Date: 23rd October 2013 at 9:45pm
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The January transfer window is still a good two months away but that has not stopped the press from speculating which players will potentially be changing clubs in January.

The Daily Star is reporting today that Liverpool are in the race to sign Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke who is also linked with a move to Arsenal and Tottenham.

When I saw the headline in the Star, I wondered, “why would Liverpool be after Benteke in January?” According to them, they saying that the Belgian striker would be seen as a potential replacement for Luis Suarez if he leaves for Real Madrid in January.

Now the whole “Suarez – will he stay – will he go” speculation is getting tiring now. All we can do is wait until January and see if Suarez makes anymore fusses about wanting to leave the club. A lot may depend on where we lie in the league come January; if we are still in the running for a Top 4 place then Suarez may opt to say.

But let us say that Suarez does leave in January, in what should be a mega money deal of about £50million, then Liverpool will surely be wanting to sign a big name replacement. Would Benteke be the ideal signing? Probably so in my opinion.

Benteke managed to bag 23 goals last season for Aston Villa and has already got 5 this season even though he has been plagued by a hip injury. There is no doubt that Benteke knows how to score goals and he has proven it in the Premier League. All too often, clubs sign players who are prolific in other leagues but when they get to England they struggle; does Dirk Kuyt ring a bell? Benteke would not be a like-for-like replacement to Suarez as both their games a very different from one another. Where Suarez will beat you with trickery and movement, Benteke uses his strength and pace to get the job done.

Liverpool have had Andy Carroll as the big striker and he failed to deliver at Anfield but Benteke is no Carroll in my opinion. Benteke is a much more rounded player than Carroll; he has more pace, better on his fit and a much more clinical finisher. I am sure if you ask most Premier League defenders who they hate marking, Benteke would feature on many of their lists.

Benteke would be an interesting signing as he would give us that ‘Plan B’ we need when our backs are against the wall. Whether Benteke can play alongside Sturridge would be something we would have to see as the success or failure of the partnership could potentially go either way. What are your thoughts on Christian Benteke? Would he be a good signing for Liverpool?


6 responses to “Liverpool linked with Benteke move in January”

  1. TJ says:


  2. Geoff says:

    Sign him up if he is available and also keep Suarez. Benteke and SAS would be a lethal strike force.

  3. Chris b says:

    I smell B U L L S H I T

  4. I thought Benteke had already extended his contract at Villa ??

  5. Jake Jones says:

    Real Madrid have already said they wont make a move until the Summer. Suarez has already said he’ll wait until the Summer to decide his future…

    What a pile of Sh!te. Total non-story.