Date:3rd November 2013 at 2:00pm
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With Liverpool being one goal down against Arsenal, referee Martin Atkinson go a decision horribly wrong in the 24th minute when he called back a freekick that Suarez had taken quickly.

Video courtesy of MostarLFC

To start off with, Sagna should have been awarded more than a yellow card for that cynical foul on Suarez as was denied a goal scoring opportunity. To make matter worse, Suarez got up after the foul, the ball was stationary and and played a quick pass to Sturridge who then crossed for Henderson to score. Why Atkinson called the play back is a mystery to me and many other Liverpool fans.

We always see players taking quick free kicks but I guess sometimes these refereeing decisions do not always go your way and this time we were on the receiving end.

Brendan Rodgers was also not happy about the decision and said, “That was a poor decision. I think you’ve got to let the game flow. If that’s the ruling, then it’s not a ruling that is very good.

“We’re always asking players to be honest and get up and play, not roll about on the floor, and if they are going to be discouraged from doing that then they might stay and roll about, try to get someone a yellow card.

“I got an explanation from the fourth official on it, and it is disappointing, to be honest.

“He said it was the next phase of the game, so he was given a yellow card, and it could only have been given at that point.

“I thought it was a poor decision because you have to let the game flow, but that was the reason he gave it. It was clever play (from us), and we got a goal from it.”