Date: 17th October 2013 at 12:43pm
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Liverpool have had a great start to the Premier League season and we find ourselves second on the table with the same number of points as table topping Arsenal. This good start is due to many factors and one of them must be Brendan Rodgers.

The Liverpool manager has received some stick from certain parts, mainly his not so impressive track record in the transfer window but when it comes to results on the field, he has done as best as he can with the players he has this year. One area that sticks out is Rodger’s switch to the 3-5-2 formation which has been working well and getting the results. Rodgers attributes this switch in formation to him having to play a formation that suites the players he currently has. With the wealth of centre back options in the Liverpool squad it is clear to see we are strong in that department and thus able to field three quality centre backs at any given time.

Rodgers did however get it wrong against Southampton by fielding four centre backs, an experiment which did not work and I am sure the manager learnt from that.

Over and above, Rodgers seems to be doing a good job at the club and former Liverpool defender, Jason McAteer believes the manager should be offered a new contract. As published on, McAteer said:

Brendan Rodgers has really impressed me and I think talk of a new contract for him is warranted. Whenever I am asked about the best player I played with or against it is not just about what they offered on the pitch that helps me judge, and it is the same with Rodgers, look at the way he dealt with the Luis Suarez saga over the summer. I watched him in Dublin next to Neil Lennon ahead of the Celtic/Liverpool friendly and the way he batted off constant questions about his star player was really impressive. He knew he couldn’t have sold him, from a PR point of view there is an attraction at Luis Suarez being at your football club. I can remember during troubled times at Liverpool looking across our dressing room at Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman and thinking: ‘we’ve got a chance today’.

Rodgers joined Liverpool in June 2012 on a three year deal so he still has some time left on his current contract but as a sign of confidence in the manager, I agree with McAteer that FSG should offer him a new deal.

I can not see FSG sacking Rodgers anytime soon unless things go horribly wrong on the field. It has always been FSG’s ambition to bring in a young manager and give him time and that is what they seem to have gotten with Rodgers. By offering him that new contract, they would be keeping away potential headhunters who may want Rodgers to take over their club and at the same time telling the fans and players that Brendan is here for the long-haul.

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One response to “Brendan Rodgers warrants a new contract according to McAteer”

  1. TonyS says:

    Wait and see what LFC’s position is at the end of the season.

    We’ve been told how all contracts are performance related and I am sure his is too.

    Results during the season are immaterial – the ONLY thing is the final position on the log. If he’s in the top four, he’ll be able to drive a far better bargain for himself than if he did it now.