Date: 3rd November 2013 at 2:00pm
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With Liverpool being one goal down against Arsenal, referee Martin Atkinson go a decision horribly wrong in the 24th minute when he called back a freekick that Suarez had taken quickly.

Video courtesy of MostarLFC

To start off with, Sagna should have been awarded more than a yellow card for that cynical foul on Suarez as was denied a goal scoring opportunity. To make matter worse, Suarez got up after the foul, the ball was stationary and and played a quick pass to Sturridge who then crossed for Henderson to score. Why Atkinson called the play back is a mystery to me and many other Liverpool fans.

We always see players taking quick free kicks but I guess sometimes these refereeing decisions do not always go your way and this time we were on the receiving end.

Brendan Rodgers was also not happy about the decision and said, “That was a poor decision. I think you’ve got to let the game flow. If that’s the ruling, then it’s not a ruling that is very good.

“We’re always asking players to be honest and get up and play, not roll about on the floor, and if they are going to be discouraged from doing that then they might stay and roll about, try to get someone a yellow card.

“I got an explanation from the fourth official on it, and it is disappointing, to be honest.

“He said it was the next phase of the game, so he was given a yellow card, and it could only have been given at that point.

“I thought it was a poor decision because you have to let the game flow, but that was the reason he gave it. It was clever play (from us), and we got a goal from it.”


20 responses to “[Video] Rodgers blasts referee: Was this the key moment in the Liverpool vs Arsenal match?”

  1. Adam says:

    Denied a goalscoring opportunity?
    Have another look!

    • Tommy Gun says:

      daymn right – no way was that any more than a yellow. not last man and not clear goalscoring opportunity…. cynical foul yes = yellow card. also ref has to stop play after a yellow is given as HE HAS TO AWARD THE YELLOW. the fact that rodgers needed to discuss this with the ref after is a bit of a joke. can understand the frustration but the rules is the rules.. liverpool looking better this season but outclassed in midfield ultimately. henderson, cissoko, lucas, flanagan, gerrard no where near the class of arteta, ramsey, ozil, rosicky nd cazorla….sorry next weason maybe.

      toure really shouldnt have backed off – WHAT HAS HE BEEN SMOKING UP THERE?

  2. GunnerPete` says:

    Talk about dream world. Your manager is really stretching out there if he thinks that the POOL would have scored. He may not have noticed but AFC played to the wistle and had stopped running. Look again and you will see that Chesney would have cut out the cross anyway. As for ‘we tell our players not to dive etc’ is he having a laugh, Suarez and Sturridge not divers? All in all ‘happy harry’ Rodgers is looking through his mums glasses if he thought you deserved anything from a game when AFC class overwhelmed the Pool runners. I think the Pool will be in the top 6 this season but they must convince themselves that they re a class act now because they are not. You wait, AFC will soon have some of their first team back ( Theo, The OX, Podolski, Diaby, Jack ) and then watch us go!

  3. tomj says:

    Whoever wrote this is fully deluded and an idiot. Sagna should have been awarded more than a yellow card for that cynical foul on Suarez as was denied a goal scoring opportunity? Rubbish. Bullshit. And any 10 year old kid who has kicked a football will tell you that to take a quick free kick, you either hear the whistle or ask the ref if you want to take it quick. but hey, lets just change the rules for Liverpool. I bet you’ve never player football competitively outside your local 5 a side.Deluded idiot

  4. tomj says:

    And yes, the Sturridge dive yesterday when running beside Gibbs was nothing short of embarrassing- and not even booked.

  5. Mick says:

    Arsenal supporter in peace.
    The referee was correct for the following reason.
    Once the ref has blown for a foul requiring a booking, which it obviously did according to current interpretation of the laws of the game, he cannot allow play to start until the booking has been completed and the card shown. The ref obviously cannot let the game proceed to suit Liverpool whilst he is recording the offence and showing the card because he would not be in a position to perform his function. The ref does not have any leeway in this so Atkinson acted exactly as he should have done.
    Any manager (or any so called expert pundit) of a Premier League team really should know the laws of the game.

