Date: 20th October 2013 at 1:33pm
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One thing is lacking in the current Liverpool side, and that is creativity from the midfield. Coutinho is the answer to this problem but unfortunately the Brazilian maestro is still out injured. Victor Moses has been asked to fill in at number 10 in the absence of Coutinho and the Nigerian has failed to deliver.

Moses is not a bad player at all but he is not suited to being a number 10 and being tasked to create opportunities for the frontmen from the middle. Moses is a brilliant wide player on the left and we saw him start to enjoy himself better against Newcastle when Brendan Rodgers switched to a 4-4-2 formation.

When Rodgers replaced Sakho with Luis Alberto with 30 minutes left in the game, there were more attacking options available to the Reds. Alberto, who joined Liverpool in the summer, has not had a proper run in the Liverpool side and it baffles me why Rodgers has not played him in the absence of Coutinho. The young Spanish player arrived as a forward / winger when he was signed in the summer but having seen him play, he would make a decent number 10. One just has to look at the video below to see his cameo appearance against Newcastle on Saturday.

Video courtesy of LFCMrBoywunder

Although Alberto spent more time on the right in this game, he did tend to drift infield and deliver some telling passes and created one or two opportunities. This for me is evidence enough that he should be given a fair crack at playing in the number 10 position ahead of Moses if Rodgers decides to persist with the 3-5-2 formation.

Moses has been given enough opportunities at the 10 and he has looked very very average. We can not stick with Moses at 10 and something needs to change and Alberto should be the next option until Coutinho returns. Alberto may still be young and not experienced yet in the Premier League but given a chance he has the qualities to be a very good player for the Reds. Another more long term option for Liverpool could be to mould Alberto into a central midfielder as he has the physique, good touch on the ball, wide array of passing and great composure: the building blocks of a quality central midfielder.


12 responses to “[Video] Why Luis Alberto should replace Victor Moses”

  1. Try to do something about comment not when submitted

  2. Moses is not number 10, I don’t know why some coach find it difficult to see things that don’t work. Just as mourinho keeps playing lampard who has not clue what he is doing on the pitch.

    Moses best positions are the wings especially if given the freedom to switch on both wings during a match.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Rodger shuold b very carefull whit allen,he should nt start that guy again it should b 80mins for him to fit ,even hendeson can try best,if rodger wnt tope 4 he should nt start allen and aly sissoko again if they wnt tope 4,the best now is lucas we missed him yesterday and even enrique both

  4. King Kong says:

    We lost two of the pass masters in midfield in Allen and Coutinho. Playing a formation with 2 wingbacks without these players on the field makes it hard for us to make runs. Our midfield became predictable and static the whole darn game, even against 10! Alberto came in and made a difference because there were more inter passes in the middle without much cutting edge passes because we have been pretty slow (that makes us predictable). Our passing were sloppy (again!) and this has been like that since our new formation. I expect Allen and Coutinho with Gerrard as DM making a huge difference in the control of our game. I’d like to see how these two pass masters work in the middle of the park.

  5. Mar10 says:

    Louis Alberto would definitely be the best option as a #10 in Coutinho’s absence. Moses would have been one of my last choices for that role as his best attributes are taking players on 1v1 and not his vision to create and build an attack. We definitely need a world class #10, a defensive mid as I think Lucas is slowing down and a striker to push Sturridge. At that point not only can we compete for top 4 we can win the title.

  6. TG says:

    Luis is going to be a very good Liverpool player, he just needs some time and patience, he clearly likes being on the ball.

  7. John Mlay says:

    Yes. I totally agree that Allen should not start if we want top four. Before he was injured he was too average. If Rogers want to play Moses it shuld be on the wing and Luis Alberto should take over the center.

  8. jimt says:

    We hear a lot about pass completion but not enough about positive and effective passing. Some players have high pass completion stats but the passes are not getting our attack further up into the opponents last third. Coutinho does do this very effectively.

  9. Moses should be shifted back to the left wing and Alberto to take on No 10 role.

  10. charles says:

    i totally biliv alberto will definitely be the best with time of coz….his confidence and ball passing ability are testimony enough

  11. Nov17 says:

    Time!time!time!for alberto, one tin iz dat livp’l lackt consietency

  12. charles says:

    big question though…why dd we loan out suso???? our squad is very thin & suso cud easily fill in for courtinho without any problem….check hw well he is playing in spain