and ENG with great moralitty and he is somebody who England can be proud off.

    FYI- he’s been more consistently good for ENG than he has for LVP.

    great role model

  4. Mishark says:

    Steven Gerrard, global brand of contemporary LFC.