  6. Ross says:

    Whoever wrote this article obviously struggles with being objective.

    More than a yellow for Sagna? Hilarious. It was a stone-wall yellow but never anything more, ever.

    As for the disallowed goal, I can understand being annoyed at not being able to take a quick free kick, but did you not notice how the Arsenal players had stopped? Szczesny could have gotten that cross at walking pace, if he had wanted to.

  7. Olly says:

    I respect fan sites come with a degree of bias but…
    ‘To start off with, Sagna should have been awarded more than a yellow card for that cynical foul on Suarez as was denied a goal scoring opportunity.’
    … Shows a distinct lack of understanding of the rules of the game which is surprisingly echoed by Brenton Rodgers. It is a yellow card definitely nothing more or less & the ref was 100% correct to book him at that point of foul.

  8. Rafi says:

    the ref blew whistle coz sqaurez was down after the sagna fowl. sagna the arch cheat grabbed the ball got up to run and pass for the kill. why is squarez wrong? simple. when the ref blows play should order for play to resume, the ref needs to signal this with another blow.unfortunately sqaurez doesnt like this latter blow coz it would make arsenal players mark him. that confirms him as a cheat.

    as for the goal scoring opportunity denied deluded dude, what are you smoking wherever you are?

  9. michael says:

    why are all the scummy gooners on here do one please. 1 we played absolutely rubbish I was actually at the match and I bet all the arsenal fans commenting on here weren’t your stadium is like a mausoleum you are truly boring fans. If you think you are world beaters now you are deluded. So if you finish top four again that’s progress? LOL there is an epic amount of the season left. Can’t wait to watch your fall from grace.

    • tomj says:

      Arsenal are no world beaters, we know it. But you don’t have to be anymore to spank a Liverfool side managed by one Mr David Brent. YNWA- you’ll never win again. great athmosphere at the Grove yesterday- keep up the good work Goons

    • tomj says:

      Also, Stevie Me showed yesterday he is finished. Time for the glue factory, past it. I forgot he was playing. Only one class player and he is even begging to leave you for a big club like Arsenal

    • Paul says:

      Don’t make me laugh, many times I have been to Anfield and your support has been piss poor, the delusion is the fans like you who live in the past, you were outclassed and lucky not to concede more than two, you were given a lesson in football, accept that and move on. You will never win the PL in your life time. For the record I was there and our support was great, nice journey home was it

  10. sabrerat says:

    not even clutching at straws, you’re clutching at the paper straw wrappers after the straw has been removed!!! the “goal” was not even going to be a goal- it wouldn’t have been scored as Ross correctly points out.

    More than a yellow for Sagna? bwahahahah!!!! that is funny- perhaps everyone should stop playing and just hand Liverpool the trophy?

    • chinedu christian says:

      arsenal fans shouldn,t mock us much,cos saturday evening was their happiest evening as it was their turn to be happy and ours to be sad.we should allow them to taunt us as they like,thus,remember there will be return leg next year and we may mock them back.they were destined to win yesterday following johnson and enrique injury and miss calculation from brendan to play coutinho out of position and changed formation to arsenal should be happy, cos, its their time to beat us.

  11. David says:

    (1)Everybody knew that there remained only 1 defender in front of suarez while sagna was behind him. It is also 100 precent sure that suarez can dribble that player in front of him with ease and score a neat goal.
    (2) Ref. Atkinson had already done that same thing against Fulham as shown and commented on by the aftermatch commentators.
    (3) That goal should have been allowed since he(Atkinson) was slow and indecisive until he saw that the ball entered the net(I think there is something behind that bcos it happened before even for Arsenal again). Dats Bad for the Refree

  12. Dede says:

    I can’t wait to see such happen to you at Old Trafford i wonder what you will say they favor Man U right??? Its a good call if it doesn’t favor you wait or when you’re scoring a winner at Dortmund and the ref says re take it…..