Date: 31st October 2013 at 8:18am
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The tabloids are reporting that Real Madrid will try and prize Luis Suarez away from Liverpool in January with a player plus cash deal. It is reported that £20million and Karim Benezma will be the package deemed enough to tempt Liverpool into selling. Real must be confused and somehow believe that because they over paid for Gareth Bale then can somehow recoup that by getting Suarez for a fraction of what he’s worth.

There is absolutely no chance of this deal happening for a number of different reasons:
1) Liverpool and FSG will not want to sell their best player at such a vital stage of the season.
2) Karim Benzema will not want to swap Madrid for Merseyside.
3) Benzema could not replace Suarez’s goals nor his work ethic and
4) The deal values Suarez at around £40-45million which is a comical considering what Real paid for Gareth Bale.

I am a realist and I do believe Suarez sees his future away from Anfield. He wants to compete for the biggest prizes in the game and we can’t offer that for at least two seasons at the very best. I think next summer we can expect his departure but we must try and hang onto him until then. At the same time for Liverpool to sell it would have to be good business for the club. £60million would be a negotiating price and if any player is going to be ‘thrown’ in Sami Khedira could give our midfield an extra edge. After a slow start to his career in Madrid he has shown his qualities and nailed down a starting place.

The cliché of there’s no player bigger than the club is severely tested when you consider Luis Suarez and Liverpool currently but if he wants to leave and we can get his market value it would represent a golden opportunity to invest in three world class players the squad lacks to challenge for a title. This is all after qualifying for the Champions League for 2013/14 of course.



11 responses to “4 Reasons the Benzema plus cash for Suarez deal will not happen”

  1. wilko says:

    Bollocks, if Liverpool qualify for the CL this season, do you actually believe that given the progress we have and will have made that we cant compete for top prizes. We will be able to attract better players if we are in the CL the younger players will have more experience and we will have had another season working and gelling as a team

    • Kevin says:

      Suarez will want to challenge for the Champions League asap and I dont think Liverpool cant realistically challenge for that for a few seasons. I think we can get that Champions league spot this year and your right the team is getting better and that opens up a better market for us to better players in the summer. whether Suarez is here next summer or not is down to him but I think he will want out regardless of getting Top 4.

    • adam says:

      Yes I do believe that. Were still some way off competing for top prizes. Even if we qualify for champions league I highly doubt we would be competing to win it. Were still 3-4 players away from nieng a good team. Were doing very well because of our strike partnership, the team itself isn’t playing great. Were definitely making progress and maybe next seasons well be a good good team. ATM we need a whole new midfield or need to change our system to play both coutinho and Moses. A midfield 3 of Gerrard, Lucas and Henderson is so flat and lacks any creativity. That lack of quality was shown to us by arsenal

  2. It would have been better if Liverpool take all cash if Suarez were to be sold. With the cash you can buy a new team.

  3. Bomber25 says:

    If the Liverpool players believe in themselves, a top four spot this season for Champions League next season is possible. They have to approach all games knowing that those games are there for the taking. I don’t agree with this quote: “we can’t offer that for at least two seasons at the very best.” Liverpool players and the Manager should be making it a must. Whatever Suarez does after that is up to him. If he chooses to leave, it must be on the understanding that the next club after his services must pay for his worth. Suarez has also developed as a player while in the employ of Liverpool FC.

    • Kevin says:

      Do you think we can challenge for the Champions League before that? I agree totally on having the belief for the Top 4. But to say we’ll be challenging for the Champions League and most likely Premier league title before that is a bit optimistic in my opinion. That’s the very top honours that Suarez wants.

      • Jake Carter says:

        Champions League will be easier to win than the Premier League anyway, Liverpool can challenge as soon as they get in. There is only few teams in the competition that have any real advantage to Liverpool; Bayern Munchen, Barcelona, and maybe Borussia Dortmund. Chelsea is on their level, but not as hard to Liverpool. Barclays Premier League is the hardest club competition on earth seriously.

        • adam says:

          Maybe Dortmund? There possibly the 5th best team in the world right now, Liverpool would struggle against Napoli, juventus, Porto, zenit and many other teams. I love Liverpool and I don’t deny were slowly getting better, season by season, but let’s not get carried away

  4. Jake Carter says:

    Real Madrid is ready to fall btw, if I was Suarez, I would stay far away from a club that values Gareth Bale so high and Mesut Özil so low. If I was Cristiano Ronaldo or any other good player really, I would seek a move away from Real Madrid asap. Real Madrid will fall, unless someone pumps a few more billions to the club.